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  Ads - Magazine or Newspaper
ADS005 Royal Flash - Movie Poster
ADS006 Royal Flash - Flashman in underwear
ADS005 Caligula - Home Video
  Art - ChromArt 8"x10" matted or framed
  Wing Commander III
ART010 1 Box cover art
ART011 2 Fighter over a planet
  Wing Commander IV
ART020 1 Box cover art
ART021 2 Fighter taking off
ART030 Stroke of Genius - Giclee Print 18 x 22.5
  Audio Books
ABK010 Star Trek: Generations Read by John De Lancie (Q)
BAD001 Stroke of Genius - VIP premiere
BAG001 Computer Bag - Rosebud, My Ass
  Lindsay Anderson
BOK140 Lindsay Anderson - Praeger Film Library (1969) by Elizabeth Susex
BOK141 Directors and Directions - Cinema for the Seventies 1975 US w/LA + SK
BOK142 Going Mad in Hollywood + life with Lindsay Anderson (1997) by D Sherwin
BOK145 Mainly About Lindsay Anderson (2000) by Gavin Lambert
  Star Trek
BOK150 Star Trek Movie Memories by William Shatner 1995
BOK151 The Making of the Star Trek Films 1995 Edition Ed by Edward Gross
BOK152 Star Trek: Generations Collector's Edition Novel HC - Color Pics 12/94
BOK153 Star Trek: Generations Collector's Edition Novel PB - B/W pics 1995
BOK154 Star Trek: Generations - Official Game Strategy Guide by Microprose 1997
BOK154 if… Script Book PB - Grenade Cover (UK)
BOK155 if… Script Book TP w/stills (UK)
BOK156 if… Script Book TP (AU)
BOK157 Figures in a Landscape - 1968 HC by Barry England UK
BOK158 The Raging Moon - 1964 PB
BOK159 Long Ago, Tomorrow - 1972 Movie Tie-in PB
BOK160 O Lucky Man! Script book - 1973 Grove Press
BOK165 Voyage of the Damned HC - 1974
BOK166 Voyage of the Damned PB - Movie Tie-in 1976
BOK170 Royal Flash Trade size PB - Movie Tie-in 1975
BOK175 Aces High UK PB - Movie Tie-In 1976
BOK178 The Passage PB - Movie Tie-In 1979
BOK180 Time After Time PB - 1979 US
BOK181 Time After Time PB - 1979 AU Panther
BOK185 Gore Vidal's Caligula - Movie Poster Cover 1979
BOK186 Gore Vidal's Caligula - Malcolm Cover 1979
BOK200 Cat People HC Movie-Tie in Cover US 1982
BOK200 Cat People HC Movie-Tie in Cover UK 1982
BOK204 Monte Carlo HC - 1986
BOK205 Monte Carlo PB - Movie Tie-in 1986
BOK225 The Player Trade size PB - Movie Tie-In 1993
BOK250 The Making of Tank Girl - 1995 UK Titan Books
BOK260 Origin's Official Guide to WC IV: The Price of Freedom 1995
BOK265 Wing Commander IV novelization
BOK275 Mystery! A Celebration 1996 US w/She Fell Among Thieves
BOK280 Bobby Jones - A Stroke of Genius: The Movie and the Man HC - 2004
BKM001 Dr. Soran - shape cut
  Boxer Shorts
BXR001 Tank Girl - Red + Yellow plaid
BTN050 if.... Prefect Badge from 2002 Premiere
COM001 Tank Girl Movie Adaptation - 1995
CUP001 Stroke of Genius - Plastic
  Fast Food Related
FFI005 Dr. Soran cup from Jack in the Box 1994
  Film Cards 4 x 6"
FMC001 if....
FMC003 Le Melleur des Mondes Possibles (O Lucky Man!)
FMC004 Royal Flash
FMC005 Aces High (Le Tigre du Ciel)
FMC006 C'Etait Demain (Time After Time)
FMC007 Caligula
FMC008 La Feline (Cat People)
FMC010 Vent D'est
FMC050 Aces High (Die Schlacht in den Wolken)
FMC051 Blue Thunder (Das Fliegende Auge)
FMC052 Bopha!
FMC053 Britannia Hospital
FMC054 Buy & Cell (Zwei tolle Hechte im Knast)
FMC055 Cat People (Katzenmenschen)
FMC056 Gangster No. 1
FMC057 Gulag
FMC058 if....
FMC059 Mister Magoo
FMC060 Merlin and the Sword (Merlin und das Schwert)
FMC061 Moon 44
FMC062 Royal Flash
FMC063 Sunset
FMC064 Time After Time (Flucht in die Zukunft)
  Flyers (Brochures/Handbills, etc.)
FLY001 if.... UK - 4 pages/Grenade Cover
FLY002 if.... Germany - 4 pages
FLY003 if.... Paramount TV ordering preview
FLY008 The Passage - 8 page fold out UK
FLY010 Britannia Hospital UK
FLY020 Star Trek Generations Australian Release 3/95
FLY025 Fist of the North Star - 4pgs
FLY026 Lindsay Anderson Self-Portrait - British Council
FLY027 Tank Girl - Rolling in March 95
FLY029 Caligula - Japanese DVD release 2000
FLY030 The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan Reading 11/5/01
FLY032 I Spy - 1pg 2002
FLY035 Between Strangers - Japan 2003
GAM001 Tank Girl RPG by West End Games
GLA001 Stroke of Genius - 8 oz Plastic 
  Hana-Maui (Where they filmed Fantasy Island)
HAN001 1997 Brochure
HAN002 Menu
HAN003 Maui News 5/4-31, 1998 - Maui's the star in 'Fantasy Island'
HAT001 Wing Commander III - Logo on front, web address on back
HAT002 Wing Commander IV - Logo on front, web address on back
HAT003 Star Trek Generations - Triangle logo on front
HAT005 I Spy - black w/red logo - black
HAT007 Stroke of Genius - gray
HER001 if...
HER010 Aces High UK
HER020 Time After Time US - Newspaper
KEY010 Applause Dr. Soran figure (small)
KEY012 MM So Sexy it Hurts - Fan made
  Letter Openers
LET001 Caligula - Penthouse Video Release Promo
  Life Mask - Made for Star Trek: Generations 1993
LFM001 Latex
LFM002 Plaster
  Life-size standees
LSS001 Star Trek: Generations Dr. Soran 60"
  Lobby Cards
  if.... US (1968) 11x 14
LOB001 1 - Boys singing in the church
LOB002 2 - Housemaster, wife and matron
LOB003 3 - Rowntree speaking next to Housemaster
LOB004 4 - Students running during attack near the general's car
LOB005 5 - More Students running during attack near the general's car
LOB006 6 - Smoke while the general is speaking
LOB007 7 - The Girl shooting from the roof 
LOB008 8 - Mick and The Girl on the roof
  Mini 8x10
LOB09-16 1 thru 8
  if.... Germany (1969) 9 1/2 x 12
LOB017 Mick getting prepared to be caned 
LOB018 Smoke and people running from the attack
LOB019 The canning (Mick not in shot)
LOB020 Mick and The Girl
LOB021 Boys during mass
LOB022 Mrs. Kemp playing musical instrument in bed
LOB023 General on stage outside
LOB024 Mick in the cold shower
LOB025 Peanuts Screaming
LOB026 Teacher about to hit boy on the head
  if.... France (1968) 9.5 x 11.5
LOB027 1 - Mick, Johnny & Wallace and in their room
LOB028 2 - The Whips standing
LOB029 3 - Rowntree speaking next to Housemaster
LOB030 4 - Headmaster trying to talk to Mick on the roof
LOB031 5 - Students getting guns in the courtyard
LOB032 6 - Students shooting toward the roof
LOB033 7 - Mick and The Girl on the roof
LOB034 8 - Mick shooting from the roof
LOB035 9 - Whips and the House thump
LOB036 10 - Knight in the courtyard with students setting up guns
LOB037 11 - Families singing in the church
LOB038 12 - Peanuts demonstrating bayonet tactics
LOB039 13 - Mick close up in class
LOB040 14 - Mick in the cold shower
LOB041 15 - Whip checking the younger students at bedtime
LOB042 16 - Knight in the courtyard with smoke behind him
  if.... UK (1968) 8x 10
LOB043 1 - Mick getting prepared to be caned 
LOB044 2 - Coffee leaking from bullet holes
LOB045 3 - Explosion in the courtyard
LOB046 4 - Mick and The Girl on the roof
LOB047 5 - Mick enters with face covered
LOB048 6 - Mick on the floor after fencing with his hand cut
LOB049 7 - Headmaster protecting the matron during the shooting
LOB050 8 - Mick with a bag on his head and Johnny & Wallace drinking
  Figures in a Landscape (1971/275) 11x 14
LOB060 1 - MacConnachie crawling in a swamp
LOB061 2 - Helicopter over the men in mountains at end of film
LOB062 3 - Helicopter over the men while running by water
LOB063 4 - Ansell and MacConnachie standing in mountains
LOB064 5 - Robert firing machine gun
LOB065 6 - Ansell and MacConnachie in the water in the swamp
LOB066 7 - Ansell and MacConnachie with hands tied sitting
LOB067 8 - Ansell and MacConnachie up against a brick wall
  Mini 8x10
LOB68-75 1 thru 8
  The Raging Moon (1971) 11x 14
LOB080 1 - Bruce drinking at table during the wedding
LOB081 2 - Bruce and Jill at the Xmas party
LOB082 3 - Bruce typing
LOB083 4 - Bruce, Jill and friends talking in their room
LOB084 5 - Bruce holding Jill's hand while she is in bed
LOB085 6 - Jill washing Bruce's hair
LOB086 7 - Nurse reaching under Bruce's covers
LOB087 8 - Bruce and Jill Kissing
  O Lucky Man! US 11 x 14 (1973/145)
LOB140 1 - Mick on spinning table
LOB141 2 - Alan Price at Piano
LOB142 3 - Mick Coffee Pitch
LOB143 4 - Mick Car Crash
LOB144 5 - Mick on Roof
LOB145 6 - Mick running from fire
LOB146 7 - Mick arrested
LOB147 8 - Mick in rain by fence
  Mini 8x10 - same images as above
LOB150-7 1 thru 8
LOB159 Mick on examination table
  Le Meilleur des Mondes Possibles France 9x11.5
LOB175 1 - Mick looking into crashed car at the car accident
LOB176 2 - Mick lying flat on the exam table with the Prof looking
LOB177 3 - Mick signing the papers at Sir James banquet
LOB178 4 - Mick sitting in the jail cell holding the bird
LOB179 5 - Mick riding the bike in the examination room
LOB180 6 - Mick on the floor of the church with the food
LOB181 7 - Mick in bed with Mary Ball
LOB182 8 - Mick trying to get his things out of his car when it is on fire
LOB183 9 - Prof holding Mick's head and checking his eyes
LOB184 10 - Mick looking through the bars near the tenement
LOB185 11 - Mick kissing Patricia at Sir James house
LOB186 12 - Court Usher whipping the judge
  Royal Flash 11x14 (1975/201)
LOB200 1 - Flashman in red uniform standing on a cannon
LOB201 2 - Flashman in bed with Irma holding his face
LOB202 3 - Lola dueling fat woman
LOB203 4 - Flashman at gunpoint with shirt off in coach
LOB204 5 - Flashman cutting a rope
LOB205 6 - Flashman sitting in chandelier
LOB206 7 - Rudi getting hit while boxing
LOB207 8 - Flashman placing wedding ring
  Royal Flash 8x11 (1975) Germany
LOB210 1 - Flashman in tattered red uniform holding up a sword
LOB211 2 - Flashman in red uniform standing on a cannon
LOB212 3 - Lola dueling fat woman
LOB213 4 - Club with women on bicycles
LOB214 5 - Flashman in grey holding a saber close up
LOB215 6 - Flashman sitting in chandelier
LOB216 7 - Rudi getting hit while boxing
LOB217 8 - Rudi boxing close up
LOB218 9 - Flashman standing in front of giant British flag
LOB219 10 - Flashman in black sitting in red chair with sword
LOB220 11 - Flashman in black rising from red chair to fight
LOB221 12 - Flashman and Irma in snowy setting
LOB222 13 - Flashman (no facial hair) holding a woman's breast
LOB223 14 - Flashman (no facial hair) in front of fire
LOB224 15 - Flashman playing cards shirtless
LOB225 16 - Flashman in bed with Irma holding his face
LOB226 17 - Lola in tan mink coat
LOB227 18 - Lola in Flashman's outfit
  Aces High 8x10 (1976) UK
LOB230 1 - German Red plane flying
LOB231 2 - Three planes in formation
LOB232 3 - Gresham in cockpit looking back
LOB233 4 - Gresham standing on plane w/2 men
LOB234 5 - Gresham laying on Barry's lap
LOB235 6 - Gresham and the men having a pillow fight
LOB236 7 - German prisoners of war
LOB237 8 - British plane strafing German plane
  Belgian 11x14
LOB240-7 1-8 Same as UK
  Australian 11x14 (Red)
LOB240-7 1-8 Same as UK
LOB240-7 1-8 Same as UK
  Voyage of the Damned 11x14 (1976/245)
LOB250 1 - Oscar and Faye
LOB251 2 - Confronting the Captain
LOB252 3 - The Women gathered
LOB253 4 - Orson sitting
LOB254 5 - Bon Voyage w/Max (Malcolm)
LOB255 6 - James Mason
LOB256 7 - Two girls on small boat
LOB257 8 - Max sitting on stairs
  The Passage 11x14 (1979/55)
LOB260 1 - Berkow in Doorway with gun
LOB261 2 - Train Explosion
LOB262 3 - Prof Bergson and wife
LOB263 4 - Basque running with kids
LOB264 5 - Man and woman showing ID
LOB265 6 - Basque being grabbed by a woman
LOB266 7 - Basque w/dead German and girl in bed
LOB267 8 - Malcolm holding up a picture - searching for Basque
  Mini 8x10
LOB270-7 1 thru 8
  Casablanca Passage 18x24 - Italy
LOB280 1 - Boy goes down after train explosion
LOB281 2 - Hanging men with German soldiers nearby
LOB282 3 - Leah in bathrobe on bed
LOB283 4 - Pouring gasoline on the gypsy leader
  Time After Time 11x14 (1979)
LOB290 1 - H.G. holding newspaper from the future
LOB291 2 - H.G. being arrested with 2 cops
LOB292 3 - H.G. chasing Amy 
LOB293 4 - H.G. looking at his inventions
LOB294 5 - H.G. in the Time Machine 
LOB295 6 - Ripper holding Amy hostage
LOB296 7 - H.G. + Amy in the Time Machine
LOB297 8 - H.G. in front of the HG Wells exhibit
  Mini 8x10
LOB300-7 1 thru 8
  C'etait Demain (Time After Time) French 9x11 (1979)
LOB310 1 - Tagline
LOB311 2 - H.G. and Amy standing by a tree
LOB312 3 - H.G. holding his watch in the exhibit 
LOB313 4 - H.G. holding newspaper from the future
LOB314 5 - H.G. in front of the HG Wells exhibit
LOB315 6 - Ripper holding Amy hostage with knife to her throat
LOB316 7 - Amy at home in bathrobe
LOB317 8 - H.G. fighting the Ripper in the hotel room
LOB318 9 - Cops taking H.G. away
LOB319 10 - Cops taking gun away fromH.G.
LOB320 11 - H.G. + Amy in the Time Machine
LOB321 12 - Cops carrying the Rippers bag in H.G.s house
  Escape to the Future - Mexican Time After Time
LOB330-7 1 thru 8
  Caligula (1980) German
  Black Logo
LOB360 1 - Drugged looking woman having sex at dinner
LOB361 2 - Caligula in bed holding two naked women
LOB362 3 - Caligula in bed with his horse
LOB363 4 - Caligula carrying a dead Drusilla
LOB364 5 - Caligula close up sitting at execution
LOB365 6 - Caligula getting stabbed
LOB366 7 - Caligula entering a bath
LOB367 8 - Caligula pointing at execution
LOB368 9 - Heavily costumed woman
LOB369 10 - Caligula standing before the execution machine
LOB370 11 - Long shot of the brothel boat
LOB371 12 - Caligula at execution throwing fruit
LOB372 13 - Girl from the forest - breast exposed
LOB373 14 - Caligula listening to a seashell
LOB374 15 - Caligula on throne with Drusilla
  Red Logo (listed as MacDowell)
LOB375 1 - Caligula in bed holding two naked women
LOB376 2 - Caligula getting stabbed
LOB377 3 - Caligula lying dead and bloody
LOB378 4 - Caligula at execution throwing fruit
LOB379 5 - Groups having sex on the boat
LOB380 6 - Caligula and Helen arriving
LOB381 7 - Caligula close up sitting at execution
LOB382 8 - Caligula listening to a seashell
  Caligula (1979) Spanish 9 1/2 x 13 1/2
LOB383 1 - Caligula walking along a banquet table
LOB384 2 - Caligula talking to Tiberius with a couple having sex nearby
LOB385 3 - Pleasure room with a chain of couples having sex on the stairs
LOB386 4 - Vestal virgins water orgy
LOB387 5 - Vestal virgins water orgy close-up with Messalina + Agrippina
LOB388 6 - Caligula walking into a bath with Nerva
LOB389 7 - Caligula naked in bed with Drusilla
LOB390 8 - Caesonia doing a dance
LOB391 9 - Priest with snake
LOB392 10 - Caligula sitting with Drusilla in blue
LOB393 11 - Caligula standing with Drusilla naked
LOB394 12 - Caligula close-up with light beard
  Britannia Hospital (1982) UK 8x10
LOB395 1 - Disc Jockeys
LOB396 2 - Group sitting
LOB397 3 - Mick in elevator with Millar
LOB398 4 - Mick with gun
LOB399 5 - Vincent on exercise bike
LOB400 6 - Group of nurses outside
LOB401 7 - Group standing in circle inside
LOB402 8 - Group of nurses inside
  Britannia Hospital (1982) Italy 18x26
LOB403 1 - Disc Jockeys
  Britannia Hospital (1982) Spain 9.5 x 13.5
LOB410 1 - Mick close up after surgery
LOB411 2 - Doctor and nurses in operating room
LOB412 3 - Black nurse on the phone
LOB413 4 - Patients in beds being wheeled outside
LOB414 5 - Vincent on exercise bike
LOB415 6 - Mick in elevator with Millar
LOB416 7 - Group standing in circle inside holding hands
LOB417 8 - Administration group in posed photo
LOB418 9 - Mick with camera like a gun
LOB419 10 - Mick on operating table with leg in the air
LOB420 11 - Protestors vs. Police
LOB421 12 - Red in the van attacked by amob
  Cat People (1982/45) 11x14
LOB403 1 - Paul and Irena in the desert dream
LOB404 2 - Irena walking up the stairs of Paul's house
LOB405 3 - Alice and Oliver with Police behind barricade
LOB406 4 - Cat in the cage
LOB407 5 - Paul and Irena standing before she stabs him
LOB408 6 - Paul in the bathroom after he kills the blond
LOB409 7 - Alice in the pool
LOB410 8 - Irena holding on fence in jail
  Mini 8x10
LOB411-8 1 thru 8
  Katzenmenschen - German 8 1/2 x 11 3/4
LOB420 1 - Oliver trying to capture the cat in the hotel 
LOB421 2 - Topless prostitute screaming
LOB422 3 - Alice in the pool
LOB423 4 - Paul talking to Irena - sitting on bed
LOB424 5 - John wakes up with cat paw in his face
LOB425 6 - Irena sitting in front of fence in jail
LOB426 7 - Cop/Alice and Oliver with Police behind barricade
LOB427 8 - Paul hugging Irena before she stabs him
LOB428 9 - Cat perched on tree limb
LOB429 10 - Paul holding glass to Irena before she stabs him
LOB430 11 - Paul showing family pictures to Irena
LOB431 12 - Prostitute sitting on bed
LOB432 13 - Cops shooting at the cat from off the bridge
LOB433 14 - Oliver and Irena fishing
LOB434 15 - Oliver on the ladder outside the hotel looking in the window
LOB435 16 - Cat standing over Oliver as he sleeps
  German Double Size
LOB436 1 - Paul sitting in a tree
LOB437 2 - Irena crying in the rain
LOB438 3 - Paul and Irena standing before she stabs him
LOB439 4 - Prostitute sitting on bed - full shot
  Spanish 9.5x13
LOB443 1 - Cat standing over Oliver as he sleeps
LOB444 2 - Oliver and Irena fishing
LOB445 3 - Alice and Oliver with Police behind barricade
LOB446 4 - Cat on the drawbridge railing
LOB447 5 - Paul close-up
LOB448 6 - Paul perched in a tree
LOB449 7 - Irena pointing by the lion cage
LOB440 8 - Irena holding on the fence in jail
LOB450 9 - Irena crying in the rain
  La Feline - France 8.5x10.5
LOB451 1 - Irena looking at the blood on her fingers in the bathroom
  Blue Thunder (1983/02) 11x14
LOB451 1 - Everyone standing together w/Cochrane (Malcolm) 
LOB452 2 - Frank and Richard talking
LOB453 3 - Police Helicopter searchlight on criminal
LOB454 4 - Frank in Cockpit holding gun
LOB455 5 - Helicopter chase trough drainage ditch
LOB456 6 - Building Explosion
LOB457 7 - Blue Thunder flying by Bank of America
LOB458 8 - Frank on couch with wife and kid
  Mini 8x10
LOB459-7 1 thru 8
  Blue Thunder - German (Das Fliegende Auge) 1983 11x14
LOB460 1 - Everyone standing together w/Cochrane (Malcolm) 
LOB461 2 - Frank and Richard talking
LOB462 3 - Police Helicopter searchlight on criminal
LOB463 4 - Frank in Cockpit holding gun
LOB452 5 - Helicopter chase trough drainage ditch
LOB453 6 - Building Explosion
LOB454 7 - Blue Thunder flying by Bank of America
LOB455 8 - Frank on couch with wife and kid
LOB456 9 - Blue Thunder test street explosion
LOB457 10 - Explosion with people running
LOB458 11 - Blue Thunder flying at night
LOB459 12 - Frank and Richard in cockpit at night
LOB460 13 - Explosion next to police car
LOB461 14 - Guard with woman in red car
  Cross Creek (1983) Malcolm isn't on any
LOB470-7 1 thru 8
  Mini 8x10
LOB480-7 1 thru 8
  Get Crazy (Volverse Loco) (1983) Spanish 9 1/2 x13 1/2
LOB491 1 - Reggie on stage with cannon between his legs
LOB492 2 - Reggie with a fan in bed
LOB493 3 - Reggie on stage with Susie
LOB494 4 - Reggie on the plane with Chantamina
LOB495 5 - Reggie arriving at the theater with Chantamina
LOB496 6 - Susie on the phone with the poster of Reggie behind her
LOB497 7 - Nada and her band posing in front of a building
LOB498 8 - Crowd carrying a guy on a surfboard
LOB499 9 - Nada's backup singers on stage
LOB500 10 - Sammy walking to the helicopter with crows getting blown away
LOB501 11 - Nada, Piggy and the band in front of a wall
LOB502 12 - Nada and three girls in front of a wall
  Get Crazy (Get Crasy) (1983) French 8 1/2 x 11
LOB503 1 - Reggie with a fan in bed
LOB504 2 - Nada and the band in front of a car
LOB505 3 - Piggy being filmed on stage
LOB506 4 - Sammy after the helicopter blows girls clothes off
LOB507 5 - Neil as Tarzan holding a chimp with Willy
LOB508 6 - Nada's backup singers on stage
LOB509 7 - Susie combing her hair in a Ramones shirt
LOB510 8 - The crowd goes wild
LOB511 9 - Electric Larry
LOB512 10 - Neil and Willy on stage
LOB513 11 - Nada and three girls in front of a wall
  Gulag (1984) 11x14
LOB521 1 - Three escapees in the snow
LOB522 2 - Prisoners in compound close up
LOB523 3 - All the prisoners in line
LOB524 4 - Prisoners outside barracks at night
LOB525 5 - Mickey behind bars
LOB526 6 - Mickey and Susan
LOB527 7 - Mickey bring arrested
LOB528 8 - Englishman close up
  Sunset (1988) 11x14
LOB530 1 - Earp, Mix and Redhead sitting at a table
LOB531 2 - Earp and Mix hunched by on couch
LOB532 3 - Alfie and Earp facing off
LOB533 4 - Cheryl in fur coat
LOB534 5 - Cheryl and Earp sitting a at table clapping
LOB535 6 - Woman pulling Mix along by a scarf
LOB536 7 - Earp standing by staircase with blonde
LOB537 8 - Earp and Mix sitting with drinks
  Sunset (1988) 8x10
LOB540-7 1-8
  Jezebel's Kiss (1990) Germany 9x12
LOB550 1 - Jezebel sitting in Diner
LOB551 2 - Sheriff Dan Riley
LOB552 3 - Benjamin J. Faberson standing in blue shirt
LOB553 4 - Jezebel sitting near water
LOB554 5 - Woman talking with Jezebel
LOB555 6 -
LOB556 7 - 
LOB557 8 -
  Moon 44 (1990) Germany 9x12
LOB560 1 - Felix close-up
LOB561 2 - Incoming craft
LOB562 3 - Crew around personal craft
LOB563 4 - Futuristic city
LOB564 5 - Crew eating
LOB565 6 - Two men in lit hallway
LOB566 7 - Terry in shower
LOB567 8 - Felix with explosion
LOB568 9 - Felix in cockpit
LOB569 10 - Handshake
LOB570 11 - Break it up
LOB571 12 - Catching sleep
LOB572 13 - Major Lee
LOB573 14 - Control panels
LOB574 15 - Down the hall
LOB575 16 - Fireball
  Milk Money (1994) 11x14
LOB560 1 - Malcolm grabbing guy by the chain around his neck
LOB561 2 - Malcolm holding a gun to Melanie at the dance
LOB562 3 - Michael dancing with Melanie at the dance
LOB563 4 - Michael with Melanie during show and tell
LOB564 5 - The kids on ground looking up at Melanie (only legs showing)
LOB565 6 - Michael and Ed sitting on a bed
LOB566 7 - Ed and Melanie walking on their date
LOB567 8 - Michael and Melanie sitting outside at night
  Star Trek Generationen (1994) Germany
LOB570 1 - B'etor at the helm with Soran behind her
LOB571 2 - Riker at the brdige helm
LOB572 3 - Kirk, Scotty + Chekov on the Bridge
LOB573 4 - Soran + Kirk fighting on the metal bridge
LOB574 5 - Picard looking at his photo album
LOB575 6 - Soran torturing Geordie
LOB576 7 - B'etor holding down Soran on the Klingon ship
LOB577 8 - Picard + Data in the map room
LOB578 9 - Picard pointing
LOB579 10 - Kirk trying to make the repairs
LOB580 11 - Guinan behind the bar
LOB581 12 - Riker and Worf on the bridge
  Double Size
LOB582 Soran close up
LOB583 Kirk close up
  Tank Girl (1995) UK
LOB580 1 - Kesslee close up
LOB581 2 - Birds do it
LOB582 3 - Tank Girl and Jet Girl lying down
LOB583 4 - Rippers
LOB584 5 - Tank
LOB585 6 - Tank Girl in powder shower
LOB586 7 - Tank Girl in bowler hat sitting 
LOB587 8 - Tank Girl riding yak
  Tank Girl (1995) AU
LOB590-7 1 thru 8 (1 w/Malcolm)
  Tank Girl (1995) France 9x11
LOB600 1 - Kesslee with W&P officer and and flames behind them
LOB601 2 - Kesslee close-up torturing Tank Girl
LOB602 3 - Kesslee with Tank Girl and W&P soldiers
LOB603 4 - Kesslee reaching for Tank Girl with robo arm
LOB604 5 - Captured Tank Girl with bloody cuts
LOB605 6 - Tank Girl and Jet Girl lying down
LOB606 7 - Tank Girl looking at her tank in the desert
LOB607 8 - Ripper with sax during prayer
LOB608 9 - Birds do it
LOB609 10 - Tank Girl riding yak
LOB610 11 - Tank Girl in bowler hat sitting 
LOB611 12 - Tank Girl in powder shower
  Gangster No. 1 (2000) UK
LOB650 1 - Gangster at 55 w/text
LOB651 2 - Young gangster shooting gun
LOB652 3 - Young gangster leaning on car
LOB653 4 - Karen
  I-Spy (2002) Germany 8.5 x 12
LOB700 1 - Alex firing machine gun with Kelly crouched next to him
LOB701 2 - Alex with Rachel in bed
LOB702 3 - Kelly surrounded by women on the couch
LOB703 4 - Rachel hitting on Kelly
LOB704 5 - Gundars meeting Kelly
LOB705 6 - Alex and agent firing guns in the snow
LOB706 7 - Kelly and Alex in car with blown up car behind him
LOB707 8 - Alex and Kelly hoping over a wall with a massive explosion behind them
  Models - Official
MOD001 Blue Thunder Helicopter - Revell
MOD002 Blue Thunder Helicopter - Paper Theater promo
  16mm Film
16M010 if...
16M015 Aces High
16M020 Cross Creek
16M025 Time After Time
16M030 The Passage (3 reels)
BET001 if....
BET005 O Lucky Man!
BET010 Time after Time
BET015 The Compleat Beatles
BET017 Blue Thunder
BET019 Britannia Hospital
BET021 Get Crazy
BET025 Gulag
CED002 The Compleat Beatles
CED003 Caligula
CED004 Blue Thunder
CED005 Cat People
CED006 Cross Creek
CED007 Faerie Tale Theater - Little Red Riding Hood
  DVD - Region 1
DR1001 Short Cinema 2 w/The Big Brass Ring 1998
DR1002 Short Cinema 1:2 - Dreams w/The Big Brass Ring  1997 - OP
DR1003 2103 The Deadly Wake - 2001 York
DR1004 Blue Thunder
DR1005 Britannia Hospital - Anchor Bay 2001
DR1006 Caligula 20th Anniversary Edition w/Pet Preview DVD
DR1007 Caligula 20th Anniversary Edition
DR1008 Cat People
DR1009 Class of 1999
DR1015 Cross Creek - 2002 Anchor Bay
DR1016 Fatal Pursuit
DR1017 Firestarter
DR1018 First 9 1/2 Weeks
DR1020 Fist of the North Star
DR1021 Gangster No 1
DR1022 Lexx: #4 Giga Shadow
DR1024 Hugo Pool
DR1026 Island of the Dead
DR1027 Just Visiting
DR1028 Moon 44
DR1030 Mr. Magoo
DR1032 My Life So Far
DR1033 The Player - Platinum Edition
DR1034 The Player - Special Edition
DR1035 Princess of Thieves - 2001 Disney
DR1036 Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
DR1037 Star Trek: Generations
DR1038 Star Trek Next Generation Movie Collection
DR1040 St. Patrick: The Irish Legend
DR1041 Sunset
DR1042 The Surgeon - OP
DR1044 The Surgeon/Skinner - OP
DR1046 The Surgeon - Gold Series Collector's Edition
DR1050 Tank Girl
DR1051 Terminal Countdown
DR1052 Voyage of the Damned
  DVD - Region 2
DR2002 Blue Thunder
DR2004 Caligula 20th Anniversary Edition
DR2005 Class of 1999 10/8/01
DR2011 Cyborg 3: The Recycler
DR2012 East Wind (V'ent dest)
DR2014 Gangster No 1
DR2016 Garden of Evil
DR2018 Mr. Magoo
DR2020 Night Train to Venice
DR2022 Southern Cross
DR2023 Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
DR2024 Star Trek: Generations
DR2026 Tank Girl
DR2028 Yesterday's Target
LD002 Aces High - Japanese
LD004 Blue Thunder
LD006 Bopha!
LD008 Buy & Cell
LD010 Caligula - X rated
LD012 Caligula - R rated
LD014 Caligula 10th Anniversary
LD016 Cat People
LD018 Chain of Desire
LD022 The Compleat Beatles
LD023 Cyborg 3 (China)
LD024 Dangerous Indiscretion
LD026 Disturbed
LD028 Faerie Tale Theater - Little Red Riding Hood
LD030 Fist of the North Star
LD032 Get Crazy - Japanese
LD034 Happily Ever After
LD036 Hugo Pool
LD038 if....
LD040 In the Eye of the Snake
LD042 Jezebel's Kiss
LD044 The Light in the Jungle
LD046 Milk Money
LD048 Moon 44
LD050 Mr. Magoo 
LD052 Night Train to Venice
LD054 O Lucky Man!
LD055 The Player
LD056 Star Trek: Generations
LD058 Sunset
LD060 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
LD062 The Surgeon
LD064 Tank Girl
LD066 Time after Time
VCD001 Assassin of the Tsar (Russian)
VCD003 Caligula 20th Anniversary Edition
VCD005 Blue Thunder
VCD007 Gangster No 1
VCD009 Star Trek: Generations
VCD011 Superman: Cold Vengeance
PAL002 Aces High
PAL004 Assassin of the Tsar  
PAL006 Asylum
PAL008 Blue Thunder
PAL010 Blue Thunder (Widescreen)
PAL012 Bopha! 
PAL014 Britannia Hospital
PAL016 Buy & Cell 
PAL018 Caligula
PAL020 Cat People
PAL022 The Caller
PAL024 Chain of Desire
PAL026 Class of 1999
PAL038 The Collection
PAL040 The Compleat Beatles
PAL042 Cyborg 3: The Creation
PAL044 Dangerous Indiscretion
PAL045 Dark Ocean (2103 Deadly Wake)
PAL046 Disturbed
PAL048 Exquisite Tenderness (The Surgeon) 
PAL050 First 9 1/2 Weeks
PAL052 Fist of the North Star
PAL054 Garden of Evil
PAL056 Gangster No 1
PAL058 Get Crazy
PAL060 Gulag
PAL062 The Hunted (Figures in a Landscape) 
PAL064 if....
PAL066 Il Maestro
PAL068 Intruder (Moon 44) - Germany
PAL070 Island of the Dead
PAL072 Jezebel's Kiss
PAL074 A Triumph of Courage (The Light in the Jungle) 
PAL076 Lexx 1.4 - Giga Shadow
PAL078 The Man Who Would Not Die  
PAL080 Merlin and the Sword  
PAL082 Milk Money  
PAL084 Monte Carlo 2 tapes 
PAL086 Moon 44
PAL088 Mr. Magoo
PAL090 My Life So Far
PAL092 Night Train to Venice
PAL094 O Lucky Man!
PAL096 Our Friends in the North 1964-74 (2 Tapes)
PAL098 Our Friends in the North 1979-95 (2 Tapes)
PAL100 The Passage  
PAL102 Poor Cow
PAL104 The Raging Moon (Long Ago Tomorrow)  
PAL106 A Review of Stanley Kubrick's ACO 
PAL108 Royal Flash  
PAL110 Seasons of the Heart
PAL112 Star Trek: Generations (Pan & Scan)
PAL114 Star Trek: Generations (Widescreen)
PAL116 Star Trek: Generations (Collector's Edition Set)
PAL118 Sunset
PAL120 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
PAL122 Tank Girl 
PAL124 Time after Time  
PAL126 Voyage of the Damned (Double)
PAL128 Where Truth Lies
PAL130 Yesterday's Target
PAL132 Y:2:K
VHS002 2103 The Deadly Wake
VHS004 Assassin of the Tsar
VHS006 Asylum
VHS008 Blue Thunder
VHS010 Bopha! 
VHS012 Britannia Hospital
VHS014 Buy & Cell
VHS016 Caligula - X rated
VHS018 Caligula - R rated
VHS020 Caligula 10th Anniversary
VHS022 Caligula 20th Anniversary
VHS024 The Caller
VHS026 Can of Worms
VHS028 Cat People - OP
VHS030 Chain of Desire
VHS032 Class of 1999 - OP
VHS040 The Collection
VHS042 The Compleat Beatles
VHS044 Cross Creek
VHS046 Cyborg 3: The Recycler
VHS048 Dangerous Indiscretion
VHS050 The David Cassidy Story (Screener)
VHS052 Disturbed
VHS054 Faces of Evil (Screener)
VHS056 Faerie Tale Theater - Little Red Riding Hood
VHS057 The Fairy King of Ar - 1996 Peakviewing
VHS058 Fatal Pursuit
VHS060 First 9 1/2 Weeks
VHS062 First 9 1/2 Weeks - Spanish Subtitles
VHS064 Fist of the North Star
VHS065 Gangster No. 1 - 2001 Columbia
VHS066 Gangster No. 1 - 2001 TVA Electronic Presskit
VHS067 Garden of Evil - 2001 Two Left Shoes
VHS068 Get Crazy
VHS069 Giga Shadow: Lexx
VHS070 Gulag
VHS072 Happily Ever After
VHS074 Hugo Pool
VHS076 if....
VHS077 Il Maestro (French)
VHS078 In the Eye of the Snake
VHS079 Island of the Dead 
VHS080 Jezebel's Kiss
VHS081 Just Visiting
VHS082 Kids of the Round Table
VHS084 The Light in the Jungle
VHS086 Long Ago Tomorrow
VHS088 Look Back in Anger
VHS090 Merlin and the Sword
VHS092 Milk Money
VHS094 Monte Carlo
VHS096 Moon 44
VHS098 Mr. Magoo 
VHS100 My Life So Far
VHS102 Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy
VHS104 Night Train to Venice
VHS106 O Lucky Man! (Double) 
VHS108 Penthouse on the Wild Side (Making of Caligula)
VHS109 The Player
VHS110 Princess of Thieves (Screener)
VHS111 Princess of Thieves
VHS112 Seasons of the Heart (Screener)
VHS114 The Second Greatest Story Ever Told
VHS116 Sharks of the Red Triangle
VHS118 Southern Cross
VHS120 Spider-man: The Animated Series
VHS122 Star Trek: Generations w/Spanish Subtitles
VHS124 Star Trek: Generations
VHS125 Star Trek: Generations / First Contact Widescreen Set
VHS126 St. Patrick: The Irish Legend
VHS128 Sunset
VHS130 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
VHS132 The Surgeon
VHS134 Tales from the Crypt - The Reluctant Vampire
VHS136 Tank Girl
VHS138 Time after Time
VHS140 Voyage of the Damned (2 tapes - 182 minutes)
VHS141 Voyage of the Damned (1 tape - 137 minutes)
VHS142 Where Truth Lies
VHS144 Yesterday's Target
MUG001 Stroke of Genius 16oz Travel w/movie photos
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