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Title Year/Origin Notes
Plays and Players (Isabel Jeans Cover) 4/68 UK Twelfth Night Play review
Sight and Sound Summer 68 UK Shooting if.... story
films and filming (Terence Stamp Cover) 12/68 UK if.... story + MM pic
Revue de Cinema International 1969 FR if... at Cannes
Fabulous 208 1/11/69 UK MM pin up + if.... interview
Monthly Film Bulletin 2/69 UK 2 pgs on if....
Ingenue (Slick Fashion Cover) 3/69 UK if.... Review
films and filming 3/69 UK Malcolm pic
Look (John Lennon Cover) 3/18/69 US if.... Review/Malcolm pic
Harpers 4/69 UK if.... Review
Petticoat 4/26/69 UK New Faces w/MM
Cinema X Vol 1 No 4 (Nude Couple Cover) 1969 UK if.... story + pics
Film Quarterly V22 #4 (Marketa Lazarova Cover) Summer 69 UK if.... review + pics
Ladies Home Journal (Ali McGraw Cover) 6/69 US Malcolm if.... story + pic
Seventeen 7/69 US if.... interview + MM pic
films and filming (Midnight Cowboy Cover) 8/69 UK if.... article
Playboy 11/69 US if.... Sex in the Cinema
ABC Film Review (Leigh Taylor-Young Cover) 6/70 UK Raging Moon Story
ABC Film Review (Peter McEnery Cover) 7/70 UK Raging Moon Story
She (What Makes a Male Strip? Cover) 8/70 UK 2 pg Figures/Raging Moon Story
Rave (Olivia Newton-John Cover) 9/70 UK Raging Moon Story
films and filming (Myra Breckinridge Cover) 10/70 UK Raging Moon Story
Photoplay Film Monthly (Hello-Goodbye Cover) 10/70 UK Raging Moon Story
L'Avant Scene (if.... Cover) 1971 FR if.... special
films and filming (Best of 1970 Cover) 1/71 UK Figures in a Landscape 2pg 5 pics
ABC Film Review (Pompeii Cover) 4/71 UK Raging Moon Interview
ABC Film Review (Paloma Cover) 4/71 UK Raging Moon
Cine Revue 5/71 France Raging Moon Article + Pics
Rave (Romantic Revival Cover) 5/71 UK Loveliest Lovers w/MM
Spec #16 (Teen Mag)  2/72 US Small MM Long Ago News
Ingenue (Pamela Sue Martin Cover) 3/72 US Superstar of 72 - MM
Who's Who in Movies (Multi Photo Cover) 12/72 US MM small mention
TV Movie/Screen (Ann-Margret Cover) 1/73 US MM Pic
Seventeen 3/73 US 3 pg MM Interview
Sight and Sound Spring 73 UK  OLM Cover Pic
Pop #26 (Procol Harum Cover Story) 1973 German OLM/MM story
films and filming (OLM! Cover Story) 5/73 UK 5pgs of photos
Films Illustrated (Peter Finch Cover) 5/73 UK  Malcolm OLM interview
Photoplay Film Monthly (Bequest/Nation Cover) 5/73 UK OLM Review w/Pics
Vogue (Princess Anne Cover) 5/73 UK OLM/Malcolm Article
Domenica del Corriere #22 5/29/73 IT MM Cannes pic
Films Illustrated (Alain Delon Cover) 5/73 UK  OLM review
Petticoat #9 6/73 UK  OLM MM Interview 2pgs 5 pics
Film Review (Peter Finch Cover) 6/73 UK  OLM Story
Time 6/18/73 US  OLM review
Good Times V5 #6 (OLM! Partial Cover) 7/19/73 US  OLM article
Photoplay Film Monthly (Godspell Cover) 7/73 UK  OLM Interview
Film Review (Godspell Cover) 7/73 UK MM Centerfold Poster + Interview
Andy Warhol's Interview 7/73 UK Malcolm OLM interview
After Dark V6 #3 (New Faces Cover/Gay Mag) 7/73 US OLM Story w/MM pics
Crawdaddy (Clevinger's Trial Cover) 8/73 US MM + Lindsay OLM! Story
Seventeen 8/73 US OLM review/Burgess Inter.
Rolling Stone #140 (J. Giles Cover) 8/2/73 US Misadventures of MM Interview
The Scene (MM/OLM! Cover) 8/12-6/73 US OLM cover story
Intrepido #35 (Patty Pravo Cover) 8/30/73 IT MM OLM! Interview 3pgs/3pics
Take One 9/73 Canada MM OLM! Interview
Photo Screen (Dean Martin Cover) 10/73 US MM Interview 2pgs 3 pics
Movie Mirror (Liz Taylor Cover) 10/73 US MM Pic/Gossip
Coronet (John Wayne Cover) 10/73 US MM Pic
New Ingenue 10/73 US MM Interview
Cinema X V5 #11 (Cleopatra Jones Cover) 11/73 UK MM OLM! Interview
Vi Tva #13  1973 Sweden 1/3 pg on MM
Veronica (Mick Jagger Cover) 10/6/73 Holland OLM MM Article
Films in Review (Jack Nicholson Cover) 2/74 UK MM story
Popshop (Roger Daltry Cover) 2/74 Belgium MM story
Screen (Katherine Ross Cover) 3/74 Japan MM story
Movie Stars (Cher/Streisand Cover) 7/75 US MM Wedding 4pgs
films and filming (Vampire Cover) 12/75 UK MM if.... pic
Sight and Sound Spring 75 UK  Royal Flash Cover Pic
films and filming                5/75 UK Royal Flash Cover story w/pics
Films Illustrated (Warren Beatty Cover) 5/75 UK Malcolm Pic by Iain Coates
Photoplay Film Monthly (Redford Cover) 6/75 UK  2 pgs on Malcolm
Plays and Players (Night Music Cover) 6/75 UK  Sloane Review 3 pics
Photoplay Film Monthly V88 #1 (Jackie Onassis Cover) 7/75 UK  MM Q for Doris Lilly
TV Yearbook #28 1975 US Malcolm gets married article
Rona Barrett's Hollywood 1975 US Royal Flash Sneak Preview 4 pgs
Films Illustrated (Royal Flash Cover) 8/75 UK MM Interview + RF Review
Photoplay Film Monthly (Clint Eastwood Cover) 9/75 UK  Royal Flash Article
films and filming V22 #1 (Bowie Cover)            10/75 UK Malcolm Interview
Modern Screen (Mick Jagger Cover)   10/75 US MM article
Film Review (James Caan Cover)   10/75 UK MM Flash Interview 3pgs w/pics
Rona Barrett's Gossip (Cher Cover) 10/75 US MM B/W pic
Hi! (Clever Country Clothes Cover) 10/18/75 UK MM Sloane Interview
Screen International 11/29/75 UK MM Aces High Interview
Mediascene #16 11-12/75 US Malcolm Royal Flash article
Film in Review (Spencer Tracey Cover) 12/75 UK Malcolm Interview
Motion Picture (Cher Cover) 1/76 UK MM Pic
Crawdaddy (Bob Marley Cover) 1/76 UK MM Heroes interview
Movie News (MM Cover)  1+2/76 AU Royal Flash Cover Story
Crimmer's - The Journal of the Narrative Arts Spring 76 US OLM Article + pics
Photoplay Film Monthly (Valerie Perrine Cover) 4/76 UK Voyage of the Damned Article
Street Life #14 (Heroin Industry Cover) 5/1-14/76 UK MM interview 2pgs
Cosmopolitan (Rene Russo Cover) 5/76 UK  MM article
Films Illustrated (Audrey Hepburn Cover) 6/76 UK  Aces High article
Film Review (Lee Marvin/Barbara Parkins Cover) 6/76 UK  Aces High/British Films article
Film Review (Redford Cover) 7/76 UK  Aces High Review w/MM pic
Photoplay Film Monthly (Redford Cover) 8/76 UK 1 pg + 1 pic of Malcolm
Film Review (Sean Connery Cover) 8/76 UK  1 pg/pic on Malcolm/Aces High
films and filming (Deniro Cover) 8/76 UK  Aces High Review w/MM pic
Film Review (Clint Eastwood Cover) 9/76 UK  Aces High Review w/MM pic
Independent Film Journal Buying and Booking Guide, Section Two, V 78, N 12 11/26/76 US Voyage of the Damned
Boxoffice & Modern Theatre  12/6/76 US Voyage OTD Cover story
TV Times 12/4-10/76 UK The Collection cover story
Woman (New Knits Cover) 1/15/77 UK MM iinterview & pic
Screen Stories (Sonny + Cher Cover) 2/77 UK MM article
Photoplay (Kris Kristofferson Cover) 3/77 UK MM on Caligula w/pics
Preview (Jaclyn Smith/Lynda Carter Cover) 6/77 US MM around the world mention
Motion Picture (Jacqueline Bisset Cover) 10/77 US Caligula w/M pic
Playboy 11/77 US Caligula Sex in the Cinema
Cosas (Julio Iglesias Cover) 1977 Chile 1 pg, 3 pics - Caligula
Kinejun (Star Wars Cover) 1/78 Japan Royal Flash article
After Dark (Peter Allen Cover) 2/78 US Caligula Pics
Films Illustrated (Nanette Newman Cover) 8/78 UK MM Passage pic
Photoplay 1978 Film Year Book  12/78 UK MM pic
TV Times Extra (Meg Mortimer Cover) 1979 UK Small story + pic
American Film (Jill Clayburgh Cover) 4/79 US 6pgs Time After Time w/pics
Film Review (California Suite Cover) 4/79 UK The Passage w/MM on cover
Future Life #10 (Space Colony Cover) 5/79 US Time After Time w/pics
Rona Barrett's Gossip (Charlie's Angels Cover) 9/79 US Time After Time story + pics
Rona Barrett's Preview (Burt Reynolds Cover) 9/79 US Small Time After Time story + pic
Starlog #27 (Galactica Cover) 10/79 US Time After Time story + pic
Newsweek (Gold Rush Cover) 10/1/79 US Time After Time Review
US (Jaclyn Smith Cover) 10/30/79 US Time After Time w/2 pics
Circus (Steve Martin Cover) 11/79 US Time After story + pics
US (Year End Special Cover) 12/25/79 US Couples - MM + Mary
Photoplay (Black Hole Cover) 2/80 UK MM Time After Time Interview
Starlog #31 (Black Hole Cover) 2/80 US Scoring Time After Time
Premiere (Robert Redford Cover)  3/80 Fr 4 pgs of Caligula w/pics
Movie News V14 #5 (Empire Strikes Back Cover) 5/80 AU Small MM Mention/pic
The Sunday Times Magazine (Country House Cover) 5/4/80 UK Caligula article
Penthouse Special Caligula Issue 5/80 US Guccione Interview + pics
Vogue (Nastassia Kinski Cover) 5/80 US Steenburgen Article w/MM pic
Australasian Post (Mary Tombides Cover) 5/15/80 AU MM Pic
Photoplay (Charlene Tilton Cover) 5+6/80 UK MM + Mary photo
Penthouse Love Scenes from Caligula 6/80 US Anneka + Lori pics 
Penthouse Australia 7/80 AU Caligula Highlights
Kinejun #795 (Caligula Cover Story) 10/80 Japan Caligula Story
People (Willie Nelson Cover) 9/1/80 US Pg 64-6 MM + Mary Interview
US 9/2/80 US MM + Mary pic - still an item
Films V1 #1 (Caligula Cover) 12/80 UK Caligula pictorial
Movie 81 (Mel Gibson Cover) 1981 AU Caligula 1pg w/pics
Oui V10 #2 1/81 US Mary Steenburgen interview
Fantastic Films #21 (Star Wars Cover) 1/81 US 4pgs Time After Time
Starlog #43 (Scanners Cover) 2/81 US Small MM + Mary mention
Esquire (Think You're Hip? Cover) 4/81 US MM LBIA Interview
Penthouse Girls of Caligula CE 1981 US Old pictorials-pets in Caligula
Movie News (Cannonball Run Cover) 6-7/81 AU Caligula poster + Story
Films in Review 8/81 US TV section w/MM mention
Photoplay Movies & Video (John Travolta Cover)  12/81 UK MM Article
Film Review (Paul Newman Cover) 2/82 UK Cat People Interview
Fangoria #17 2/82 US Cat People preview
Fangoria #18 3/82 US Cat People/MM cover
Film Comment 3-4/82 US Cat People Cover Story
Starlog #57 (Ron Cobb art Cover) 3/82 US Cat People
Movie 82 #3 (Far East Cover) 3/82 AU Cat People/Britannia
Cosmopolitan (Donna Stia Cover) 3/82 US Mary Article
Twilight Zone 4/82 US Cat People Screenwriter Ormsby
People (Cheryl Tiegs Cover) 4/26/82 US MM article
Cinefantastique V12 #4 (Cat People Cover) 5/6-82 US 20 pages on Cat People
NME (Human League Cover) 6/5/82 UK Lindsay/Britannia story
Film Review (Rocky Cover) 6/82 US Britannia Hospital story
Films on Screen and Video 6/82 UK Britannia Hospital Cover story
19 (White Summer Uniforms Cover) 7/82 UK Cat People Review/MM photo
Movie Star (Rachel Ward Cover) 7/82 UK MM photo
Film Review (Clint Eastwood Cover) 8/82 UK Cat People
Serie-Nytt (New Comic) 11/82 Sweden MM photo back cover
Rolling Stone 1982 US Steenburgen Interview
Films in Review (Ghandi Cover) 1/83 US Reviews w/MM
Moviegoer V2 #2 (David Keith Cover) 2/83 US MM Story
films on screen and video (Jessica Lange Cover) 3/83 UK MM pic
films on screen and video (Tootsie Cover) 4/83 US Britannia Hospital on Video
Coming Attractions #5 (Richard Gere Cover) 3-4/83 US Britannia Hospital
Starlog #70 (Blue Thunder Cover) 5/83 US Blue Thunder Director Interview
Rolling Stone 5/12/83 US Britannia mention + pic
TV Guide 4/16-23/83 US King Arthur w/MM Quote
TV Guide (Silver Spoons Cover) 5/7-13/83 US Time after TV premiere ad
L'Ecran fantastique 7-8/83 US Article
Starlog #73 (Superman 3 Cover) 8/83 US Blue Thunder Coverage
Kinejun #869 (Blue Thunder Cover Story) 9/83 Japan Blue Thunder story
Starlog #74 (ROTJ Cover) 9/83 US MM Blue Thunder Interview
TV Week Chicago Tribune 10/23-9/83 US King Arthur Cover story
Roadshow (Phoebe Cates Cover) 12/83 Japan MM Pic
Starlog #77 (Right Stuff Cover) 12/83 US MM Pic
Cine Revue 1/19/84 FR Article
Cosmopolitan (Anette Stai Cover) 1/84 US Malcolm and Mary article
Starlog #79 (Knight Rider Cover) 2/84 US Blue Thunder article
Film Review (Clint Eastwood Cover) 2/84 US 2pg Mary article
Starlog #80 (ROTJ FX Cover) 3/84 US TAT BTS pic
Video Movies 4/84 US Get Crazy Review + Pic
People (Princess Diana Cover) 1/85 US MM story
Cinema and Movie Magazine (Trio Cover) 9/85 Germany Gulag Story
Film in Review (Spencer Tracey Cover) 12/85 UK MM mention
US 3/10/86 US MM + Mary at Hannah premiere
Video Magazine 4/86 US if.... story
Plays & Players (Holiday Cover) 2/87 UK MM on Cover - no story
Plays & Players (Henry V Cover) 3/87 UK Holiday story w/2 pics
Plays International (Kiss Me Kate Cover) 3/87 UK Holiday review
The Face (Japan Cover) 3/87 UK MM Holiday Interview
Celebrity (Jane Seymour Cover) 4/87 US MM + Mary pic
Cosmopolitan (Estelle LeFebure Cover) 4/87 US Tells all: MM + Mary (1pg)
Santa Barbara (Malcolm + Mary Cover) 9+10/87 US A day in the country w/MM+Mary
Elle (Jennifer Gimenez Cover) 9/87 US 2 pg Mary interview-MM mention
People 11/21/88 US Celebs at Disney w/MM's family
Hello! #39 (Anne Diamond Cover) 9/9/89 UK Small MM article
Revue du Cinema 6/89 FR Pg 49 Interview w/D. Parra
Hello! (Simon Le Bon Cover) 9/9/89 UK MM & Mary article
Fangoria #93 (Gremlins 2 Cover) 6/90 US Class of 1999
Starburst #144 (Dick Tracy Cover) 8/90 UK Moon 44 article
Variety 2/25/91 US Light in Jungle Pic
People 7/15/91 US Tales from Crypt pic + review
Premiere 8/91 US MM at Cannes pic
Cinema Papers #84 (Terminator 2 Cover) 8/91 AU Assassin of the Tsar
Soap Opera Digest Special (Mailhouse &Leighton Cover) Spring 92 US What if MM was in a Soap?
GQ (What's a guy to do? Cover) 3/92 UK MM Still Angry article
Hello #256 (Darius Guppy Cover) 6/5/93 UK MM article
Vogue Hommes International Mode Fall 93 FR MM in Chinatown pics
Premiere #9 10/93 UK Badfellas Gallery w/MM
Entertainment Weekly #200 (Clint Eastwood Cover) 12/93 UK MM pic
Fangoria (Wolf Cover) 7/94 US Surgeon Article
Cinescape Preview Issue (The Mask Cover) 8/94 US Star Trek Preview w/MM pic
Entertainment Weekly #237 Fall Movie Preview 8/26/94 US ST w/Malcolm Quote
Titan Star Trek Official Movie Souvenir  Fall 94 UK 2 pg Article on Malcolm
Star Trek Monthly #68 (Nana Visitor Cover) Fall 94 UK MM Interview
Entertainment Weekly Star Trek Special Fall 94 US w/Malcolm on the cover
Special College Report 9/9/94 UK Tank Girl Story
The Times Magazine 10/8/94 UK Tank Girl 3pg Article
Starlog Official Star Trek Generations Magazine 10/94 US MM Trek Interview
Cinescape #1 (Generations Cover) 10/94 US Also Wing Commander III
Time-Passion That Drives the Enterprise 11/28/94 US Generations Cover Story
Star Trek Communicator #100 11+12/ 94 US Soran vs. Kirk pic
Vanity Fair 12/94 US Mad Malcolm (Mini Interview)
Entertainment Weekly Spat of the Week 12/94 US Malcolm vs. Paramount 
L'Uumo Vogue (Sera Tuxedos Cover) 12/94 IT MM pic
Vox #51 12/94 UK Tank Girl 4pg Article
People (Kelsey Grammer Cover) 12/5/94 US Small Soran pic + story
Entertainment Weekly (ER Cover) 12/9/94 US Small Soran pic + story
Starbase #2 - Kirk Killer Interview 1994 AU MM Cover Story Interview
Alternative Cinema #5        1994 US Star Trek Cover/article
Interview for Star Trek 1995 MM Interview
Retrovision 1995 UK MM Trek Interview
In Style (What's Hot Now Cover) 1/95 US MM Tuscany Villa story
TV and Satellite Week            1/14/95 UK 8 pgs Trek/MM w/2 pics
Film Review Special No. 10 1/95 UK Star Trek Special 56 pgs
Starburst No.197 1/95 UK Star Trek article, 1 pic
Starlog #210 (Star Trek Cover) 1/95 UK 6 pg Trek w/3 MM pics
Star Trek Communicator #101 2/3-95 US Malcolm Soran interview
Starburst Special No.23 (Generations Guide) 2/95 US MM interview
Starburst Special No.23A 2/95 UK British Killer/Screen Enigma 6pg
Starbase #32 (Trek/MM on Cover) 1995 US MM Trek interview
Cinefantastique V25 #2 (Star Trek VII Cover) 2/95 US MM Trek interview
VOX (Belly Cover) 3/95 UK MM Trek article
Premiere #26 (Ralph Fiennes Cover) 3/95 UK 6 pg Interview w/7 pics
Premiere (David Letterman Cover) 4/95 US MM Interview Tank Girl
Detour (Tim Roth Cover) 4/95 US MM Interview 4 pgs
Sci-Fi Universe (Tek War Cover) 4/95 US Tank Girl  7 pgs 1 pic
Starlog #213 - Man who Killed Kirk 4/95 US Interview/Tank Girl art
Starburst #200 4/95 UK Gets threats for killing Kirk 1 pic
Starlog #214 (Species Cover) 5/95 US Big Tank Girl article
Deadline #62 5/95 UK Tank Girl article
SFX #1 (Tank Girl Cover) 5/95 UK Tank Girl article 10pgs
Film Review 7/95 UK 2 pg Tank Girl art w/pics
Premiere #30 (Patricia Arquette Cover) 7/95 UK Tank Girl Article
Fangoria #144 (Species Cover)  7/95 US Clint Howard Disturbed/Fist of NS
Starburst #203 (Judge Dredd Cover) 7/95 US Interview/Tank Girl art
Starburst Special No.25  7/95 UK Tank Girl/Trek w/2 pics
Starburst Yearbook No.26 12/95 UK Trek+Tank Girl w/MM  pic
Cinefantastique V27 #3 (Goldeneye Cover) 12/95 US MM and his roles
Radio Times (Baywatch Cover) 2/3/96 UK 3 pg MM interview w/4 pics
Entertainment Weekly (Nicolas Cage Cover) 3/15/96 US MM Pearl
Entertainment Weekly (John Travolta Cover) 7/28/96 US MM Mention
Parsec Magazine Interview Issue #7 Aug/Sept 96 Deadly Wake ?
TV Guide Fall Preview 96  9/14-20/96 US w/Pearl Info + Pics
Entertainment Weekly (Gay TV Cover) 10/4/96 US Pearl Article
SFX No.18 11/96 UK Captain Simian article
Star Trek #21 (Shatner Cover) 11/96 UK MM Non ST roles article
Entertainment Weekly (The Crucible Cover) 12/6/96 US MM Pearl interview 2 pgs
Parsec V2 #1 1997 US MM Interview for 2103
Star Trek #34 (John de Lancie Cover) 12/97 UK Villains of Star Trek article
Cinegrama (Leonardo DiCaprio Cover) 4/98 Chile MM article 2pgs 1 pic
Maui News 5/4-31/98 US Maui's the star Fantasy Island
Entertainment Weekly (25 Greatest Actors Cover) 8/7/98 US FI Mention w/pic
TV Guide  9/19-25 98 US 2 page Fantasy Island Ad
Entertainment Weekly (Lauryn Hill Cover) 10/2/98 US EWS Article w/MM pic
TV Guide 9/12-19/98 US FI Summary and Pictures
TV Guide 10/10-16/98 US "Tattoo Who?" Fantasy story
TV Guide Oct/Nov 98 US 3 weeks FI pics + summaries
People (Ally McBeal Cover) 11/9/98 US MM Pic/Fantasy Island Review
Entertainment Weekly (Fall TV Preview Cover) 11/11/98 US MM Quotes/Pic FI Article
Expose (Buffy Cover) 11/98 US MM Fantasy Island Interview
Film Review Special #28 'Directors Edition' 1/99 UK Sonnenfeld article - FI w/1 pic
New Idea (Julia Roberts Cover) 7/10/99 AU MM pic
Soap Opera Weekly (General Hospital Cover) 7/13/99 US MM pic
Radio Times 9/99 UK if.... story
GQ (Helena Christensen Cover) 9/99 UK MM modeling pic
Heat (Boy George Cover) 10/28/99 UK 4pgs Making of Caligula
Heat (James Bond Cover) 12/2/99 UK British Bad Guys w/MM 2pg
Front #20 (Soccer Cover) 7/00 UK MM Interview
Hot Dog #1 (Robert DeNiro Cover) 7/00 UK MM - Top 10 Psychos
Maxim #65 (Danni Minogue Cover) 9/00 UK MM Gangster Interview
TV Guide (Janet Jackson Cover) 3/10-16 01 US Princess of Thieves ad
Film TV #11 (Jennifer Lopez Cover) 3/1/01 Italy Gangster No. 1 3 pg article/bio w/3pics + Angus
Movieline (Heather Graham Cover) 9/01 US Small MM mention
Entertainment Guide 9/01 US Just Visiting Video Release info
Camera Journal #1 (if.... Cover Story) Winter 02 UK if..../Lindsay + Sherwin
Sci-Fi Magazine (Smallville Cover) 4/02 US Firestarter Story
Starlog #297 4/02 US Firestarter Story
Camera Journal #2 Summer 02 UK MM Interview
Il Giornale Fall 02 IT MM Interview
Entertainment Weekly #659 (Scooby Doo Movie Cover) 6/21/02 US MM Article
Venice (Gena Rowlands Cover) 8/02 US MM GN1 Pic + Story
Uncut (The Eagles Cover) 8/02 UK Mick Travis Trilogy 4pgs
Razor (Rachel Leigh Cook Cover) 10/02 US MM GN1 Interview
Shock Cinema #21 (MM Cover) Fall/Win 02 US MM Interview
Psychotronic #38 (Attack of the 50 foot Woman Cover) 12/02 US MM Interview
Automotive (Best Sedan Cover) 12/02 US MM w/his car
Empire 2/03 US I'll Sleep article w/MM pic
Hello #760 (Julia Roberts Cover) 4/15/03 UK MM pic
Vanity Fair (Raoul Bova Cover) 11/03 IT 1 page B/W MM pic
Premiere V17 #4 (LOTR Cover) 12/03 US 2 pg Company Article w/2 pics
Venice Magazine 12/03 US 4 pg Article on MM
Stumped? (Victoria Silvsteadt Cover) 2003 US MM Company Interview
New Yorker 1/15/04 US MM painting
Film TV 4 #16 (Johnny Depp Cover) 4/04 US 2pgs w/pics
Golf Digest V55 #4 (Jack Nicklaus Cover) 4/04 US Stroke of Genius article w/pics
Telegraph Magazine (David Cassidy Cover) 4/17/04 UK MM Article 
The Big Scene (Pierce Brosnan Cover) 5/04 US 2 pg Company Article 
Jack (Travel Special Cover) 6/04 UK 6 pg MM Article 
Film Ireland 103 3/4 2005 UK MM Interview Pt 1
Film Ireland 104 5/6 2005 UK MM Interview Pt 2
Entertainment Weekly (Malcolm on Cover #5/5) 5/07 US Heroes finale story


Sunday Times 12/22/68 UK if.... Review
Newsday 3/10/69 UK Joseph Gelmis if.... Review
National Observer 10/16/71 US Bruce Cook LAT Review
Sunday Observer 4/29/73 US Lindsay/OLM Article
Chicago Sun-Times 10/1/79 US Roger Ebert TAT Review
Chicago Tribune 10/3/79 US Gene Siskel TAT Review
NY Times 10/5/79 US C8 - TAT
Variety 7/23/80 US Pg 4
NY Times 4/9/82 US C8 - Cat People
Village Voice 4/13/82 US Pg 38 - Cat People
Daily Express 11/12/82 UK MM Get Crazy Interview
Toronto Sun Sunday Showcase 5/23/83 Can Britannia Interview 1pg
TV Week (Philadelphia Inquirer) 4/21-7/85 US Pic of Malcolm
The Guardian "Life Without Alex" 3/23/89 UK Moon 44 Interview
Sunday Express 9/90 UK Interview - Tsar Director
Sunday Express 9/16/90 UK Interview - Tsar MM
The Globe - Death threats for killing Capt. Kirk 1994 US 1 panel article
AOL Online Chat 1995 US No Specific Topic
Daily News - Q + A w/Movie bad guy 3/26/95 US Tank Girl interview
Newfoundland Herald (Canada's TV Guide) 4/1-17/95 Can MM article w/2 pics
The Manila Bulletin 4/28/95 PH MM Trek Interview
Times & Citizen (Local free paper) 5/95 UK Review of Tank Girl 1 pic
The Guardian 'A Minor Study in Menace' 10/14/95 UK by Michael Bracewell 4 pg article MM's career/4 pics
Origin's Website 1996 US MM WC IV Interview
Hollywood Online 1996 US MM Tank Girl  Interview
Adrienne Corri Interview 1996 US Singin' in the rain
eGuide TV 2/5/96 US MM Interview OFITN
Toronto News 5/6/96 Can MM Interview 2103 DW
Edmonton Sun 7/29/96 US MM Pearl Interview
New York Times 9/16/96 US Pearl Review w/pic
New York Times 9/22/96 US Rhea Pearl interview
New York Times 12/8/96 US MM Pearl Interview
Computer Life Web Interview 1997 US MM Trek CD Interview
Associated Press 1997 US MM Pearl Interview
Radio Times (TV listings magazine) 9/6/97 UK Review of  Pearl 1 picture
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 10/97 US David Lewis Interview/MM's stand in
New York Times 12/12/97 US Hugo Pool review
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 1/98 US Gordon Bressack Int
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 2/9/98 US Chat w/Mark Hamill
Maui News 5/98 US Maui's the star in FI
Video Guide w/First 9 1/2 Weeks 11/98 US Given to Video Stores
Xpose 11/98 US MM Fantasy Island Interview
New York Times 11/15/98 US Fantasy Island style review
Sun 12/98 US Fantasy Island Blooper w/pic
TV Week - Fantasy Island 12/20-26/98 US Cover Story 1999 US MM My Life Interview
Associated News 8/6/99 UK MM on Gangster No. 1
New York Times 8/9/99 US Antique Shopping w/MM 1 pics
Calgary Sun 8/30/99 CA MM Caligula 20th 9/9/99 US MM Remembers Kubrick
Sky Customer Magazine (Satellite TV) 'Island of Dreams' 11/99 UK Richard Arnold Review of FI 2 pics
The Times 5/11/00 UK Review 'My Life So Far'
The Independent 6/8/00 UK Gangster No. 1 Interview
The Times 6/17/00 UK Article about 'if....' w/1 pic
The Sunday Times 8/27/00 UK Malcolm's Notting Hill Gate London house for sale w/1 pic
The Revelstoke Times 4/01 Can MM Barber Interview
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 7/4/01 US Exclusive Talk w/Ric Groenendal
VCReporter 11/8/01 US MM Interview Cover story
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 2/28/02 US Exclusive Talk w/Rupert Webster
NY Time Out 5/16-23/02 US NY Retrospective Article
NY Times Weekend 5/17/02 US NY Retrospective Article
NY Daily News 5/19/02 US NY Retrospective Article
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 5/27/02 US Exclusive MM Interview
NY Guide 5/27/02 US NY Retrospective Article
Village Voice 5/28/02 US NY Retrospective Article (Cover Story) 6/10/02 US NY Retrospective Article
indieWIRE 6/17/02 US Paul McGuigan Gangster Interview 6/02 US Gangster Interview 7/10/02 US I Spy Article
Filmforce 7/10/02 US Gangster Interview 7/14/02 US Gangster Premiere 8/21/02 US MM Gangster Interview
Calgary Sun 10/7/02 CA Edoardo Ponti Interview
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 10/27/02 US Exclusive Maryam D'Abo Interview
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 10/27/02 US Exclusive Michael Berryman Int
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 11/24/02 US Exclusive Warren Low Interview
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 12/15/02 US Exclusive Mummy Interview
Malcolm McDowell Tribute 2/5/03 US Scott from Tank Girl
Interfax 5/15/03 US Evilenko article with quotes
NY Times 9/7/03 US Company/Altman/Neve
Variety - New York  9/24/03 US Company/Altman 9/29/03 US Rick Drew Inhabited 10/10/03 US Lorenda ACO Play - Ark Theatre 10/12/03 US Kelly Sandefur Inhabited 11/16/03 US Steven Squillante Dinotopia
Chicago Tribune 11/03 US MM Interview
Chicago Sun Times By Lisa Lenoir  11/9/03 US Company paintings
New York Daily News By Chrissy Persico 12/21/03 US Company/Neve Interview
Chicago Tribune 12/14/03 US Company/Malcolm/Neve
Chicago Sun Times 12/23/03 US Company/Malcolm/Neve
Chicago Sun Times with Robert Altman 12/26/03 US Company/Altman Interview
Chicago Sun Times 12/31/03 US Company/Altman/Neve 1/7/04 US Mark Goldweber
Associated Press 1/8/04 US Neve Campbell
Newsday 1/11/04 US Neve Campbell
The Courant 1/18/04 US Neve Campbell/Altman
The Sentinel 1/25/04 US Robert Altman
Toronto Star 1/30/04 US Malcolm McDowell
Vancouver Sun 1/30/04 US Neve Campbell
Chicago Sun Times 2/1/04 US Robert Altman
Golf Magazine 3/04 US Malcolm/Jim Caviezel 3/5/04 US Viggo Mortensen
G2 Weekend Supplement 4/20/04 UK MM Interview


if.... Illustrated Screenplay 1969 UK Lindsay Anderson intro
if.... Illustrated Screenplay 1969 AU Like UK w/pics reversed
if.... Illustrated Screenplay (Modern Film Scripts) 1969 US by Simon & Schuster
if.... (Movie Tie-in) 1969 UK by David Sherwin
The Raging Moon ( Movie Tie-in) 1970 AU Peter Marshall - Movie cover
Long Ago Tomorrow ( Movie Tie-in) 1971 US Peter Marshall - Movie cover
O Lucky Man! Illustrated Screenplay 1973 UK Malcolm cover
Screen World - Volume 25 1974 US by John Willis 2 pgs of OLM!
Superstars of the '70s 1974 UK features MM
Screen World 1974 US features MM
Royal Flash - Movie Tie-in (Photo Cover) 1975 UK 3 pics  Malcolm cover
Royal Flash - Movie Tie-in (Movie Poster Cover) 1975 UK by George Macdonald Fraser
Aces High - Movie Tie-In 1976 UK by William Hughes (Avon)
Burke's Steerage  1976 UK w/MM: A Clockwork Top Banana
Voyage of the Damned (Movie Tie-in) 1976 US by Gordon Thomas PB
Joe Orton The Complete Plays 1977 US w/Entertaining Mr. Slone
Entertainment Volume One (ITC) 1977 US w/Voyage of the Damned
Chichester Festival 78 1978 UK MM featured - he dropped out
Time After Time (Malcolm pic Cover) 1979 UK Movie Novelization HC/PB
Time After Time (Movie Art Cover) 1979 US Movie Novelization PB
The Passage (Movie Tie-in) 1979 UK by Bruce Nicolaysen PB
With Love From... 1980 US With MM Lip imprint
October by Christopher Isherwood + Don Bachardy 1980 US With MM drawing
Ultimate Porno - The Making of a Sex Colossal 1981 US by Pier Nico Solinas (Caligula)
Cat People (Movie Tie-in) 1982 US by Gary Brandner HC/PB
A New Pictorial History of the Talkies 1982 US by Daniel Blum w/MM pic
Britannia Hospital (Movie Tie-in) 1982 UK by Gerald Cole w/MM cover
British Film Character Actors: Great Names and Memorable Moments 1982 UK by Terence Pettigrew w/MM cover
Who's Who Actors, Actresses & Directors 1983 Japan w/MM
Screen World 1983 Film Annual V34 1983 US by John Willis w/MM
Fame 2 1984 US Drawing of MM
The Films of Richard Lester (pub. Croom Helm) 1985 UK by Neil Sinyard HC w/Flashman
The Films of Richard Lester (pub. Barnes & Noble) 1985 US by Neil Sinyard HC w/Flashman
Monte Carlo (Movie Tie-in) 1986 US by Stephen Sheppard PB
Lights, Camera, Action: A History of the Movies in the 20th Century 1990 US By Steve Hanson w/MM Pic
Epic Films: Casts, Credits and Commentary on over 250 Historical Spectacle Movies 1991 US by Gary A. Smith HC w/Caligula 
Film (Eyewitness Books) 1992 US by Richard Platt - Making movies
The Player (Movie Tie-in) 1992 US by Michael Tolkin TPB 
Origin's Official Guide to WC III: Heart of the Tiger 1993 US Trade - w/Behind the Screens CD
WC III: Heart of the Tiger 1993 US PB - Novel of the game
Toronto Intl Film Festival of Festivals Program 9/8-13/93 Can Features Bopha!
Star Trek: Generations (Young Adults) 12/94 US by John Vornholt PB w/Color Pics
Star Trek: Generations Special Collector's Edition! 12/94 US by J.M. Dillard HC w/Color Pics PB w/B+W Pics+40 making of pgs
Captains Logs Supplemental II: 7th Season 1995 UK MM pic + interview
The Making of Tank Girl 1995 US by Frank Wynne 95 pgs - PB w/pics + interviews
The Making of the Trek Films 1995 US Ed by Edward Gross-Generations
WC IV: The Price of Freedom 1995 US PB - MM cover Game as book.
Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV 1995 US Trade w/Tons of Color Pics + Info
Star Trek Movie Memories 1995 US by William Shatner HC or PB w/story + Pics of MM
Mystery! A Celebration 1996 US TPB - She Fell article/pics
Going Mad in Hollywood + Life with Lindsay Anderson 4/24/97 US by David Sherwin
Star Trek's Greatest Guest Stars  1997 US by Starlog w/MM interview
Naked-Flowers Exposed by Walter Hubert 1997 US MM holding sunflowers in Tuscany
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls 1998 US Cat People BTS
The Nazis by Piotr Uklanski 1999 US Actors who played Nazis w/MM
Hollywood Moms by Joyce Ostin 2001 US Pic of Mary and MMs daughter
Get Carter and Beyond 2003 US Features I'll Sleep
The Nineties: When Surface was Depth 2003 US By Michael B Flamingo w/MM
The Bad and the Beautiful: Photographs by Ellen Graham 2004 US w/1 MM photo
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