Old Malcolm McDowell/A Clockwork Orange News

Rob Zombie has announced that Malcolm will be taking the leading role of Dr. Loomis in the new Halloween film. It is a great mainstream role for MM, but a remake/prequel of a classic just isn't necessary.
Alex's flatblock lobby has been restored including the mural. I added an article about it.
Added a large article War and Peace and that the full version will clock in at around 6 hours 40 minutes!
An article was just published which talks with Malcolm as he just did a presentation for a website on Free Cinema as well as mentioning another upcoming project Every Time We Say Goodbye.
Three scripts Kubrick wrote have been found and the plan is to make them into films - Lunatic at Large, The Down Slope & God Fearing Man.
Check the Kubrick page for a rare chance to attend a screening with a Q&A by his wife and brother-in-law.
A rare chance to see Fear and Desire.
Malcolm was at the Otis Chandler Museum auction bidding on vintage cars this week.
Malcolm will be at the MCOF in Malibu this Saturday where he'll be honoring Robert Altman who directed him in The Company.
The 14th Raindance Film Festival in London, England 9/27-10/8/06 will celebrate the work of maverick director Stanley Kubrick with a 35th anniversary screening of what is possibly his most notorious work, A Clockwork Orange (Fri 9/29/06 - 9:30pm). Festival filmgoers will also have the opportunity to see Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey (Thurs 10/5/06 - 6:30pm) on the big screen. Rounding off this Kubrick retrospective is the acclaimed documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures, which will be hosted by the films director Jan Harlan (Mon 10/2/06 - 6:30pm)
www.bfi.org.uk announced online introductions to aspects of the film industry. Malcolm McDowell presents a guide to the Free Cinema documentary movement of the 1950s
Malcolm is moving up - he's presenting an award to one of the most famous actors and directors there is next month.
There are two versions of War and Peace coming out, hopefully we'll get the MM version in the US. I added an article explaining them both.
Malcolm is going to be appearing on one episode of a new ABC series either in the fall or early next year.
Malcolm is going to be appearing at another festival next month. I started a page for it here.
Malcolm has finally gotten his due in film with the best possible person to direct it - Stanley Kubrick's brother-in-law who made the amazing documentary Stanley Kubrick a Life in Pictures. It will play the festivals and be released on DVD possibly in the next round of Kubrick Collection releases.
With recent events, Zombie God Squad may not be my next film to go into production as we have had the wonderful actor Malcolm McDowell agree to star in a siege-thriller of ours called Blind Justice. It is destined to be shot later this year in and around the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Jim Groom in Future Movies 7/3/06
One person saw him in Vancouver. Another had this to say:
I saw Malcolm McDowell at my University this week (Simon Fraser University in BC Canada). Apparently he was filming some kind of movie about clones. He was there for a few days so I am assuming he has some kind of important role. He was dressed as a doctor or science in a lab coat. Bryan
This weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly lists their picks for the 25 Most Controversial Films of all time. ACO is #2 and Caligula is #24 - so that must mean Malcolm is the most Controversial Actor of all time. Hopefully that is their next list.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's the mantra for the 2006 Traverse City Film Festival, opening the night of July 31 and running through Aug. 6. Among the films being shown will be a collection by Stanley Kubrick, part of a tribute marking the 50th anniversary of his first feature film, "The Killing" with Sterling Hayden. Kubrick made 11 feature films ("Spartacus," "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Lolita," "The Shining") and all will be shown. As part of the tribute, Malcolm McDowell, star of "A Clockwork Orange," and Matthew Modine, who was in "Full Metal Jacket," will be attending the Film Festival, as will members of Kubrick's family who are flying in from England. Jan Harlan, Kubrick's brother-in-law, executive producer on most of his films and producer of a documentary, "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures," is coming, too. He'll show the documentary and participate in a Kubrick-themed panel discussion. www.traversecityfilmfestival.org
It hasn't even been 9 months, but MM is back on CD on ANOTHER Pink Floyd tribute. Is this a new career for him?
It has been announced Malcolm will be in the new film on Vivaldi. No idea when it will get made as there is no director or other cast yet.
Malcolm has filmed 2 episodes for the third season of Entourage which are airing next month!
A chance of a lifetime to see a never released Lindsay Anderson film was just squashed. Read about it here.
There was a huge article about the release of the latest Flashman novel coming out this week. So I added it to the Royal Flash page to give some history to the series and the author talks about why no more movies have been made.
An adaptation of the novel "The List" by Robert Whitlow has recently wrapped, so I started a page for it.
Here's a quote from Jim Groom:
"I am now working on Blind Justice, a contemporary drama loosely based on a true event. Malcolm McDowell has expressed interest in it. If that one goes wrong I am quitting the business. "
HarperCollins will re-launch its Caedmon Audio Imprint this September with the release of the unabridged audio editions including Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange.
The Museum, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), in which librarians around the country were asked the question on 3/2/06, "Which book should every adult read before they die?" and ACO was one of them. 
Cancelled! If you live anywhere near Teaneck, NJ there is a possible once in a lifetime chance to see one of MM's rarest films in the theater. Cancelled!
Entourage - The Complete 2nd Season will be released June 6th with a 3-DVD set containing all 14 half-hour episodes. This $39.98 SRP set will include "The Mark Wahlberg Sessions", where he interviews the cast and crew.
MM's back on TV - in a high profile show.
On March 12, 2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Proud Flesh. Malcolm McDowell plays a radio magnate whose Chinese-born wife (Cindy Cheung) is being investigated by Goren and Eames for the murder of his son from a previous relationship. A professor and a businessman are also questioned about the crime. Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Courtney B. Vance, Jamey Sheridan, Annabella Sciorra, Christopher Noth, Malcolm McDowell, Cindy Cheung.
A new book entitled 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die has been released in the UK. Not only is ACO one of the books - it's the cover! Mitzi sent in a great scan of a London book store with it displayed. It will be released on 3/7 in the US, but with a different cover...
For the first time in the USA!
Lindsay Anderson: A Personal Remembrance - a one-man show starring Malcolm on April 1 at the Matilija Auditorium in Ojai, CA (640-1947)
Teen Titans: The Complete First Season has been released on DVD this week. Malcolm does the voice of the Mad Mod in episode 10.
MM is getting another Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Bradford Film Festival so I started a page for it.
The 12th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival will run March 7-12 and Malcolm will be a guest judge. www.slofilmfest.org
It made the list, but not high enough....
Issue #201 of UK's Empire Magazine 2/06 rated ACO #76 of the 201 all-time best movies.
I've got my tickets, can't wait to see it again.
Writer/director David Grieco and acclaimed composer Angelo Badalamenti will join Malcolm at the Evilenko Fangoria Monster Monday show on February 6 at 6:30pm in the Pioneer Theater in New York City
I've got the details for the Blue Thunder Special Edition DVD as well as a scan. Sounds like good stuff. I added that and the original DVD specs to the Blue Thunder page.
Sony announced a Special Edition DVD for Blue Thunder to be released 4/4/06. No word on what's going to be on there, but anything is better than the garbage release they put out in 1998 only full screen with no extras. Only later did they release a double-sided version. Even the VHS was released in a LBX version. It's an incredibly unpopular film, so it's surprising they would re-release it with extras it doesn't really deserve.
Malcolm McDowell will present Evilenko in person at a Fangoria Monster Monday show on February 6 at 6:30pm in the Pioneer Theater in New York City. For tickets go here.
Malcolm has confirmed it himself - he recorded a commentary for the next release of ACO on DVD that should be out this year. I added the info to the ACO DVD page.
It has been announced that Malcolm will be making a guest appearance in an episode of Monk this year. No idea what it'll be, but I'll be watching.
The team that brought us Exitz is back together for Extreme Cities, possibly a direct sequel.
Earlier this year Malcolm did an interview in Italy when he won an award. The only problem is the interview was only published in Italian. Therefore I had to translate it back to English which took a while and is never 100% accurate, but now you can read the entire interview here.
I added a long article on the Kubrick Exhibition that has some great insightful quotes from his wife and brother-in-law.
I found another article on the Kubrick Exhibition in Australia that has some MM quotes on working with the great director. 
MM recently did a round table discussion about the Kubrick exhibition with Stanley's wife Christianne and his brother in law Jan Harlan. I made some edits to make it flow better.
MM is presenting an award while in Australia. I added the press release about it and a picture of him there.
MM is in Australia right now to kick off the Kubrick Exhibition there. I added an article about it where his daughter claims she didn't know he was in ACO until she was 18!?
Added another article I found a few months ago. This one deals with trying to do a real life crime cure like in ACO, this way is with drugs. It's lengthy and detailed.
Boston Irish Film Festival returns later this week sporting a new name - it's now officially the Magners Irish Film Festival - with a lineup put together by Peter Flynn, the event's director including Red Roses and Petrol at 7pm on 11/21/05. Tickets are $10 with Director Tamar Simon Hoffs and Heather Juergensen in Person!
I found this article a while back about Happy Slapping which is not only compared to ACO, they've even got a quote from Kubrick's brother in law!?
An Israeli newspaper just published a huge article and interview with Christiane Kubrick which I posted, edited down to just include her quotes. It's a fascinating look into Stanley's life.
Kubrick's archives will now have a home you can go to! Click here to read the story.
There is yet another production of the ACO 2004 play. I added the press release, scan and review to the ACO plays page.
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb has wrapped! Check out the story about it.
After a successful run in Germany, the Kubrick exhibition is heading to Australia in November. Even better Malcolm will be there opening night to talk about the man, the movie and more as well as screening ACO. Hopefully the next stop for the tour will be the USA.
My friend Paul Sutton has just written a film guide on if.... and I have it thanks to him. I added the front and back covers, text, contents and links to order it to the if.... page.
Rob Zombie was recently promoting his latest film - The Devil's rejects. I found three interviews where he mentioned ACO.
Due to scheduling Malcolm is planning on canceling his appearing at the Concours d’Elegance. Malcolm is presenting a Rolex watch to Gerald Arpino at the That’s Entertainment! gala in NY on 10/25/05. He will only speak for a minute...no more since the focus is on Arpino. So it's most likely not worth attending if you are going just to see MM.
Well, he did it - Charlie McDowell is reuniting his parents on film.
MM will be judging the NYC 1st annual Concours d’Elegance in 2 weeks. Read about it here.
Malcolm is on a CD coming out on 9/27. It's a Pink Floyd tribute. Read about it here.
Malcolm is set to attend a gala in New York because of his work in The Company. Read about it here.
The latest news is Mirror Wars is opening 9/1/05 in Russia. You can watch the trailer on the Official Site, only problem is it's in Russian and check out some pictures I added. Thanks to the Devotchka for pointing it out.
Added an article about Kubrick's unrealized dream project the Aryan Papers. I started a page for the film in case I come across more info.
Robert Moog who invented the synthesizer which bears his name died last night. His synthesizer was responsible for shaping the sound of ACO as played by Walter Carlos. I added his obituary here.
In May I first told you about a movie on King Tut that MM was filming. It's wrapping up and I have added cast information and more.
Added a review of the ACO play in New Zealand earlier this year.
Rag Tale is playing at the EIFF 8/21 & 8/23, one report mistakenly listed that Malcolm would attend and do his Lindsay Anderson tribute, that happened last year. Here is the first scan of MM from the film.
Three films have been confirmed and Malcolm is definitely in the first two and most likely the third. I added an article on the first on - Rag Tale.
Pinocchio 3000 recently opened in Canada and there was a lengthy article in which the director was interviewed That I added. 
This is for anyone who has ever gotten crap for being into ACO or lip from people who just don't get it.
The British Magazine 'Uncut' this week has come up with a list of the 100 music, movie and TV moments that have changed the world. The magazine Uncut asked industry experts and movie and music icons to name their seminal moments from the past 50 years. #5 was A Clockwork Orange, making Stanley Kubrick's film the most important and influential movie of modern times.
The ACO play I saw in New York earlier this year sent me a letter about them raising money to go to the UK to do the play there this month. They got the money and are in Edinburgh this month performing it. To read about the original I saw go here. To read the letter go here. To read the info to go to the play in the UK go here
Four years ago I started a page for Monster Butler, always in hope it would get made. now for the first time since then there is some news about the film finally on it's way toward getting made.
I found an interview with Perizaad Zorabian where she talks about the plot of Exitz.
I recently found an article that talked about the influence of music and movies on violent crime and of course ACO was mentioned, so I added it here.
Edinburgh International Film Festival 8/17-28/05 will premiere Rag Tale, a British romance set against the world of tabloid journalism with Malcolm McDowell, David Hayman, Bill Paterson, Rupert Graves and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Rumor has it that Leigh will also be attending as one of this year's guests. www.edfilmfest.org.uk
There is yet more Clockwork controversy. This time it centers around the latest version of the play in the UK. There is some outrage because members of the cast are as young as 12. Someone should tell them Alex was only 15 in the novel... Click here to read it.
A new ACO play...and you could be in it!
Auditions for Paperwing Theatre Company. 10 a.m. Saturday, June 25. Roles open for all levels of acting experience and all body shapes in "Clockwork Orange." Must be at least 14. Information: 675-0521, www.paperwingtheatreco.com
A 2 year old MM film wins an award!
Tamar Simon Hoffs' Malcolm McDowell starrer "Red Roses and Petrol" won the Prix Tournage for American film at the 22nd Avignon Film Festival 6/19/05.
ACO is still powerful enough to influence the media.
UK: Stella Artois film campaign gets GBP1m push
Interbrew UK has announced a GBP1m press advertising campaign for its Stella Artois Live Film promotion. The summer drive features three ads mixing everyday scenes with well-known characters and scenes from classic films. Each execution portrays a typically English scene, which has been "invaded" by characters, props and scenarios from well-known films. Each of the three executions, Town, Park and Beach, features more than 18 film references of varying degrees of subtlety. For example, Town is a picture of a typical street scene but incorporates images including three Minis (from The Italian Job), an American cab (from Taxi Driver) and three bowler hat-wearing "droogs" (from A Clockwork Orange).
Malcolm and family will be at the Taormina Festival in Sicily - June 11-18 probably for the watch!
During the festival evenings at the Greek theatre, prestigious international personalities will be granted with the Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence. Such award consists in a valuable watch, created exclusively for the festival awardees, by our sponsor Harry Winston. Among these, while waiting for other confirmations, will be: the film directors Hugh Hudson and Bob Rafelson, and the actors Virna Lisi, Irene Papas and Malcolm McDowell.
Mirror Wars as been given two premiere dates in Russia - June, 2 and July, 14. The latter has announced that MM is going to be "the star of the premiere". I checked on this and as he will be in India at the time it is possible he will attend since he will be "close by".
A new quote from MM.
Gus Van Sant said Malcolm McDowell once told him, "thousands of pictures are taken of you, but you never know where they go."
MM scored high on a recent list.
The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies
filmcritic.com 5/18/05
21. Malcolm McDowell - Broke out with his innovative approach to Alex and his "droogies" in A Clockwork Orange, and soon devolved into a clichéd Brit-talkin' villain alongside Terence Stamp. Now he's alternately playing characters like a corporate boss (In Good Company) or a dance troupe leader (The Company) in what has become a welcome revival of McDowell. Horrorshow!
ACO Book group!
Fort Wayne Indiana, The Dupont Branch Library's "Dupont Classics" Book Group for adults will discuss "Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess at 7 p.m. Tuesday at 536 E. Dupont Road; call 421-1315.
ACO in the theater
The Oaks in Oakmont, near Pittsburgh PA. Summer Moonlit Matinees series. "A Clockwork Orange," Aug. 20 and 21
MM is in India filming a King Tut Mini Series.
A "sequel" to Rag Tale is being filmed called Funny Farm and Malcolm is in it.
Rag Tale had it's world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Click here for a news story about it.
The Lindsay Anderson Memorial Foundation is having a big event this Saturday in the UK with appearances by people from if.... click here to read all about it and get tickets.
43 years later and ACO is still a popular read. I added a new story to the ACO Articles page.
In Good Company was released on DVD today. It as a few extras which I list and added the cover scan.
It sounds like a one shot role, but could be reoccurring, we'll see. Click here for the Entourage page.
New article
There's a great feature on Malcolm McDowell in this month's Sight and Sound (UK) written by Mark Kermode as part of a 'world's greatest' series.
ACO Play wins award
Citations Wing of the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee. Chicago 2004-5. LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Norwood, "A Clockwork Orange" (Defiant Theatre)
In Good Company just opened this week in Australia and I found the first interview related to the film and posted it.
Also, A Clockwork Orange in the theater.
In Tuscon AZ, 4/22+23/05 - $5. The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. 10 p.m. 795-7777
Added a new small interview from Philly.com with Malcolm 4/15/05.
Added an article about how original the 1972 ACO Penguin novel art will be on display.
If you live near Pittsburgh you can see ACO in the theater.
Pittsburgh PA at The Penn Theater, 147 N. Main St., will show films at 8 p.m. Saturdays in April as part of its Film Frenzy event. A Clockwork Orange April 23. Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for students with a valid ID and $2 for children 11 and younger. Call 724-287-7366.
There is a new version of the ACO 2004 play coming next month to Ireland. I added the press release and picture to the ACO Plays page. Just scroll down to the bottom.
I started a page for the Philadelphia Film Fest since I will be attending. There has been a change in the schedule. MM was going to get the award on 4/16, it has moved to 4/15 before ACO.
Added to the ACO Articles page a recent story that shows how popular the film still is.
Mirror Wars is now to be released this month in Russia. I also added cast and notes to that page.
I was told MM went to Chapman University to show ACO last year added it to appearances page.
MM to be featured in a new documentary.
Production has begun on "The Secret Life of Superfans," a feature documentary focusing on people whose love for pop-culture heroes becomes an obsession. Directed by Deverill Weekes, it will include interviews with Rob Zombie, Bryan Singer, Gary Oldman and Malcolm McDowell. Weekes is a Los Angeles-based photographer known for his work with figures in the film and music industries. variety 4/4/05
The Artistic Achievement Award in Acting will be given to Malcolm McDowell on April 16 at the Philadelphia Film Festival. The festival will screen his latest film, horror/docudrama Evilenko, about a Russian serial killer as well as the film that made him well-known, A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick as part of the tribute. Tickets are only $9.50 each and can be bought online now at www.phillyfests.com
The Lindsay Anderson Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce a special tribute event to Lindsay Anderson to take place on Saturday 5/21/05 in Southend-on-Sea in Essex. Click here for the rest of the press release.
Mary sent something interesting. Today the Saint of the Day is Blessed Ludovico of Casoria. Since he predates ACO by more than 80 years, this could be where Burgess got the name for the Ludovico technique.
Added two articles where Perizaad Zorabian talks about working with MM on Exitz.
Here's two new semi exclusive Exitz scans - behind the scenes, on the phone.
Mitzi sent in a great scan of a brand new issue of Mixmag from the UK April 2005 with an ACO inspired cover of Bez from The Happy Mondays as a droog.
Added two articles.
Article on Kelly Ripa joining the cast of Delgo.
Article on a course featuring ACO that filled up in minutes.
Dinotopia is not going to be released to the theater. Instead, to make the most money, it is coming directly to DVD on 5/17/05. It will contain some extras. Here is a scan of the sell sheet which does feature a picture of MM at the bottom right.
I don't know why the UK has got it so good. First Pinocchio 3000 was shown on TV there, now it is out on DVD too. Neither has happened in the US. Here is the scan of the cover. Note MM has second billing on the top!
Added an exclusive quote about the movie Tempesta.
Added a small review of the Storefront's version of the ACO play.
MM's character in Taking Charge is called James Burton.
Last year Rutger Hauer was interviewed in Russia about Mirror Wars. It took me some time to get around to translating it into American. Click here to read it.
Malcolm McDowell will also be on hand this week for "a tribute" to accept another award and discuss two films.
The Tiburon International Film Festival, (Tiburon, CA) which opens Thursday in its fourth annual run. Two hundred and seventy films from 60 countries will be screened, plus tributes and special programs. On Friday, March 11 at 7 pm Evilenko will be shown. On Saturday, March 12th, 8:30 p.m. there will be a tribute to Malcolm McDowell, with showings of A Clockwork Orange. Panel discussions cover a range of topics. www.tiburonfilmfestival.com
Malcolm will be attending the PFF festival on April 16&17 to accept an award and show and discuss ACO. David Grieco is also set to attend to show Evilenko. Tickets go on sale in two weeks and I'll be there to report on it.
The 14th Philadelphia Film Festival is scheduled for an April 7-20 run, and the opening-night and closing-night pics have been announced. Ferpect Crime, a politically incorrect comedy from Spain's Alex de la Iglesia, is the inaugural entry, and the director, recipient of the PFF's Phantasmagoria Award two years ago, will attend. This year's closing-night entry is Music From the Inside Out, Daniel Anker's documentary feature about the Philadelphia Orchestra. Additionally, English actor Malcolm McDowell will be honored with the festival's Artistic Achievement award.
The BBC is showing some specials on X-rated and Banned films that might feature ACO. They are also playing the film as part of the banned films list. Plus you can vote for ACO as your favorite banned film.
It's too late to attend, but not too late to help if you wish.
Poster scan
Wild Horses In Need (WIN) announced plans to host a March 5 fundraiser to benefit 600 wild mustang ponies seized from the Santa Ynez Valley ranch of Slick Gardner. WIN, supported by volunteers and private donations, assumed responsibility for food, shelter, and medical care for the emaciated horses - feed alone costs $900 a day. Country music star Lacy Dalton will headline a concert and dinner at the Ventura County Fairgrounds agricultural building. Actor Malcolm McDowell will assist with the live and silent auction, which aims to raise $100,000. Go to www.wildhorsesinneed.org for more information.
As soon as I get more conformation on this film I'll post it.
I golfed with MM last Sunday at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas. I met him on the first tee as he was with the director Gino Cabanas of his new movie Taking Charge. They were filming on a boat and he invited me there the next day. He was a real nice guy, a true gentleman and not a bad golfer either. - Jerome
Added another Russian article about Mirror Wars with some MM quotes.
I recently got a hold of the Russian Mirror Wars Press Conference 8/17/04 with Malcolm.
There is a lot to it including space travel, ACO and Caligula
Mirror Wars has a new name. It is now called 'Reflection One' instead of 'Su-XX.' I added two articles and notes to that page.
Another chance to see ACO in the theater.
Nickelodeon Nick’s Favorites film marathon in Kansas City on 2/26 is showing ACO.
Added another article about the Silo production of ACO 2004 play which gives insight into the plot.
A new disc 2 set of Superman has been released with 3 of MM's episode including one of the first time. Here is the scan DVD Cover - Volume 1. Here are the details.
Here's a scan of MM and Gabriella Passion at the Nastro D'Argento awards last week.
MM was in Rome, Italy this week to receive the Nastro D'Argento award for Evilenko 2/6/05. I translated a recent interview he gave there to promote the film.
Added the most recent interview I have with Mike Hodges about I'll Sleep When I'm Dead which basically completes that film page.
It's the first ACO play of the new year by the Godlight Theatre Company - 1/19/05 - 2/27/05 in New York City. I will definitely be going to this one. This is the third time they've done the play. I've added info on the 2002 production as well as the 2005 one.
Added an article/interview with the star and director of the latest version of the ACO Play. This time in New Zealand.
Thanks to AJ I've added the official summary for Exitz. Also added a banner, notes, cast and more. The film is almost complete.
Another rare chance to own an action figure based on one of MM's characters. Added the press release to the Delgo page.
A very rare chance to see ACO in a drive in!
The Thomas Sweet Outdoor Cinema series brings the bygone era of the drive-in to life again in Princeton NJ's amphitheater at Pettoranello Gardens. This year, Mr. Grim said he hopes to expand the cinema series to include midnight screenings of edgier, more "cultish" films like Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange."
Added another article about the Burgess Shrine/Library.
This weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly #801 1/14/05, features an article on how nauseating all the ads are before the movies at the theater. On the sidebar is a column "6 Ways to Survive Cinema Advertising". Not only is the main picture from ACO it is the #5 suggestion.
The BBC ranked the most seen movies in Britain and ACO came in at #54 with 9.9 million tickets sold. Also ACO moved up to #71 of the all-time greatest films on the imdb.
A library shrine is being built for Anthony Burgess to study his many works. Read about it on the Burgess page.
Thanks to the devotchka for sending me this great interview with MM where for the first time he talks about his divorces and other aspects of his private life.
Just found this article comparing ACO conditioning to the terrorist conditioning and thought it was a different way to end the year.
You can finally purchase the The Diaries of Lindsay Anderson edited by my old droog Paul Sutton. The bad news is that they've only been published in the UK. The book is 400 pages of the best of his diaries with many references on MM.
Also after many years of delay Never Apologize: The Collected Writings of Lindsay Anderson has finally been published. This collects Lindsay's articles and reviews from the 1950.
To read summaries on both go here.
I can't believe I didn't post this sooner. Just started a page for MM's new production company.
Added a long article about antique stoves which mentions MM and one he bought as it is something he and Kelley are into.
Marc sent in this great LONG story from the set of the obscure movie The Surgeon about his day and how MM handled the baboon.
Here is an early Christmas present. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing David Grieco who directed MM in the great role of Evilenko. In this long interview I got into his friendship with MM, Lindsay Anderson, how he made the film and his thoughts behind the scenes of the film.
Thankfully you can hear one line from MM's character in the Delgo trailer. I also added an article about the addition of the composer to the film while came out recently.
Added the 164th interview to the site. Since The Company is such an awesome film I keep digging through what I saved, this is another one with Neve Campbell.
MM has a small, but pivotal role in a film coming out next month called In Good Company. If it is unfamiliar to you it is because until recently it was known as Synergy. I posted the first review and a full cast list for the film.
Maybe seeing OLM! in the theater is getting less rare? Let's hope so! This one also comes with a discussion.
Mostly, when people think musicals, they think only of glitzy, sanitized displays of cheerfulness like Singin' in the Rain. Westport Arts Center is trying to skew that knee-jerk perception in showing the 1973 British musical and black comedy, O Lucky Man! at the Garden Cinemas. In the film, a lucky salesman Mick Travis (played by Malcolm McDowell of A Clockwork Orange) sets off to find financial success. While it sounds perfectly nice, the film is a surrealist experiment put to screen, exploring everything from sexual deviance to sadistic medical research to the evils of capitalism. Songs, interspersed throughout, are by Alan Price of the Animals with memorable lines like "Poor people are poor people-they never get to see / Someone's got to win in the human race / If it isn't you, then it has to be me." Kooky and a bit deranged, the film is as free from traditional musical restraints as one can imagine. If anyone misses the finer points, Time Magazine film critic and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Jay Cocks will be there to discuss just what Musicals Out of the Mainstream are all about.
Garden Cinemas, Isaac St., Norwalk, CT - Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2004 7 p.m. $20, $5 students. Complimentary popcorn with the movie and free glass of wine with your ticket stub before or after at Fat Cat Pie Company. 222-7070, www.westportartscenter.org
A rare chance to see OLM! in the theater.
The Castro Theatre in San Francisco will be screening "O Lucky Man!" on January 4, 2005 for one show only at 7:30pm.
Another chance to see ACO in the theater.
As part of its 25th anniversary this year, the Nickelodeon Theatre at 37 South Main St. in Columbia, SC is holding a "Favorite Film Marathon" based on voting by patrons and the public, the best films that have been screened at the theatre since it opened in 1979 will be replayed. A committee from the Nick formulated 15 categories and left it to voters to write in the names of their favorite pictures. ACO won for Horror/science fiction and will play near xmas.
Someone sent me the story of her encounter with MM at his Lindsay Anderson tribute last month and that he mentioned my site at the show.
An article on Mirror Wars recently appeared in Moscow with quotes from MM and I added it here.
The Stroke of Genius DVD came out this week. The cheapest price I saw was $15.99 at Target. I added details to that page and scans below.
Cover - Front
Cover - Back
Ryan from the Campsmount Theatre Company sent me an article on their version of ACO that I posted.
The play is back, this time down under.
A Clockwork Orange premieres at The Silo Theatre during the AK05 Auckland Festival in New Zealand 2/25/05 - 3/13
Still a good read after 40 years!
Reel books prove popular
Islington Express | 11/19/04
Libraries are taking their lead from the talking pictures this month with a focus on books, which became films. London Libraries has compiled a list of the top 50 novels which have made it to the big screen and the Reel Fiction selection is now available at Islington's lending centers.
Among the favorites are Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, EM Forster's A Room With a View and Nick Hornby's About A Boy.
Some nice quotes from MM's Exitz co-star.11/25/04
The Clockwork Orange Defense 2004?11/23/04
The VOOM channel has started advertising they are playing ACO in Hi Definition while showing a shot of Alex in their TV commercials.
Stroke of Genius is coming next week on DVD!
There is another interpretation of the ACO 2004 play. This time it is in Phoenix, AZ, USA. I added an article about it to the ACO Plays page.
This is how the ACO Durango-95 looks today. Thanks to Colin for the scan.
Exclusive - The ACO Probe 16 in 2004 in pieces
This car was featured in the BBC Top Gear program last week www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/thisweek as one of 5 potential restoration projects for the Top Gear team. Unfortunately it is in boxes in a cold dark garage and will never see the light again. But with your help it can be saved from this fate and restored to its former glory. The car can then be exhibited so everybody can see its stunning looks which is why it was chosen for the film.
If you want to vote to save the Probe, call 09011 110 835 and vote for number 3 as it is the number of votes that will decide the winner calls cost 25p and lines close at midnight December 12. You can also answer the competition question to win a VIP day at Top Gear: "Which Italian car manufacturer has a prancing horse as its logo". The results and winner will be announced December 19. PLEASE vote and save this famous car.
They're coming after you if you are downloading movies, such as ACO.
Robert Altman on why he did The Company
"It finally occurred to me that probably the things I should be doing are things that I don't know too much about. If I were in it for the money, I would have made M*A*S*H 3 and 4 and retired." 
Another quote on how the Rolling Stones never were going to do ACO.
Andrew Loog Oldham smiles and tells a story about how he convinced the world he owned the rights to A Clockwork Orange (he didn't) and how he was going to get the Stones to star in it. Belefast Telegraph
MM has his own street!
Malcolm McDowell Avenue, in north-east Ashburton New Zealand
Alex makes yet another list and Peter O'Toole on Caligula
Alex was #68 in Hollywood's 100 Most Memorable Characters of All Time in the Sydney Herald Sun
"There's only one attitude to take as far as I'm concerned and that's to turn up and be a pro, always. Just do it. Whatever else is involved, it's a question of self-respect. I don't want to be pompous, you know, but whatever the circumstances, the profession should be honored. It's a difficult profession. You can starve at it. Not just be banished to bacon and beans, but really starve. And doing a piece that you thought was going to turn out well, and seeing it turn to dross - that's a kind of starvation, too." Peter O'Toole on Caligula 2004
David Grieco is coming to the US to promote Evilenko on both coasts at the film festivals below.
Playing at the San Francisco Intl Film Festival 11/20/04, 9:30 PM w/David Grieco in attendance.
Playing at the N.I.C.E. film festival in NYC this week w/David Grieco in attendance.
Then regular screenings at the Angelika Theatre in NYC.
The is a new book on if.... coming out that I had a hand in. Added the cover scan here and the back cover summary here. Thanks to the author for sending the info along.
I was told two months ago that Christine Noonan from if.... and O Lucky Man! had passed away. Well, I confirmed it with Malcolm and started a page for her including three new scans.
Added a foreign interview with Neve Campbell about The Company.
ACO Wrestling!
Universal Wrestling Alliance has a huge show, Paving the Road, lined up for Nov. 13, 8 p.m., at the Battleground Academy, 200 Lees Ave. Canada. Raven will meet Abyss in the main event, a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match.
Returning once more to the myth of a Rolling Stones ACO.
Return of a star maker 
Andrew Eaton scotsman.com 
Years before Stanley Kubrick made A Clockwork Orange, Oldham was battling to get the film rights to Anthony Burgess's book - David Bailey was to direct, Andy Warhol to finance it, the Stones to play Alex and his droogs. Bailey, he says, claims Oldham "buggered the deal" by demanding a fee bigger than the entire budget. This, Oldham adds, was probably true.
This car was featured in the BBC Top Gear program last week www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/thisweek as one of 5 potential restoration projects for the Top Gear team. Unfortunately it is in boxes in a cold dark garage and will never see the light again. But with your help it can be saved from this fate and restored to its former glory. The car can then be exhibited at shown etc so everybody can see its stunning looks which is why it was chosen for the film.
If you want to vote to save the Probe, call 09011 110 835 and vote for number 3 as it is the number of votes that will decide the winner calls cost 25p and lines close at midnight on the 12th of December. You can also answer the competition question to win a VIP day at Top Gear: "Which Italian car manufacturer has a prancing horse as its logo". The results and winner will be announced on the 19th of December. PLEASE vote and save this famous car
MM has been waiting to hear if he's gotten the part, but Variety has announced it. The film is called Rag Tale.
You have a chance to see MM live doing his Lindsay Anderson Tribute in London today and Thursday in London. Click here for details.
The actress from Exitz has been interviewed and talked about working with MM.
Two chances to see recent MM films in the theater.
The fourth annual Scottsdale International Film Festival starts 10/29/04 and will begin with the opening night gala showing "Red Roses & Petrol" at 7:45. Director Tasman Simon Hoffs will be in person to present his film about an Irish family's scars and secrets.
Hartford, CT. The Company will be shown at the Wadsworth on Thursday, November 4, and Saturday, November 6, both at 7:30 pm; and Sunday, November 7, at 2 pm.
Evilenko is already out on DVD in Italy! It's not even out in the US at all. Even better it is a 2 disc set with extras. Click here for scans + specs. Thanks to Giada for the scans.
Added the Cover of the upcoming Stroke of Genius Special Edition DVD and listed all the bonus features here.
Also Mohawk Valley Community College, NY is having a 'Cult Classic Film Festival' this month. Featured over the four days are 'A Clockwork Orange' is shown twice daily @ 4.30pm and 7.30pm, 10/25/04. Admission is only 3$, for information, call the college's Public Information Office at 792-5330.
ACO makes yet another list.
filmcritic.com recently released their Top 50 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films and ACO came in at #9 - not bad.
If you live near NY there's yet another chance to see ACO in the theater as it was meant to be.
"The Picture Show at Bay Street" popular movies from Hollywood's Golden Age screened at Bay Street Theatre, Long Wharf, Sag Harbor NY. $5. "A Clockwork Orange". 8 p.m. 631-725-9500.
A couple chances to see one of the latest MM films.
Evilenko is playing at the 12th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival 10/23/2004 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM UA2
It will also be playing in New York City soon, more info as I find it.
MM is in India now filming Exitz.
Goacam Daily News
The dark, hard eyes that once stared back at you from "A Clockwork Orange" are gone. Malcolm McDowell's blue eyes are softer now and even show fatherly affection when co-star Perizaad Zorbain is in the room. McDowell is presently in Goa filming for the movie "Exitz", a futuristic movie with a script written by Farooq Dhondy. He plays the role of a gaming magnate who falls in love with an Indian beauty queen and manipulates a young illegal immigrant to do his biding. "It is my first time here and it is very beautiful," McDowell told GT reporters at the Radisson White Sand Resort.
A recent article talked to someone who was on location while the Ludovico cure filming was taking place.
Added a large article that has a bunch of quotes from the people working on Delgo.
Added an interview I've had for a while with Jim Caviezel on Stroke of Genius, now we can get ready for the DVD release instead of the movie release.
Added another article on Pinocchio 3000 which gets into the details of the plot.
MM's 99th film is an animated one called Pinocchio 3000. It premiers in NY tomorrow. I added an article about it here.
ACO in the theater
ACO is playing this Saturday in San Diego at midnight. Head for La Jolla Village Cinemas. www.landmarktheatres.com; (619) 819-0236.
ACO in the club.
Treasure Island's bar/club Tangerine in Las Vegas has Clockwork Orange-inspired decor as well as DJs spinning house music ($20 for men, $10 for women, free to hotel guests; www.treasureisland.com).
MM returns to do his Lindsay Tribute!
He will be at the National Film Theater of London at the Cotteslowe theater on November 2nd and 4th (two matinees) to coincide with the Lindsay Anderson retrospective. There is also a possibility of bringing it to New York City as well.
A poll of 25 film critics is featured in this month’s issue of Total Film magazine voted Get Carter as Britain's Best Film. Number 12 was A Clockwork Orange. Should've been number 1...10/1/04
ACO in San Francisco & Chicago !
San Francisco Lumiere - P California/Polk. 267-4893, 777-FILM, #097. A Clockwork Orange Fri-Sat, midnight.
Chicago. Iggy's introduces 'round the clock Sunday movies (scheduled to begin Oct. 1). Pumped through six monitors, the show starts at 11 a.m. with light brunchtime fare, say, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," to complement Iggy's scrambled eggs with scallions ($9). The afternoon revs up with "Easy Rider" or "Mad Max," and at 9 p.m., the real fun starts with cult classics like "A Clockwork Orange".
MM is filming his latest film in England right now. It is called Exitz and is being directed by Laurens C. Postma, his first film in years. It is about a reality game and he will go to India to film. I think it is an English/Indian co production.
Purely by coincidence MM has two DVD releases on the same day including a new film most of us haven't seen yet. 
Bopha! 11/16 
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 11/16 
Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius 11/30
Bad news that MM lost a shot at a high profile role, good news is now we don't have to read all these Harry Potter books.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is filming now. Malcolm lost the Mad Eye Moody role to Brendan Gleeson who coincidentally was in My Life So Far with MM. Thanks to all who signed the petition for him.
Here are two pictures of MM in France on 9/8
Arriving at the Deauville Festival
Receiving the lifetime achievement award
The 9/17/04 issue of Entertainment Weekly has an article with "The 5 Best and 5 Worst Moog Tunes of All Time" and the ACO Soundtrack came in at the #4 Best.
Also ACO was rated the #1 Greatest Rock N Roll film by NME Magazine 5/3/03  
MM did an interview for the Deauville Film Festival last week. It was published in French. My French is a bit rusty, but I provided and exclusive translation of it here.
Yes, another chance to see the ACO 2004 play.
In Toronto Canada the Hart House Theatre is jazzing up its stodgy image with a musical version of Anthony Burgess's Clockwork Orange, starring hip-hop artist (and Scarborough native) Bishop, who, according to the press release, has just completed a nationwide tour as the opening act of Busta Rhymes.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead made $4,054 last week for a total $319,087 playing at only 7 theaters
ACO Tonight!
The American Cinematheque is at the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, between Las Palmas and McCadden, just east of Highland Avenue in Hollywood. Tickets are $9 general, $8 for students, $6 for members. Program information is available at 323-466-3456. Saturday, Sept. 11 - 5:00 PM "A Clockwork Orange"
Also the Deauville Festival honoring MM will be showing Red Roses and Petrol.
What has happened to the new Star Trek Generations DVD? Amazon and most big chains have pulled it. The release date was 9/7/04, but was recalled shortly after. The DVD is now scheduled for a September 28, 2004 release. Due to a typographical error on the "Star Trek Generations" Special Collector's Edition DVD packaging that inadvertently notes a teaser and theatrical trailer that are not on the DVD, the product has been recalled. This seems like a waste to remove two lines, but it may make it collectible since they will not include the trailers and will remove the lines from the package.
Cover - Front with Stickers
Cover - Back
MM wrote an article about Lindsay Anderson which I archived here.
Also he is planning to to his tribute to him in November in London.
Added another article about MM's tribute to Lindsay Anderson featuring quotes from him.
Yet another version of ACO 2004 is coming.
August 25, 2004. A Group of stagestruck teenagers will be living their own midsummer night's dream - when they take their royally endorsed show to a world famous festival. The 12 drama students from Campsmount School will take their performance of Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Edinburgh Festival later this month.
The celebrated group, which performed the play for the Prince of Wales earlier this year, is also set to stage an adaptation of A Clockwork Orange - the violent and controversial work by Anthony Burgess. Both performances will take place each day of the five day run at the Cabaret Voltaire, on Blair Street in the city. The teenagers will also take part in street theatre.
Sharon Francis-Burnett said: "We are all incredibly excited and can't wait to get there. The students were superb when they performed in the West End - this is another wonderful opportunity for them and I'm sure that they will embrace the new challenge with energy and enthusiasm."
Headteacher Peter Trimingham added: "I'm sure the students will benefit tremendously from the experience - not only will they be performing in front of festival-goers from far and wide but they will be rubbing shoulders with professional performers.
"The whole school community is behind the students. After the superb performance in London it is no surprise that a lot of parents and other members of the community are going to visit Edinburgh in the last week in August. It's certainly an experience I am looking forward to!"
I put together a collage of promotional photos for Mirror Wars: Su-XX all featuring MM at and around Mosfilm studios.
Added a recent interview with Bobby Jones IV on Stroke of Genius that features a quote by MM on why he made the film.
The EIFF did a great interview with MM to get some of his thoughts on Lindsay Anderson while he was there to do his tribute to the man.
I archived a very interesting interview that isn't like any other one that MM has ever given. This one is almost exclusively devoted to MM's passion for collecting rare watches.
It's almost here. The Star Trek Generations 2 Disc DVD set is coming Sept 7. This has the original ending with Soran and Kirk. Here is the Cover Scan. There are also a ton of extras listed here.
MM did an exclusive interview in Moscow for Su-XX which is now being called Mirror Wars: Su-XX. I translated it into American and archived it.
Alex still in the Top 10 after all these years.
Total Film magazine compiled a list of "the characters you hate to love" on 8/15/04 and Alex DeLarge came in at #5.
A Clockwork Orange is playing in Las Vegas
at the Tropicana Cinemas, 3330 E. Tropicana Ave., 314-0330 or 450-3737, $5. Fri., Aug. 20 11 p.m.; Sat., Aug. 21 Midnight
FSU Student Life Building, 113 S. Wildwood Drive playing ACO 8/20/04 in Tallahassee
MM did another interview talking about the Lindsey Anderson tribute. Here he gives lots of details about his house in Ojai. There is also a new picture of him on the page.
One of MM's more obscure films Where Truth Lies has been released on DVD for the first time this week. I added scans and more to that page.
Sad news...
Geraldine Peroni, the editor of The Company, died at her New York home on Tuesday after reportedly committing suicide. She was 51. Altman says, "Her death is a big loss. She made my work so easy. She reads me better than anybody had ever read me, and, consequently, she did the work; I didn't have to. So it was a wonderful situation. But those things don't last."
Good news...
The 52nd San Sebastian Film Festival will be showing Evilenko.
MM is back in Russia for the second time in one year filming his latest film - Su-XX.
I started a page for it and you read read the first interview MM gave about it from there.
I have added a bunch of info on Tempesta - notes, more cast, a story from the author's wife and a synopsis.
Last week was Pat Roach's funeral. I added the final chapter in his life to the biography on the Pat Roach page.
On Sept. 3-12 at the 30th Deauville Festival of American Film in Gaul, France Malcolm will be honored with a lifetime achievement award along with Glenn Close and Morgan Freeman (whom MM is very fond of). It will also be the French premiere of Stroke of Genius.
First they had to cancel their European tour, then they weren't allowed into Canada and now they've had to cancel their upcoming East Coast/Mid West USA tour. This is the only place to see all the missed dates if interested in the Cancelled Shows section.
A reminder that Hidalgo is coming out on VHS and DVD tomorrow. Below is your first look at the prerelease screener of it.
VHS Screener - Front
VHS Screener - Back
MM gave a large interview recently and for the first time really goes into his alcohol and drug use in the late 70s and early 80s. The interview promotes the Lindsay Anderson Tribute next month.
MM has been linked to his 103rd film. It is a small part and I know nothing about what he does. It is called Synergy and I have added a page for it.
MM's 6th video game has been released. It is called Champions of Norrath.
The Company finally opens in Japan this weekend.
Also you can see MM's 1st film in the theater tonight.
"if...." (1968), with Malcolm McDowell, 6:30 p.m., American Museum of the Moving Image, 35th Avenue at 36th Street. 718-784-0077.
If you live near Boston they are also doing a production of the ACO 2004 play. Must be the year to do so as the title suggests. I added all the pertinent info and a big article about it here.
If you live near Chicago you'll have the chance to see an ACO Play.
In Chicago for the 2004-05 season at the Storefront Theater, the appealing little 99-seat black box space at 66 E. Randolph, directly across the street from Millennium Park will be Defiant Theatre's updated take on the Anthony Burgess classic, "A Clockwork Orange" (Sept. 9-Oct. 16)
Another ACO actor has passed away. He is Pat Roach who played the bearded Korova Bouncer. I worked on his page for a long time today to pay tribute to him includes pictures from five of his films, a biography and complete resume.
After a delay of over a year Tempo was finally released on DVD this week.
Added an interview with people who invested in Stroke of Genius and got to appear in the film as extras.
4/28/04 Kane County Chronicle
Added another Stroke of Genius related interview that has quotes from MM.
It's rare that the Caligula creator does any interviews so I added a massive one he did recently that gives a history of Penthouse Magazine plus a little on Caligula.
4/24/04 Independent UK with Bob Guccione
Added the press release for Delgo about Freddie Prinze, Jr. joining the cast.
This is a great chance to give recognition to a film that didn't get the recognition it deserved at the box office.
Vote for "Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius" in the ESPYs! 
Voting ends July 9th!
Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius has been nominated for "Best Sports Movie!" The ESPY Awards were created by ESPN in 1993 and are given for Excellence in Sports Performance. You, the fans, determine the winners by voting for the categories via the Internet. The 2004 ESPY Awards will be held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and air on ESPN on July 18 at 9 p.m. ET.
Another chance to see ACO in the theater!
The Westlake Village Twin Theater will host a special Stanley Kubrick Saturday film series beginning Saturday. To start the series, the theater will screen Kubrick's 1964 Cold War black comedy "Dr. Strangelove." The political and military spoof about an accidental, inadvertent, pre-emptive nuclear attack stars Peter Sellers, George C. Scott and Slim Pickens. Other screenings will be "2001: A Space Odyssey" on July 10, "A Clockwork Orange" on July 17, "The Shining" on July 24 and "Full Metal Jacket" on July 31. 
All screenings are at midnight. Tickets are $7. The theater is at 4711 Lakeview Canyon Road, Westlake. Ventura, CA 
I did my best to translate an article from an Italian newspaper on Evilenko that has quotes from MM and the director.
Hidalgo is already coming out on DVD in little of a month on 8/3/04 in Widescreen of Fullscreen versions. Cover scan. Features are below:
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 
Surround Sound: English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound - French Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound - Spanish 
THX- Mastered Audio 
Featurette - 1. Making of Sand & Celluloid
2. America's First Horse: Hildalgo and the Spanish Mustang
Interactive Menus 
Scene Access
MM is filming his next movie in Europe called Tempesta.
MM is going to be doing a special one man show as a tribute to LA in Scotland. Click here for the full story.
I ordered a huge interview/article that MM did recently to promote I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. You can read the whole thing here.
Jim talks about Stroke of Genius here.
Another ACO prop has surfaced. Alex's cane and another bowler hat are on display in the Kubrick exhibition in Frankfurt Germany right now
News about it
Map of the ACO part of the exhibit
Another person who worked on ACO has been lost.
Edmund M. DiGiulio, 76, Leader in Motion Picture Technology, Dies
By G. S. Bourdain
June 9, 2004 NY Times
Edmund M. DiGiulio, an influential force in motion picture technology who won several Academy Awards for his innovations in cinematography, died on Friday at his home in Malibu, Calif. He was 76. The cause was congestive heart failure, his family said.
Mr. DiGiulio (pronounced dee-JU-lee-oh) developed a reflex viewing system for the Mitchell Camera Corporation, where he worked after graduation from Columbia University in 1950 and a stint at I.B.M. The device earned him an Engineering and Scientific Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
He also developed the System-35 Mark II camera with video assist and camera control for three-camera filming, which was used for "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off."
In 1968 Mr. DiGiulio founded a company named Cinema Products and developed the CP-16 and CP-16R, Mickey-Mouse-eared television news cameras that were seen worldwide perched on television news reporters' shoulders in the predigital era. The CP-16 had another moment of fame in "The Blair Witch Project."
Mr. DiGiulio also developed the Steadicam, a motion picture camera stabilization system worn by camera operators. He, the inventor Garrett Brown and the company's engineering staff won an Oscar for the system in 1978.
He worked for many years on special projects with the director Stanley Kubrick, starting with "A Clockwork Orange," and developed the ultra-high-speed lenses that Kubrick used for the candlelit scenes in "Barry Lyndon."
At the Oscar ceremonies in 2001 Mr. DiGiulio received the Gordon E. Sawyer Lifetime Achievement Award for technological advances.
He was a chairman of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Committee for five terms.
Mr. DiGiulio is survived by his wife of 47 years, the former Louise Brown; a daughter, Amanda Richmond of Los Angeles; a sister, Armida Clare of Huntington, N.Y.; a brother, Arnold, of Los Angeles; and a granddaughter.
If you are in the UK there is a special coming up you won't want to miss.
BBC 4 Saturday June 12th at 7.10pm 
Cast and Crew: Kirsty Wark talks to the cast of Lindsay Anderson's 1960s drama if....
If you are a man caught reading a specific book in the UK you could win money. Possibly ACO will be chosen.
Guys caught reading in London might just win money for being caught in the act.
June 7, 2004
London (Reuters) - In a bid to lure men in Britain away from TV soccer games and into book shops, publisher Penguin Books will send out a sexy model to offer £1,000 ($1,837) prizes to males spotted reading a selected title.
The publicity ploy, launched Monday, aims to boost sales among men, who on average buy fewer books than women.
"It's to sex up the book industry, which probably needs it, but also to address the more serious issue that reading has fallen off the radar of younger men," said Neil Griffiths, author of Penguin-published "Betrayal in Naples."
A different title will be chosen each month.
At the same time, Penguin, a unit of Pearson Plc, released results of a poll in which 85 percent of women said a man could increase his chances of getting a date by talking about a favorite book.
By contrast, more than half the men polled said they believed that flattering a woman would suffice to impress her.
An accompanying Good Booking chart of 40 books recommends such lad-friendly Penguin titles as Anthony Burgess' violence-filled "A Clockwork Orange," Raymond Chandler's noir thriller "The Big Sleep" and Jack Kerouac's beat odyssey "On the Road."
Here is a recent rather long interview that goes into Neve's background and the Company.
4/11/04 Sunday Times with Neve Campbell
I added an interview with Suzanne Lopez who is a dancer in the Company and it was her wedding used in the film.
Barbara did the make-up on ACO.
Barbara Daly 3/8/04 
"They said something like, `well, you certainly sound enthusiastic'. Models did their own make up in those days. There were a couple of make-up artists who were attached to the large make-up houses, like Arden, and occasionally someone from a salon would come onto a shoot to do a beauty treatment. But I was one of the first. There wasn't much money in it in those days. I just made enough to pay my rent and eat. It took about seven years to become properly established. I was more often out of work than in, but I gleaned an enormous amount of experience and knowledge."
Still #1 after all these years...
Kubrick flick is best pic
By Sun Online Reporter 5/5/04
Stanley Kubrick's controversial film A Clockwork Orange today proved its enduring cult status as a poster for the smash hit was voted the best ever in a poll of movie fans. Kubrick withdrew his 1971 film - a nightmarish vision of Britain's youth culture - from UK circulation a year after it was released following its controversial reception.
The poster for the violent classic shows anti-hero Alex (Malcolm McDowell) holding up a dagger with a sinister sneer. The poster beat one for the 1975 Steven Spielberg thriller Jaws, which shows a shark heading towards a swimmer in the ocean, into second place. The poster for Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam film Apocalypse Now, which depicts a blood red sunset, came third. The famous ET image, a lone bicycle flying through the sky, came fourth, followed by the Star Wars poster. The image for the 1961 classic Breakfast At Tiffany's, showing Audrey Hepburn in a black cocktail dress and smoking a cigarette, is the sixth favorite and the oldest film in the top 10. The poster for Donnie Darko came seventh, followed by that for The Shining, another Kubrick film, which shows Jack Nicholson's deranged face smiling through a beaten-down door. Trainspotting came ninth followed by Pulp Fiction at number 10.
The poll was carried out among Odeon staff in 97 cinemas across the country.
Another chance to see ACO in the theater if you live near Pittsburgh, PA.
Oaks announces late-night film series 
By Michael Machosky Tribune Review 5/14/04
For all the frustrated folks trying to market Pittsburgh to the wider world, here's a tip - Pittsburgh is a great place to be if you love movies. It's not New York or Hollywood, but the sheer variety of movies available every week is pretty good for flyover country. And one of the main reasons why is the Oaks Theater in Oakmont. The Oaks has just announced its "Moonlight Matinees" film series, featuring a different classic, should-be-a-classic, or never-will-be-a-classic-but-fun-anyway movie every weekend of the summer.
The fun isn't merely confined to the screen. For "Lost Skeleton of Cadavra," whoever finds the lost skeleton in his popcorn wins a deluxe chemistry set. One lucky ticket holder for "Pink Flamingos" wins a gift package of deodorant. And a lucky moviegoer at each screening of "A Clockwork Orange" will win two tickets to hear the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven.
Saturday night shows are at midnight, and Sunday night shows are at 10 p.m. Tickets are $4.
'Moonlight Matinees' "A Clockwork Orange," Aug. 21-22
I did a follow up interview with Mark Goldweber to get behind the scenes information on many key scenes of the Company. I hope you enjoy it. Much thanks again to Mark for taking the time out to answer my questions.
MM gave a small interview for The Company that explains the reason why he took the role.
Added The Company DVD cover scan.
Archived the 135th interview on the site! It's a very good and long chat with MM.
Great news! I'll Sleep When I'm Dead has now been given a 8/20/04 release date in the US.
Stroke of Genius final weekend total from last week was $1,233,297 in 1332 theaters. A $926 average per theater which isn't good.
On 5/5 The Avon Theatre in Connecticut showed The Company and Robert Altman was on hand to present it.
I added an email about Stroke of Genius sent out by the producers.
Great news if you live near Cleveland.
Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque -- (Aitken Auditorium, 11141 East Blvd.; 216-421-7450) is showing A Clockwork Orange, 9:25 p.m. Friday
I added a new article from the Golf Digest magazine I bought about Stroke of Genius where the man that trained Caviezel to play golf like Bobby Jones talks about what it was like to work with him on the film.
Jim Caviezel will be signing Stroke of Genius books tomorrow in the afternoon and there will be a premiere for the film tomorrow night in New York City. I added the press release here.
Hidalgo will be released in the UK on May 3rd, long after it is gone in the US. I also added a UK article that has some quotes and new information on the film.
The only interview done with MM and Altman at the same time has been added.
Company interview
In the April 2004 issue of Golf Digest Magazine there is an article on Stroke of Genius.
Picture of MM in costume on the set.
Those lucky enough to be near a charity screening (and to have the money to attend) received a cool 157 page hardcover book on the film. As of now it isn't available on Amazon or anywhere else.
The Movie and the Man book given out at charity screenings
Three Stroke of Genius related news items.
Before the Masters on CBS TV at Noon 4/11/04 they are playing "Celebrating the Legend: The Making of 'Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius'" 60 mins. 
Georgia Sports Hall of Fame Foundation premiere 4/15. Tickets are $175 each. A red-carpet introduction of celebrities and VIPs begins at 5:30 p.m. Afterward, a cocktail party will take place for ticketholders. Following the movie's showing, a dinner will be held in the rotunda. 
North Carolina premieres - Greensboro 4/22, Asheville 4/24 and Charlotte 4/28 by invitation only.
There is a another new article on a charity premiere MM attended for Stroke of Genius. There isn't too much there except for a quote from Jim.
There is a new article/interview that talks to the director and star of Stroke of Genius. MM is mentioned, but there are no quotes from him. You'll learn why this is a grounbreaking golf film. Check it out here.
One fan/writer got to take the ultimate trip. He was invited to the Kubrick estate and was able to spend months going through boxes of memorabilia related to all of Kubrick's films. You can read the long, informative and sometimes bizarre article here.
Believe it or not someone has put together a play for if.... I don't know anything more than what's in the article written by the daughter of the writer of if.... David Sherwin I posted. Unfortunately she doesn't say much in it, leaving most questions unanswered about the play - like the cast, the person who plays MMs role, comparing it to the film, if it is worth seeing, etc. 
MM's latest film already has a DVD release date!
On 6/1/04 Columbia will release The Company on DVD with:
Anamorphic Widescreen
Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound 
Audio commentary with Robert Altman and Neve Campbell
The Making-of The Company featurette
The Passion of Dance featurette
Extended dance sequences (with play all option) 
If you live in London, Ontario Canada Clockwork is playing tomorrow night at midnight at the Western Film theater.
Alex was voted #68 of 100 The Greatest Movie Characters of All Time in Premiere Magazine. We all know he should be much closer to number one than that.
Scan of the article
Stroke of Genius is now titled Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius. It opens in the US on April 30, 2004. I added the full cast list and extended notes to the Bobby Jones page.
Here are two new pictures:
Malcolm Costume Test 1
Great news if you live in or near Germany. The exhibit of Kubrick artifacts is opening in Frankfurt on March 30. The audio tour is given by Malcolm himself!
Read the full article.
I added a Viggo Mortensen interview from 3/5/04 for Hidalgo where MM is briefly mentioned.
Here are two small MM pictures from the 3/1 premiere of Hidalgo in LA.
Hidalgo had a not too shabby $11.7 million second weekend which is a typical 40% drop from last week.
There is another Company related interview. This one again with the director. Here he is asked why he chose Malcolm for the film.
2/1/04 Chicago Sun Times with Robert Altman
Below is another interview related to The Company. Neve talks about the hard and sometimes frustrating life of a dancer.
1/30/04 Vancouver Sun with Neve Campbell
Tune in to The History Channel on Thursday March 4th at 8pm to see a special on the real Frank T. Hopkins of Hidalgo as well as being able to get a peek at scenes from the film.
This is one of the coolest interviews ever. It features MM in his element - playing golf and joking around while filming Stroke of Genius. It is a very fun read with a bonus insight into his golf game.
3/04 Golf Magazine with Malcolm McDowell + Jim Caviezel
The Clockwork Passion of the Christ? Two quotes in one day link the two movies - coincidence?
Here is a scan I made of the same scene from ACO and from The Passion.
Which is more ultra-violent?
"I knew the film would be strong. I think it's an important movie that's difficult to watch. But there is a meaning, like A Clockwork Orange or Deliverance or Salo. They are difficult movies but there is something inside." - Monica Bellucci 2/25/04
Not Quite What You Would Call A Date Movie
Tampa Tribune - Tampa, FL, USA Feb. 25, 2004
Is ''The Passion'' anti-Semitic? No. It's just the Via Delarosa meets A Clockwork Orange.
France has got The Company and I've added a scan of their poster below. It is better than the US poster since MM is prominently featured on it.
French Poster
Malcolm was out at the LA Film Critics Awards on 1/26/04 and was pictured with Bill Nightly in the middle.
Click below to read another interview with the director of The Company where he doesn't take much credit for the film or any of his films.
1/25/04 The Sentinel with Robert Altman
If you live near Portland Oregon you'll have a chance to see I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.
The 27th Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) is showing I'll Sleep When I'm Dead at 8:30 pm Wednesday, at the Broadway and 9:15 p.m. Friday at the Guild. For more information check out the official site www.nwfilm.org
Here's two small bits about The Company. The first is another festival playing the film and the second is a list of all the "nasty bits" in the film as noticed by the Christian Science Monitor.
Independent Film Series of Brazil presents The Company on March 24-25
Christian Science Monitor 
Sex/Nudity: 5 instances of innuendo. 1 scene of toplessness (Neve). Violence: None. Profanity: 12 instances. Drugs: 10 scenes of drinking, 2 scenes of smoking.
Newsday did a quick interview with Neve Campbell that covers all the basics for The Company. Click here to read it.
Neve Campbell and Robert Altman have done yet another Interview related to The Company. Click here to read it.
The junior novelization for Hidalgo has been released before it's March 5th premiere. Not sure why the would release a book for young kids of a PG-13 film except so they could get into it without seeing it?
Front Cover
Back Cover
I just found this MM Caligula quote in the news, not sure why this is coming up again except maybe for the 25th anniversary of the film.
"He (Guccione) shot all this hardcore footage two years after the film had been completed and then spliced it in. I mean, it was absurd, because the footage didn't even match much of the time. There would be a shot of me smiling, looking at what was supposed to be my horse or something, and then suddenly they'd cut to two lesbians making out. It was just awful. On the positive side, I got to work with Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud and Helen Mirren, but, needless to say, we were all pretty appalled by the final product."
After four years of Limbo, Love Lies Bleeding is finally being released on DVD in the UK on 2/9/04. Hopefully to follow in the US. I updated that page with all the info I can so far.
DVD R2 small scan
Here are some more exclusive blowups from Premiere. The group shot is kind of funny because MM is looking at something off to the side when the picture was taken.
Neve on the sidelines clapping for the dancers
Group portrait of the actors and director in the balcony with Malcolm
I added a great interview MM did last year about The Company. He also tells a brand new ACO story about the soundman on the film as well as his first Sherlock Holmes quote. Another interesting line is the mention he will play Edgar A Poe in a movie coming up!
Red Roses and Petrol will be playing the Bangkok Film Festival 1/30/04. Malcolm was supposed to attend, but couldn't because of the birth of his third child.
Here is a new picture of MM's character Enda from the film
Here is the first article about the film with quotes from the director about MM
I just received an email that quotes The Times as listing May 7 as the release for The Company in the UK.
There is another interview out related to The Company. Nothing about MM as it is more of a look into the star and what went into the role.
1/8/04 Associated Press with Neve Campbell
The latest issue of Premiere magazine has some nice exclusive shots from the set of The Company. So I bought the magazine and blew a couple up and brought them to the Internet for the first time.
Robert Altman and crew filming the ballet from the audience
Malcolm and Altman sitting watching the action
Something is up. Dorian is being release as Pact With the Devil on DVD on February 17, 2004 in the US. Maybe they are changing the name to sneak it out there.
Here is a bit of Buzz on Hidalgo.
Mortensen learned to ride horses growing up in Argentina and refined his skills during the making of "Lord of the Rings." While making "Hidalgo," Mortensen became so fond of his equine co-star that he adopted the horse and now boards him near his Los Angeles home. If this film hits, Mortensen may graduate to undisputed A-list status by proving he can draw at the box office without any help from "The Lord of the Rings."
If you ever wondered what it is like to be an extra in the film - one of those background people who have no lines and don't get paid, then this article will explain it to you.
1/4/04 Chicago Sun Times - Bobby Reed on being an Extra
I want to welcome to the word Malcolm and Kelley's first child! Here's your exclusive news:
 They had Beckett Taylor McDowell at 3:48 am on Jan. 18 - 8 pounds 13 oz. He has red hair at the moment and looks like a mini Malc and very sweet.
One article I read says Neve was paid $5 million for The Company which seems a bit crazy since that is half the budget and it is her film idea. This quote tells another story.
I have been corresponding back and forth with Mark who works for the Joffrey for many months. He finally granted me an interview after the film was out a while, since he didn't want to step on any toes. It was worth the wait because it is the first perspective we have gotten from someone on the inside of The Company. 
Click here to read it.
Pop Candy Top 100 People of 2003 12/17/03 
By Whitney Matheson, USATODAY.com 

58. Malcolm McDowell. A couple weeks ago I saw an advance screening of The Company, Robert Altman's new flick about the Joffrey Ballet. While Neve Campbell's starring performance isn't bad, it's this veteran actor (and his ever-present scarf) who waltzes away with the movie. Bravo.
The final page in the saga of the ACO Killer. Click here to read the article.
Here's a chance to win dinner with MM. The only catch is you have to go to Chicago to bid on it.
When Joffrey Ballet supporters gather at the company's Jan. 24 "Lady in Red" gala in Chicago - featuring the vocal stylings of Our Town's own socialite/cabaret chanteuse Shelley MacArthur - they'll have some nifty auction prizes to bid on. Goodies include a chance to sit for a Victor Skrebneski photo, dinner with Malcolm McDowell (star of the Joffrey's "The Company" film) and the chance for a child to have an onstage cameo in next Christmas' "Nutcracker Suite" performance by the Joffrey. The upcoming gala, being staged at the Palmer House Hilton's Red Lacquer ballroom, is being co-chaired by Debbie Beitler and Melissa Babcock.
Malcolm in Thailand? Unknown if he will be able to attend with the imminent birth of his child.
Big name stars due for film festival
Published on Jan 8, 2004
Hollywood stars such as Val Kilmer and Gong Li will be among the special guests at the 2004 Bangkok International Film Festival to be held in Bangkok late this month, organizers said yesterday.
The presence of some of the industry's top artists is expected to raise the profile of the festival, Tourism and Sports Minister Sontaya Kunplome said.
A total of 156 films from 52 countries - many that have already won international awards - will be featured during the event which is scheduled to run between January 22 and February 2, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) governor Juthamas Siriwan said. The TAT is hosting the film festival for the second year.
The stars invited to the event include Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr, director Oliver Stone, Val Kilmer, Malcolm McDowell, actress Maria Bello, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh, Bai Ling, Leon Lai, and Christie Chung.
The film festival is intended to promote Thailand's potential as a cultural tourist destination, Sontaya said. Thailand is expected to earn about Bt5 billion this year from foreign film shoots in Thailand, a 500-per-cent increase on revenues for 2003, according to Sontaya. The event is expected to cost about Bt150 million, which includes preparations for a gala dinner catering to 1,000 guests, Juthamas said.
Here's the latest word about A Wedding Banquet, this could be because of Cordless.
Because of a movie-filming conflict, Malcolm McDowell won't be able to narrate the Joffrey Ballet's production of Frederick Ashton's "A Wedding Bouquet" next month at the Auditorium Theatre. McDowell, who starred with Neve Campbell in Robert Altman's "The Company," which is about the Joffrey Ballet, will be replaced by Nicholas Rudall for the Feb. 11-22 engagement.
Here's the first word on Malcolm's next film shooting in two months.
Malcolm McDowell Goes Cordless
Variety Friday, January 9, 2004
Malcolm McDowell will star in screenwriter Oren Moverman's directing debut Cordless, with Steve Buscemi and Fisher Stevens also signing on for appearances in the dark comedy, which has set a late-March start date in New York City.
The film is a tale of spiritual rebirth in contemporary New York, following the struggle of a Manhattan couple attempting to conceive a child in a building in which voyeurism and neighborly love are spinning out of control.
McDowell will play aging, charismatic Gotham gadfly Ezra, who holds sexual sway over everyone around him. Buscemi and his brother Michael Buscemi will play tenement landlords, while Stevens will cameo as a strip-club habitue. Other leads are still to be cast.
The Company is to open wider on Jan 23rd.
Malcolm's narration of The Wedding Bouquet in Chicago is to start on Feb 11.
Hidalgo is due out on March 5th.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead finally has a new release date for June. It is also playing the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 15
Malcolm sat down for an interview with the Chicago Tribune while filming The Company in late 2002 that was just published a month and a half ago. It is the most detailed one he has given about the film to see print so far. Click here to read it.
Since The Company was filmed in Chicago the press there seem to have a lock on all the interviews. here is a new one with more quotes from the director and star.
12/31/03 Chicago Sun Times with Neve Campbell and Robert Altman
The first interview with Robert Altman about The Company has been published. Click here to read it.
Here's a large article with quotes from Malcolm and Neve on The Company. Seems all reporters thought it would be awfully clever to put barre in their titles.
Hollywood bellies up to the barre 12/23/03.
Three In Print appearances this month.
Premiere 12/03 has a 2pg article on The Company with 2 pictures of MM as well as quotes.
Venice Magazine (Los Angeles only) 12/03 has a 4pg article on MM with great pictures.
New Yorker 1/15/04 or latest issue has a painting of MM.
Very sad news today. The legendary actor whom Malcolm worked with on screen more than anyone died last night. He is Sir Alan Bates and they both were in:
Royal Flash, The Collection, Britannia Hospital + St. Patrick the Irish Legend. He also appeared in Look Back in Anger in 1956, a role Malcolm would play in 1980.
Born 2/17/34 and died 12/28/03. He lost one of his sons in 1990 and his wife in 1992 and threw himself into acting to help ease the pain. He was knighted last year and was an extraordinary actor loved by many and will be missed by all.
The Los Angeles area gets the most screenings of The Company for Oscar buzz and so academy members can see it.
Aspen Filmfest's Academy Screenings presents six films: two a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 26-28. The series, at Harris Hall, continues with daily screenings of Oscar hopefuls through Jan. 2. "The Company," Friday, Dec. 26, 5:30 p.m.
Even though it features actual Joffrey dancers, "The Company" is presented as fiction. But in a three-and-a-half star review, Roger Ebert says there is an enormous autobiographical element to the film. In its view of the creative process, says Ebert, "The Company" mirrors Altman's own artistic struggles and vision.
The Company also played in Hawaii last month.
The Hawaii International Film Festival, presented by Louis Vuitton Hawaii, completed its 23rd-annual event this past Sunday 11/9/03
The festival kicked off with "The Company," Robert Altman's latest directorial effort making the festival rounds, to a packed house of about 1,200 people. A subtle look into the world of a fictional Chicago dance troupe based on the Joffrey Ballet, Altman employs his trademark blurring of narrative and documentary filmmaking by using real dancers from the company combined with actors like Neve Campbell, who masterfully performs her own moves. As is so often the case, Malcolm McDowell steals the show, this time with his biting portrayal of Alberto Antonelli, the troupe's eccentric founder and artistic director.
Click here to read a new article on The Company - Neve shows her nerve.
ACO treatment for real. Click here to read the article.
The football/soccer ACO story
Clockwork Orange Sunday Herald 11/9/03
The Lower Class Brats are touring again starting tomorrow. This will go into next year. I added all the tour dates to their page.
They also have two cool ACO related flyers for upcoming shows added below.
Clockwork Kamikaze 2004 Japan
LCB at The Attic
Malcolm attended a performance by Sally Kellerman on December 8th. Click here for a montage of pics from wireimage.
Added a large interview with Neve Campbell that also features questions for Malcolm and Altman.
I also updated the cast list for The Company.
Here is some exclusive news on what Malcolm is up to.
Malcolm is in London at the moment - he's been offered the role that David Hemmings was playing in Samantha's Child when Hemmings died on Dec 3.
The first biography on Anthony Burgess is coming out on March 19, 2004 over ten years after his death. Here is your first look at the very ACOish cover, something Burgess would've hated.
Proof Cover - Front
Proof Cover - Back
If you can't read the back cover I posted the text on the Anthony Burgess page.
ACO is now a classic Sci-Fi film!? I always thought it was a black comedy.
A&E blasts off with the 50 best sci-fi films of all time. We polled 15 writers and hardcore sci-fi buffs to rank the best science fiction films ever made, and we were pleasantly surprised at how wide a spectrum of films made the list (and we were really surprised to find that Ridley Scott, a director whom not many of us associate with the form, directed our top two choices!).
14. "A Clockwork Orange" (1971, Stanley Kubrick): Whether or not it's stood the test of time and proved itself as prophetic as some other sci-fi, there's no denying the impact Kubrick's darkest work undeniably still carries. If Alex and his droogs sipping milk and carousing in the film's cathartic first 20 minutes doesn't stick with you for the rest of your life, you are immune to the unique powers of cinema.
Here is the exclusive story on why Dorian hasn't been officially released.
Dorian is a bit of a sore spot. It was potentially a really good movie, but Malcolm has never seen it. Malcolm was never paid for the performance or at least not fully paid. The producer, Luciano Lisi screwed him. It is not supposed to be released without the final payments being made, so the DVDs shouldn't be out. Malcolm enjoyed the making of the film, it was a small budget but the whole experience was ruined by Luciano. It has never happened to Malcolm in all of his career. It was a bad situation.
Here are two great recent promo shots of Malcolm from The Company.
Malcolm Close-up
Neve, Altman and Malcolm
An Academy Award for Malcolm?
Sony is advertising in the Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter getting behind Malcolm for an Academy Award best supporting actor nomination for The Company. They are using some great photos of Malcolm as Arpino.
Some film critics who have seen the film in advance are also listing Malcolm as a potential candidate for best supporting actor on their own.
Also the Devotchka saw The Company in Russia, ironically a month before it's US release date, and noted on the signs for the film it is already listing Malcolm HAS been nominated for Best Supporting Actor! They are jumping the gun a bit, but Malcolm is 30 years overdue since he wasn't even nominated on ACO or any other film for an Academy Award. His last nomination was a Golden Globe for ACO.
Malcolm and Kelley did have a big problem with American Airlines on November 21, but they are in the process of trying to work it out and do not want any further publicity at this time.
Two new books that cover ACO and Malcolm.
Costume Design (Focal Press) 
looks at what actors wear on screen. Interviews with costume designers chronicle the creation of elaborate get-ups in such films as "Dangerous Liaisons," "Bram Stoker's Dracula," "Batman," "The Cell" and "Velvet Goldmine," and costumes that became iconic images from "A Clockwork Orange," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Grease," "The Blues Brothers" and "Bonnie and Clyde."
The Nineties: When Surface was Depth 
By Michael Bracewell Flamingo 
Tellingly, for a decade that was informed so much by all things retro, a large section of the book deals with influential icons from the 1960s and 1970s, such as Roxy Music, Michael Caine and Malcolm McDowell.
Here's the latest information about the if... DVD. Great news!
DVDAnswers: Lance have you got any plans to work on other DVD releases?
Lance: I've just finished working with Dave Smithers over at LipSync Post on editing the audio commentary for Lindsay Anderson's if.... I recorded that in Los Angeles with Malcolm McDowell. It's coming out in June 2004. Look out for it, it's one of the best commentary tracks you'll ever hear.
A DVD debut for Lindsay Anderson.
'Blame It on the Bellboy' will be released on DVD for the first time on 12/9/03 in the US featuring Lindsay Anderson's last acting role.
A recent Malcolm movie is finally debuting on video in the US.
The US DVD release of Between Strangers is 1/13/04.
I updated the Between Strangers page with a banner, the first look at the full cast list, all of Malcolm's lines in the film, notes and together before.
A rare chance to see The Mick Travis Trilogy in the theater.
George Eastman House in Rochester, NY will be screening the entire Mick Travis Trilogy in December, 2003. if.... plays on 12/3, O Lucky Man! on the 10th, and Britannia Hospital on the 17th. These are all to be presented in 35 mm prints on George Eastman House's large screen. Both if.... and O Lucky Man! are being shown in very new prints and Britannia Hospital in a respectable, slightly used print. Each show will start at 8 pm. George Eastman House is at 900 East Avenue, in Rochester. For more information go to www.eastman.org.
Here is a behind the scenes shot from Inhabited:
Sofia (Gina) with clapboard
I also added a couple news scans and banner to the Inhabited page.
Since today is a holiday I had some time to transcribe part 1 of my exclusive interview with Kid Dee of the punk legends The Adicts. We talked only about ACO for the most part including the film, the book, the ban, 21st chapter the violence and the scene in the UK at the time.
Not a blast from the past, but a modern day psychopath whose insanity is attributed to ACO.
'Clockwork Orange killer' 
By Alastair Taylor 11/25/03 Sun UK
Brutal Peter Foster battered two of his live-in lovers to death 13 years apart, a court heard yesterday. He had an "unnatural interest" in violent cult movie A Clockwork Orange - and recited the Lord's Prayer backwards while dressed as the film's villain, it was said. Foster terrorized four other partners stretching back nearly 30 years, Hull Crown Court heard. The twice-wed fairground worker, 49, was arrested last December, accused of killing Linda Wardill, 45. He was said to have stamped on her stomach, splitting her intestine - then refused to let her go to hospital. Police reopened inquiries into the death of his girlfriend Linda Grimm, 38, in 1989. She was thought to have fallen and ruptured a kidney, but medics now believed she had been battered to death, the court heard. Foster, of Bridlington, East Yorks, also allegedly chained one partner to a radiator and tied another to a drainpipe. He forced a third to play Russian roulette - pretending the gun was loaded - and tied wire round the neck of a fourth, threatening to push the ends into an electric socket, it was claimed. Foster denies two murders, false imprisonment, assault and kidnap. The trial continues.
Here is an exclusive picture of Malcolm hanging out with Robert Altman on 7/4/03.
Thanks again to the Big K for sending it. 
I made a collage of pictures from wireimage from The Company press conference.
Malcolm from the 11/19/03 press conference
Here is the official word from Kelley about her pregnancy.
"I just wanted to break the news to you that it is official. We were trying to hide it and I didn't think anyone would notice, but it apparently got out at The Company premiere in Chicago. We are expecting in January. So crazy. After 15 years together it seems insane. But there you go. Here comes baby Mac."
This is their first child together and Malcolm's third. Lily is 22 and Charlie is 20.
Here is a report from Mr. G who was at the Joffrey premiere of The Company.
Two news bites.
There was a press conference for The Company in Los Angeles on the 19th and the Gala event screening for The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago was last night and Malcolm, Robert Altman and Neve Campbell were set to attend. I hope to have more information tomorrow.
Check your local TV Listings. In the NY area Malcolm's Teen Titans episode is reruning tomorrow morning.
Recently an article was published about an artist whose work appears in The Company. The article also gives details about an exhibition of his work in Chicago now. Below is the quote mentioning Malcolm. Click here to read the full article.
The images are so stunning, they serve as a backdrop in the soon-to-be released Robert Altman film, "The Company," which features the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. The film, which stars Neve Campbell and Malcolm McDowell, takes a real-life look at the challenging world of ballet. In the movie, the paintings can be seen in the office of McDowell's character.
Here's an exclusive picture of an artist whose work was stolen for the latest Russian printing of the Clockwork novel.
Stephen Blickenstaff holding the book for the first time 10/2/03
Check the ACO History of Books Page for front and back scans of the novel, my encounter with Steven and the history of the artwork.
Here's an exclusive picture of Malcolm you won't find anywhere else. Thanks again to the Big K!
Malcolm 8/30/03 the day before he left to Shoot Stroke of Genius
Recently I was contacted by the producer of a big upcoming animated film that Malcolm worked on. I was able to interview him about it a bit as the film is wrapping up post production work. Follow the link below to read it. There aren't any spoilers except information on who Malcolm's character is.
11/16/03 - Exclusive interview with the producer of Dinotopia Steven Squillante
A Swedish Singer wore an ACO shirt on TV last week.
Picture from the show.
Per receives two awards on televised show
By tevensso on 11/9/2003
Srockholm - Per Gessle received the Guldapa (Golden Monkey) at the Swedish Hit Music Awards tonight. "This is my first Golden Monkey as a matter of fact," Per commented when receiving the prize. The prize is Radio Rix's special award for the most played artist during the year. Per once again wore all black, with a Clockwork Orange T-shirt.
Here are two more cleaned up Red Roses pictures:
Enda Driving
Enda in Kitchen
Here is another exclusive report from the set of Red Roses and Petrol:
"Red roses is very good. Malcolm is brilliant as is Max Beasley as his son. Everyone seems to really love it. It was a very low budget film, but it is amazing what happens when you have good actors and a good script. You could really believe Max as Malcolm's son, they look similar, it was very good casting. If you haven't seen it yet, I think you'll enjoy it. It is a different role for Malcolm as he plays a nice guy." - Big K
Here are three more pictures from the film.
Malcolm and Tamar discussing a shot
Enda in jacket and tie
Enda on video
Here is the rest of my interview with the Inhabited director. I asked many specific questions into the scenes and characters and Malcolm's role in film. It's hard to believe how little time he was on the set. Just to warn you there would be spoilers if you haven't seen the film yet.
Part 2 of my Exclusive Interview with Kelly Sandefur
Jack Temchin who worked with Malcolm on two plays - Look Back in Anger and Another Time has passed away too early at 57. You can read the full obituary here.
Some of Malcolm's voice work on Superman is finally coming to DVD on 2/3/04.
It is called The Last Son of Krypton and features the first three episodes of the Superman Animated series of which Malcolm does the voice of John Corben who later turns into Metallo in episodes 2 and 3. Click here for the cover scan.
Two bits of ACO info. First is a showing of Warhol's version of ACO.
At the Chicago Cultural Center, 77 E Randolph, (312) 744-6630: The Factory Films: Warhol and Morrissey w/introductions by Steven Watson, author of Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties – Vinyl - “the Factory version of A Clockwork Orange” w/Gerard Malanga, Edie Sedgwick and others – Nov. 14Here's another chance to A Clockwork Orange in the theater.
It is on Dec. 27 in Louisville KY. For more info check out www.baxter8.com.
Malcolm recently added another voice credit to his resume. He played Mad Mod on the animated series Teen Titans. You can read about it and see a picture here.
It is on the Cartoon Network, so keep an eye on the schedule for a rerun.
Here's three more Red Roses and Petrol pictures. One sent in by Charlie from the site, the others are from the site, but I cleaned them up and made them smaller files.
Cast behind the scenes by the trailers
Enda and Helen talking
Enda and Johnny sitting
I updated Red Roses and Petrol which extended notes and cast list. The film is having it's premiere next week. You can find more info and pictures on the official site: www.redrosesandpetrol.com
Here is an exclusive photo of the cast on the set.
2/28/03 Behind the Scenes Cast Photo
If you live near Palm Springs CA you can see ACO during a midnight showing tonight.
Palm D'Or starts series of classic cult movies
By Bruce Fessier, The Desert Sun, November 6th, 2003
"The Exorcist," "Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke" and "Clerks" are just some of the films on tap for the Coachella Valley's first midnight movies series Fridays and Saturdays at the Cinémas Palm D'Or in Palm Desert.
The "Midnights On the Edge" series starts Friday with Stanley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange," which theater co-owner Alise Benjamin calls "one of the top one or two classic cult movies of all time." Subsequent weekends will feature "Pink Floyd's The Wall" followed by "Scarface." Benjamin said her criteria for a midnight movie is it must "have some kind of cult following and also appeal to a rather broad demographic."
The Cinémas Palm D'Or is in Westfield Shoppingtown Palm Desert, Palm Springs CA. Information: 779-0730.
After I interviewed Rick Drew he put me in touch with Kelly who directed Inhabited. I'm very glad that he did because he had a lot to say and offered many insights into the film since he also did the effects himself.
Part 1 of my Exclusive Interview with Kelly Sandefur
I had the pleasure to Interview Rick Drew who wrote Inhabited for his first and only interview on the making of the film and his big scene with Malcolm.
Myron won 2nd place in a costume contest with his Alex costume. Looks good - nice codpiece. All pictures are archived here - How to Make a Droog costume page.
If you have a scan you want to share - send it in.
Welcome to all who visited the site in October. It was the busiest month ever. Not only was there updates every day and bonus costume pictures, but the site went down for hours because of all the visitors. Nearly 10,000 unique people looked at the Alex costume page alone!
I recently interviewed Rick Drew and Kelly Sandefur the writer and director of Inhabited. They have opened up all the way on the film as well as the business. It is great stuff I will be posting soon.
Plenty of chances this month to see I Spy and Terminal Countdown, Star Trek plus rarer films like 2103 and Monte Carlo - check the TV Listings page.
We have an ACO winner!
Halloween parade winners
Register-News 10/30/2003
The Consolidated Fire Association held a costume contest Sunday, Oct. 26 in Bordentown City.
The annual Halloween parade sponsored by Consolidated Fire Association was held Sunday in Bordentown City. Winners in the costume and float contests in the 2003 Halloween parade are as follows:
The scariest adult costume was awarded to Carol Borden, who went as Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty." The most original adult costume was awarded to Ron Rawley as a character from the movie "A Clockwork Orange."
Most of you will get your chance to see Tempo for the first time by watching the Mystery Channel in January.
Mystery -- January 4, 2004, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT
"Tempo" is a neo-noir Euro-thriller that stars Melanie Griffith (recently made her Broadway debut in "Chicago," "Working Girl") and Rachael Leigh Cook ("Josie and the Pussycats") as two dangerously alluring femme fatales immersed in a seductive world of betrayal, temptation and intrigue. Sara (Griffith) lives on danger's edge every day as the courier for a ruthless black market dealer. Her boyfriend, Jack (Hugh Dancy - "Black Hawk Down"), is a young, American expatriate and petty thief who she's seduced into becoming her partner in crime. When Sarah leaves Paris on a "job," Jack meets and falls for a young American woman, Jenny (Cook), who's working in a Paris jewelry store. But when Jack discovers Sarah has been assaulted and robbed, he suddenly finds himself trapped in a treacherous love triangle. Co-starring Art Malik and Golden Globe nominee Malcolm McDowell (upcoming "Stroke of Genius," "A Clockwork Orange"), and directed by Eric Styles (STARZ! Pictures Relative "Values").
The character Malcolm played in Our Friends in the North was based on a real person who just died. You can read the part mentioning this below and the full article here.
Obituaries James Humphreys, Club Owner; Soho Baron and Scourge of the Met
Byline: Jane Fryer
When the police raided Soho's porn shops in the Sixties, they would call up Jimmy Humphreys and offer him the confiscated magazines. He would swing down to Scotland Yard, hand over the cash and fill up his Rolls-Royce. It seemed like a fair return on the GBP 3,000 he was pressing into various police palms each week.
At the time, he was one of London's foremost porn-shop and club owners. The inspiration for Malcolm McDowell's character Bennie Barratt in the TV drama, Our Friends In The North, he had scores of Metropolitan Police detectives on his payroll.
Here's an article that talks to people who worked on Stroke of Genius.
There is a new show on VH1 called Ill-ustrated. It is animated and makes fun of celebrities. The 2nd episode starts with "Michael Jackson's Taxi Cab Confessions" and Robert Blake gets in wearing a prison jumpsuit with the ID # 655321.
The influence is never ending.
The Orange County Weekly newspaper has a column called “A Clockwork Orange” – just a title – nothing to do with the film except ripping of the name.10/25/03
The Company is playing tonight in Virginia!
16th Virginia Film Festival www.vafilm.com
Sony Classics' The Company stars Neve Campbell (Scream, Wild Things, Party of Five), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) and the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago in a gritty look at the realities of daily life as a professional dancer. Campbell, an accomplished dancer who studied with the National Ballet of Canada before pursuing an acting career, plays a gifted ballerina poised to become a principal dancer. The film is a startlingly intimate pas de deux between Altman's fluid camerawork, the pulsating life force of ballet, and the richly textured behaviors of the dancers. It is a love letter to artists who work in this singularly difficult and universally expressive medium, to the people behind the scenes who make the performance possible, and to the art form of dance itself. Audiences at the Virginia Film Festival can see The Company at Culbreth Theatre on October 25, 7pm, a full two months ahead of its national theatrical release. The screening is a collaboration with the University of Virginia Council for the Arts, which has made creating a dance program one of its goals for strengthening the arts at the University, and the Campaign for Dance, an organization committed to advocacy of dance studies at the University.
Here's another ACO Pop Culture Reference.
Here's an exclusive story from the set of Stroke of Genius:
This one man did a really funny interview with MM by cell phone while we were on the golf course. He said something like, "It was hard to imagine his satanic majesty playing golf." It was a crazy comment, Malcolm couldn't be further away from satanic...he's hilarious.
Three news bites from last month about Malcolm in Toronto.
The Company trailer in now online here. The film is PG-13.
I added details and pictures to The Company page here.
It's great to see a trailer with lots of Malcolm in it. The films looks great and I'm excited to see it. Like any good trailer - it doesn't give away the whole film.
Stephen Berkoff has an Autobiography coming out.
He worked with Kubrick twice in ACO and Barry Lyndon. An excerpt from it has been released and I added it to the Patrick Magee page since it is a funny story about him.
Added another Between Strangers interview.
9/30/03 Associated Press with Sophia Loren
Picture of Eduardo Ponti and Sophia Loren
Bad news.
The if.... DVD has been delayed until 2004.
A new official site debuts.
Sony Pictures classics has opened the official site for The Company here. There isn't too much to see but you can see some new pictures and the press kit. The embarrassing thing is the bio they used for Malcolm was from a press kit that is almost three years old. It mentions he recently completed filming Firestarter which already aired a year and a half ago.
Here are two new Malcolm related scans:
Mr. Arpino laughing
Mr. Arpino talking to a Ry in a group
For more info on the film check out my page for The Company.
Another interesting Evilenko Russian article and interview with Malcolm has been added.
Stroke of Genius is almost done filming. I added a large article on the film below.
10/15/03 The Age - Bobby Comes in Swinging with Malcolm quotes
Here is your exclusive first look at Malcolm on the set of Stroke of Genius.
The director conferring with Malcolm on the golf course set in Atlanta
Thanks to Shane for the scan.
I also added cast information to the Stroke of Genius page.
Added an exclusive translation of a Russian article on Evilenko. It features questions with Malcolm as well as hilarious information on his sperm.
Here is a note from the set of Red Roses and Petrol.
"Malcolm has a few scenes in flashback. His death and with Beasley who I must say looks most like Malcolm as a young man in a way. Malcolm thinks he is the most gifted young actor he has worked with and he is very relaxed." - Big K
I interviewed the director the ARK Theatre Company production of ACO here.
Added another Sophia Loren interview for Between Strangers.
The LA Weekly recently reviewed the ARK Theatre Company production of ACO.
Another ACO Pop Culture reference.
I just got this article which interestingly implies that my site is the official MM site! There is also a rather harsh critique of Neve in The Company from the same article.
I'll Sleep section
The Company section
Recently an article appeared with Malcolm talking about the Joffrey.
Added some Stroke of Genius location filming news.
This is the ultimate news for Stanley Kubrick fans! An exhibition of props and production items from all his films including ACO. It opens next year in Germany and is hoping to tour the world.
Stanley Kubrick is one of the most outstanding directors in film history. On March 30, 2004, for the first time worldwide, the Deutsches Filmmuseum and the Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt am Main open a major exhibition on his work.
In close co-operation with Christiane Kubrick and his long-standing executive producer, Jan Harlan, the inaccessible estate of the director is being catalogued. An archivist of the Deutsches Filmmuseum has been researching at the estate since April, 2003 at St. Albans, near London.
Already during the preparatory phase, the project is evoking great interest among the public. Actors who worked with Kubrick, for example, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and director colleagues like Sidney Pollack and Steven Spielberg, are supporting the exhibition. Warner Bros., the key holder of the copyrights, is the first co-operation partner.
Stanley Kubrick planned his film projects down to the minutest detail. Therefore, the primary material itself is extensive indeed: costumes, props, technical material, photographs, film and a yet uncharted number of written documents are part of his estate. The systematic archiving and cataloguing of these materials will take years and will bring to light new aspects and understanding of Kubrick. A representative part of the Kubrick legacy can be viewed from March 2004 in an exhibition area of more than 1,200 square meters in these two Frankfurt museums. The exhibition will then be on show at further locations in Germany and abroad. A retrospective season in the cinema of the Deutsches Filmmuseum, a catalogue, a concert and a symposium accompany the exhibition.
Between Strangers has shown up on DVD in Brazil, where it is called Freedom of Desire, even before it premiered on TV in the US. The good thing is the DVD plays everywhere. I picked one up and added scans for it here.
Added a Between Strangers interview with Sophia Loren. No quotes from Malcolm, but I learned he got paid $75,000 for his role in the film.
Random MM quote.
It is kind of cool to watch Malcolm McDowell go off on a limo driver in the lobby of the Hotel Intercontinental. I even scratch it down in my notepad. "You’re driving for us. When Bob Altman tells you to do something, you bloody well do it. You don’t question the man. This is f ***ing ridiculous," he snaps. NWAnews 9/19/0310/2/03
Check the Dinotopia page for an exclusive official synopsis and quote from the producer.
A rare chance to see Clockwork Punk pioneers The Adicts live on their "Like Clockwork 2003 Tour Pt 2"! I'm going to see them tomorrow.
Picture of the band in droog attire
10/1 - The Connection - Passaic, NJ
10/2 - The Underworld - Sciota, PA
10/2 - Valentines - Albany, NY
10/4 - CBGB - New York City, NY
Another chance to see ACO in the theater!
"A Clockwork Orange" is playing Dec. 27, 2003 at the Baxter Avenue Theatres in Louisville, KY is at 1250 Bardstown Road in the Mid City Mall. For more information, call (502) 459-2288. Admission is $7.50 
A chance to see ACO in the theater if you live near Little Rock Arkansas.
Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange is showing at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Riverdale 10, 2600 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, as part of KARN (920 AM) talk show host Dave Elswick's classic movie series. To get free tickets you should contact the radio station - (501) 401-0200 - or the theater - (501) 661-1600 - there's always a healthy crowd at these screenings, and this is the first one that's being held in prime time rather than at 11 p.m.
Here's an ACO mention in a wrestling article!
The Lower Class Brats have two new CDs out. The first is "Clockwork Singles: Real Punk is Not an Endangered Species" which collects all their 7"s, B-sides and rare stuff for the first time. The second is "A Class Of Our Own" their first new full length disc in three years. 
They also have some West Coast tour dates coming up in a couple of months I added.
In Celebration was released on DVD and Whales of August is coming out on DVD R1 October 7th for the first time!
I also added a section on what home formats Lindsay's films were released on his page.
Added scans from the Hong Kong release of Dorian on DVD to its page. This is a professional release with animated menus, trailer and subtitles - not a cheap bootleg.
New Evilenko pictures that appeared in a Russian article.
Malcolm on the set in bathrobe, screaming and bloody
Chikatilo eating with police behind him.
Mike Hodges, the director of I'll Sleep When I'm Dead and long time friend of Malcolm talks about the film here.
Added the press release for the latest ACO Play now performing in California thanks to Lorenda. If you check it out please send me a review.
Three Clockwork tidibts in the news in the last week.
Here's an ACO mention in a review
A British Internet Poll listed 1971 as the 5th greatest year for film of all time because of ACO and The French Connection being released.
In Pro Wrestling there is something called a "Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match" which involves weapons.
Here is an exclusive report about Between Strangers.
Malcolm saw Between Strangers two months ago and though it was very good. Eduardo Ponti even came to visit him and Kelley at their house in CA right after. Malcolm fells he is a very talented, lovely guy who is amazing with actors. He got a great performances out of his mother Sofia Loren, Mira Sorvino, Deborah U unger, Gérard Depardieu and Pete Postlethwaite. They heard the film got a seven minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival - people love it. Malcolm plays a victim for a change and is beaten a la ACO in an alley by three punks.
A small article about Stroke of Genius appeared with a man who went to the set.
An article in a Toronto paper features Mike Hodges talking about Malcolm in I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.
Added another large article from The Company Press Conference that has quotes from Malcolm. The cast list has also been updated - the dancers really play themselves.
Below is your exclusive first review from the set of Evilenko.
I think this movie is going to be major somehow. Marton Csokas is also starring in it with Malcolm. There is a scene between them that is so powerful, it will blow you away. I think it is Malcolms' best work in years. It ranks up there with ACO. It was filmed so beautifully like a Francis Bacon painting. The cast saw a rough cut of Evilenko the other night...it is amazing. Malcolm thinks it is the best thing he has done for the last 15, 20 years. It is mesmerizing. Just wait till you see it. - Big K.
Here is your exclusive look at Malcolm on the set of Evilenko. If this picture doesn't give you the chills and make you want to see the movie, then nothing will.
Malcolm is doing his third animated film this year! Check out the Delgo page to find out more.
Between Strangers finally makes it's US debut.
Sophia Loren will be in New York on Sept. 15, promoting her coming 100th film. It is "Between Strangers," written and directed by her son Edoardo Ponti, and bows on WE: Women's Entertainment Network come Oct. 5. This will be the first time the star and her son have worked together. (Edoardo at first never thought of working with his mother, but as he wrote this character, he incorporated more and more mama; at last it seemed only natural to offer Sophia the part. Loren, still a glorious natural wonder, says the role is "appropriate to my age and talent." )
The title of the ballet Malcolm will be narrating next year is A Wedding Banquet. I've started page for it with all the info so far.
Malcolm, Robert Altman and Neve Campbell were on hand for the The Company TIFF press conference.
From The Company TIFF press conference.
Small picture of Malcolm
Neve Campbell and Malcolm McDowell
Two bits of good news for those of you in the UK.
Inhabited is premiering on TV in the UK even before it is on DVD there.
Sky Movies Max on Sept.17th at 20.15
and Sky Movies Max 2 on Sept. 29th at 20.00
The description in Sky magazine is:
Gleefully over-the-top horror with Malcolm McDowell.
Hugo Pool has been released on DVD in the UK as "Pool Girl."
Here's another new picture from The Company
Mr. A addressing the group
As well as a review - just the part about Malcolm.
Ryan has been entrusted by Mr. A (Malcolm McDowell) with a principal performance (the music segues into "My Funny Valentine," which is repeated throughout the film as Ryan's theme) at an outdoor show that she aces spectacularly despite a dramatic thunderstorm.
McDowell is hilariously imperative and impervious as the flamboyant director, addressing all as his 'babies,' admonishing them to eat only fish and salad. He is the king of his realm, doling out interrupted attentions to his underlings. - Laura Clifford
The times printed a large article that was done on the set of The Company yesterday. The real person that Malcolm is playing talks about that a bit.
9/7 NY Times - Robert Altman + Neve Campbell are quoted
The Company premiere is tomorrow and this is what Malcolm was up to right before it.
Malcolm and Kelley went to Chicago to meet at the Joffrey Ballet on Monday 9/1. It was for the rehearsal for the narration he is going to do there next year. The man in charge is a major ballet director from London and this was the only time he has free in his calendar to rehearse before the Feb. 2004 premiere.
A brand new picture from The Company!
Alberto sitting talking to Ry who's dancing
Added another article about Stroke of Genius filming this week which includes a possible release date.
The first Stroke of Genius related interview is out. This is with the producers of the film.
8/31/03 Sunday Herald with producers Carol McGregor and Janice Cutting
The Aspen Filmfest runs Sept. 30 through Oct. 5. 

They will be screening Robert Altman's "The Company" which takes a dramatized, in-depth look at a professional dance company. The film stars Neve Campbell as a dancer and Malcolm McDowell as the company director, and features members of the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.
There is news about Helen of Troy debuting in the UK and then the US in very different forms. Malcolm is still mentioned as narrator for the US version.
Click here to read a recent interview from The Guardian with Mike Hodges. Malcolm also has a paragraph about him.
Two news bites.
Malcolm has done an interview for the French magazine Paris Match which should be out very soon. I can't find anything on their website since it is all in French, but if anyone in France can help, please do.
Stroke of Genius has added Jeremy Northam (who was in Gosford Park by Robert Altman who directed The Company) and Aidan Quinn 9who like Malcolm did an episode of Night Visions) to the cast.
TV Listings updated.
Stroke of Genius has begun filming this week and I added an article about it.
A rare chance to see Malcolm live next year.
Because of his role in The Company, Malcolm is going to be doing a narration for the Joffery ballet in Chicago in Feb 2004. He will be there live and in the flesh unless a big job arrives.
Claire Forlani and Dougie Henshall have joined the cast with Malcolm in Stroke of Genius. 
Two news bites.
Helen of Troy has not been scrapped, it is still in development. Musicals take a long time.
Malcolms' character in Stroke of Genius is O.B. Keeler.
Great news to all of of us looking for Malcolm's early TV roles from the 1960s like Z Cars and Dixon of Dock Green, hopefully all of them have been saved. This is from the imdb.
BBC Director-General Greg Dyke said Sunday that the public will soon be able to download any of the BBC's radio and TV programs from the Internet as part of a new service, the BBC Creative Archive. Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Dyke said, "Up until now this huge resource has remained locked up, inaccessible to the public because there hasn't been an effective mechanism for distribution. But the digital revolution and broadband are changing all that. For the first time there is an easy and affordable way of making this treasure trove of BBC content available to all."
Hidalgo has been pushed back from a 10/3/03 premiere to 3/5/04 because it is basically a horse movie and Seabiscuit is hot now and they don't want to flood the marketplace with another similar film and probably not do well at the box office. The star is also in LOTR and the next film will also be out at the end of the year. Check the Hidalgo for a picture of Malcolm from the film.
You can read the first mini review of The Company here.
Also the film will premiere in France on 11/12/03 over a month before it premieres in the US, most likely because of Altman's disdain for the US and his love of France.
Another upcoming Malcolm appearance.
The Robert Altman film the The Company is having a gala screening at the Toronto Film Festival on Monday, Sept. 8, 6:30 pm. Malcolm, Kelley and company are all going up to support Altman. The gala is on the night of the 8th. Malcolm and Kelley have already seen the final print and are very impressed with the film.
The exclusive news on where Malcolm is filming next is Scotland and Atlanta for a film called Stroke of Genius. Check the page for cast press release, news, summary.
Dorian has been found on VHS in the UK as "Pact with the Devil". The name was changed probably because it is a bootleg because I don't believe this has officially been released anywhere.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead will have it's official UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival August 23, 2003 and then at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) on Sept 6. Malcolm will not be in Edinburgh and Toronto is only a possibility.
Click here to sign a petition to have Malcolm McDowell play Mad Eye Moody in the next 2 harry Potter films.
Malcolms' managers are interested, so we can make this happen!
Reminder that Inhabited is released today on DVD.
Sadly on August 10th Constance Chapman, another member of the Lindsay Anderson acting family, has passed away.
She was in the plays In Celebration, The Contractor and The March On Russia directed by Lindsay Anderson. Plus she was in his movie version of In Celebration.
She acted twice with Malcolm in Long Ago Tomorrow/The Raging Moon and O Lucky Man!
Malcolm makes his return to the world of video games after nearly 6 years reprising his great voice role from the Superman The Animated Series. His character of Metallo is even featured on the covers of the game.
GameCube Cover
Playstation 2 Cover
The Cambridge Film Handbook on ACO was FINALLY released! It was completed in early 1999 and was delayed for over four years. I just got it in the mail yesterday, check the scans below.
Front Cover
Back Cover
There is another version of the ACO play coming to Los Angeles and there is a pre-play benefit. It is the third version this year. You can read about all of them on the ACO Plays page.
Clockwork Orange Benefit Bash Ark
Saturday, 8/16/2003
Presale: $10.00
Ticket Sales Stop at 4:00:00 PM (PST) 8/16/2003
Info: Fabulous food, cash bar, costume contest, glorious entertainment! DJ Dylan (Homemade LA) / Divine Dancing Devotchkas, oh so naughty. Pre-sale only $10! $15 cash or check at the door. Plenty of secured parking for only $3. All ticket sales for the Clockwork Orange Benefit Bash go to Ark Theatre Company, a non-profit organization.
Doors Open at: 8:00 PM
Doors Close at: 2:00 AM
Ages: 21 and up
Remember to bring: Valid ID and credit card used to purchase ticket.
Your best Clockwork Orange costume and smile.
Event Capacity: 299
244 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Pre-order tickets at this link

ALSO: See our production of A Clockwork Orange -- an original adaptation
from the novel -- Sept. 6 - Oct. 26. Check this link for info.
Malcolm has done a role in a benefit Radio Drama of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
The name of Malcolm's character was changed for The Company. I added a story from the set about it here.
Malcolm will be voicing a character in the big budget animated version of Dinotopia.
Milk Money is finally coming to DVD September 16, 2003. Unfortunately this is one of Malcolm's worst films and it seems besides being widescreen the disc has nothing to offer in the way of extras - Closed-captioned, Dolby Digital. Click on the link to see the scan.
Great news if you live near Toronto. The Company will premiere at the TIFF in September.
I added the press release, synopsis and a picture of Malcolm, Neve Campbell and James Franco to The Company page.
Good news if you are in the UK, but you probably know this already. Many people ask how they can get Malcolm's episode of South Park. Well it was released in the UK. See the picture below.
Region 2 DVD Season 4 Set
Season 2 has just been released in the US, so by the end of this year/early next year Season 4 wil be out here as well.
Inhabited now has a release date! August 19, 2003 - direct to DVD. I updated the Inhabited page with three scans, banner, updated cast, notes, summary and link to the trailer.
Hidalgo now has a release date! October 3rd. I have updated my Hidalgo page with a banner, updated cast info, notes and more. There is also a link to the official site where you can watch the trailer. I thought there was a glimpse of Malcolm, but I'm not certain.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is being shown at the Moscow International Film Festival right now. The rumor was that Malcolm would attend the premiere since he is over there filming, but he didn't.
Here is a bit of a review from the festival:
Dan Fainaru in Moscow 25 June 2003
Dir: Mike Hodges. USA/UK. 2003. 103 mins
Midway between a psychological thriller and a tough action movie, with a touch of existential soul-searching but never really making up its mind which way to go, Mike Hodges' new film looks better than it actually is and promises much more than it actually delivers. This is another revenge binge from the author of the almost mythical Get Carter. But if, for a while, it seems ready to explode at any moment, when it finally does, it is with a fizzle rather than bang. Once a Cannes hopeful that ultimately landed in the Moscow competition, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead will have a hard time finding its way into a large theatrical release before hitting the inevitable home-video market.
To read more click here
Clockwork Qee! Yeah, I don't know either. These things are hugely popular in Japan. They are little plastic bears. I added the bear and the poster they made for it to the ACO Toys page.
Tempo was slated to be released this week on DVD, but now the word is that the release date for this video has not been finalized.
Good news! New ACO! Bad news! New ACO!
Malcolm mentioned to me last year that he was approached to record a DVD commentary track for ACO. Jan Harlan, Kubrick's brother-in-law and producer, has now confirmed he is working on a third collection of Kubrick DVDs with his short films and all kinds of extras for each film and his A Life in Pictures. This would be the fourth version of ACO released on DVD in the last 5 years which means more money out of your pocket if you already have a previous version as most of us do.
Malcolm arrived in the Ukraine on May 15, or Matrix 2 day in the US, to begin filming of Evilenko. I updated that page with a banner, history, notes and two quotes.
AFI's '100 Years...100 Heroes & Villains to pit good versus evil in Sixth Annual CBS Special to Air Tuesday, June 3, 2003 Hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Among those interviewed for the special are Malcolm McDowell about top villain - Alex.
Malcolm has been on previous specials when A Clockwork Orange was voted:
#46 on the top 100 greatest films of All-time by AFI 1998
#21 on the top 100 most thrilling films of All-time by AFI 2001

Alex and PR Deltoid finally reunite! Aubrey Morris has joined the cast of Red Roses and Petrol with Malcolm. I have updated the cast list on the page to reflect this.
The Company is now listed as Unrated which may mean it hasn't been rated yet and has been given a limited release opening date of December 25, 2003 - Merry Christmas!
Malcolm is voicing a role in the new 3D CGI film Pinocchio 3000.
The superintendent watched ACO and thinks it is...porn!?
You can read the 3rd and final article here.
The controversy continues You can read the 2nd article here.
If you can believe it an 18 year old was offended when they showed ACO in his class in high school! What a baby.
You can read the whole article here.
Tempo will be released on DVD on June 17 - another straight to video release. No extras to speak of on the disc unfortunately.
DVD Cover
Here is a scan of the upcoming book of ACO essays I posted about on 4/1 below.
Also note they have been releasing all the Star Trek movies in collector's edition DVD sets. So far they are up to #4. We should see Malcolm's film (#7) by the end of the year. Hopefully it will have the deleted scenes he did, interviews, etc.
Filmstelle Zürich, the oldest Swiss student cinema, will show ACO on May 22. It will be an original 35mm print as part of their scandal provoking films series. Jan Harlan, Kubrick’s brother-in-law and assistant on ACO, will have a Q&A session after the screening. All the details can be found on Filmstelle4/11/03
My Devotchka - MM's biggest fan in Russia found out that Dorian has been released there!
As is the case with most things over there it is a bootleg of some sort. This means the film is finished and should see a real release this year. Check the Dorian page for small scans of the cover and the high praise for MM on the Russia box which also provides a short summary of the film.
A new book titled 'Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange' edited by Stuart Y. McDougal is coming out 5/03. Sounds like most of it is old news, but it is definitely worth a look.
Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' brings together new and critically informed essays about one of the most powerful, important and controversial films ever made. Following an introduction that provides an overview of the film and its production history, a suite of essays examine the literary origins of the work, the nature of cinematic violence, questions of gender and the film's treatment of sexuality, and the difficulties of adapting an invented language ('nadsat') for the screen. This volume also includes two contemporary and conflicting reviews by Roger Hughes and Pauline Kael, a detailed glossary of 'nadsat' and stills from the film.
The Brattle Theatre in Boston is playing the uncut version of ACO. Show times are: 4:15, 7, and 9:45 pm. Tickets are $8.50.
www.mondo-digital.com lists the if.... DVD release date as 10/14/03! Not set in stone, but gives you an idea and hope as to when it will be coming. Thanks to the Dr. for the info.
The release date for I'll Sleep When I'm Dead has been removed from the Paramount Site. It was 11/17/03. Since the film is finished it could be moved up especially if it is being shown at the Paris Film Festival. I added a banner to that page if interested.
Malcolm and his wife Kelley are attending the Paris Film Festival March 24 - April 1, 2003 where Malcolm will be the Jury President. The reason for this is that someone who runs it saw I'll Sleep When I am Dead and said it is the best film they have seen in five years. Most of the people who made the film or are in it will attend the festival and see the film for the first time including Clive Owen, Mike Hodges and the producers. The word is that in the biggest scene Malcolm forcibly rapes Jonathan Rhys-Meyers....ouch! Let's hope it isn't that graphic and is more implied than shown.
A film I first posted about five years ago is finally getting made!
It is called Evilenko and reunited Malcolm with Russia.
Thanks again to the Big K for the news.
One of Malcolm's strangest films has been released on DVD.
Click here for the DVD Cover - Front.
I also did an overhaul to the In the Eye of the Snake page by adding hot links and classic lines.
Malcolm just completed a new film called Red Roses and Petrol.
The March 2003 issue of Razor magazine has a 16 page spread of actors recreating roles from most of Kubricks' films including ACO. If you hurry you can still find this issue on the newsstand. Here is the photo of Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Alex. The weird thing is that he says he favorite Kubrick film is Full Metal Jacket.
Another new roll and a great one! Two living legends portraying legendary roles.
The Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper reports that Malcolm McDowell has signed on to portray Sherlock Holmes in a big-budget movie. Here is the article from the paper: "...Sherlock Holmes is returning to the big screen. Malcolm McDowell, who recently filmed Robert Altman's "The Company" ballet flick here in Chicago, will portray the legendary British gumshoe in "The Baker Street Irregulars," with Christopher Lee playing Professor Moriarty, Holmes' enemy. The film will focus on the secret band of street urchins who dug up so many tidbits of information for Holmes' investigations. Filming will begin in Romania later this spring."
Malcolm for president! The festival is from March 24 - April 1, 2003.
Peter O'Toole, Rupert Everett and Malcolm McDowell will be among the British stars to attend this year's Paris film festival, in a year when the event is championing British cinema.
Clockwork Orange star McDowell has been chosen as this year's jury president, while O'Toole and Everett will be among the actors to present films.
Among the 100-plus films in the week-long festival, from 24 March, 14 will be features made in the UK, highlighted in a special dedicated section. The Paris film festival, now in its 18th year, has built a reputation on its commitment to showcasing movies that might otherwise not be seen in Europe. Jury president McDowell takes over from French actress Isabelle Adjani, who will act as honorary president.
Reminder: The I Spy DVD is coming next week on 3/11. No commentary by the actors is a bad sign. Here is what is on it:
• Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby Digitally Mastered Audio + Video, High Definition
• Commentary by director Betty Thomas, editor Peter Teschner, producer Jeno Topping, and writers David Ronn and Jay Scherick 
• Theatrical trailer/Bonus Trailers
• Four featurettes: Cloak and Camouflage, Gadgets and Gizmos, Schematics and Blueprints, The Slugafest 
• Full-screen and widescreen anamorphic formats
• Audio: English + French, Subtitles: English + FrenchAlso the Lower Class Brats now have a new official site.
Berkoff was in ACO and Barry Lyndon, so there should be some great stuff in there.
From: The Express February 17, 2003 by "Hickey" 
Steven Berkoff is taking a break from acting and directing to write a book about his showbiz chums, Hickey hears. The tome, a profile of some of the major "artists" he has worked with, is modestly entitled My Friend Stanley Kubrick And Others. "I'm taking some time off to do some writing, " Berkoff revealed at last week's Frida premiere. "The book will be about my experiences of working with the likes of Stanley Kubrick - who was indeed a friend. It should be quite revealing."
There is a new Region 0 DVD release of a somewhat obscure title. It has turned up only in the UK so far.
Click here for the Monte Carlo scan.
Here is the update about the new ACO Play in London.
This probably won't appeal to everyone because the droogs are all played by women!? That'll be different to say the least.
I added all the pertinent info to the ACO Plays page.
Here is an update on the I Spy DVD. It contains:
Audio Commentary With Betty Thomas
4 Featurettes
(Featurettes might include any or all of these: Entertainment Tonight "Hot Homes and Cool Spies", 
Mtv "Making the Movie I Spy", E! Channel "Behind the Scenes of I Spy" + HBO "Making of `I Spy'"
Thanks Paul.
Another upcoming DVD.
I Spy will be released on DVD on March 11, 2003, a little over four months after it's theatrical release. Not a good sign. No word on extras yet, but I would guess some of those endless specials that were on TV would be included.
Go here to see the DVD cover scan.
I'll post more as I get information on it.
There is a new production of the ACO play in London and is soon to tour England.
It's the third Lindsay Anderson meeting this Saturday, at one of the London Universities.
The official site at ParamountClassics.com says I'll Sleep When I'm Dead will open October 17, 2003. A surprising theatrical release at this point.
The Company is finished and a rough cut has been shown to the cast. My source said, "It is stunning visually and brilliant to look at."
Sounds like a winner. Either way we can't lose since it is a rare chance to see a new MM film on the big screen with him in a major role.
Another new interview in print.
There's a very good interview with Malcolm in the latest issue of Shock Cinema. It is #21 Fall/Winter 2002. You can find out more and order it here.
Click here for the cover scan.
Also remember issue 38 of Psychotronic Video www.psychotronicvideo.com has a Malcolm interview.
Terminal Countdown was released in 2000 on VHS as Y2K and on DVD in Canada last year. It was released in the US on DVD on 12/10.
Today is the low price $9.99 rerelease of Island of the Dead on DVD.
If you want - vote for Soran as the best Trek Villain here.
Stanley Kubrick - A Life in Pictures Collectors Box Set (DVD & Book) has been announced for next year. Both were previously available. The DVD has only been available in the 9 disc Stanley Kubrick Collection set.
Bad news about Helen of Troy.
The world premiere performances of Helen of Troy, originally set for March 20-23, 2003 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall by the Sarasota Ballet in Florida have had to be postponed for this season. Scheduling conflicts of some of the prominent artists (De Warrens the choreographer, Brain Johnson the writer and Malcolm) involved in the exciting production have necessitated the postponement until at least November 2003. A new AC/DC album coming out next March is also probably reason for delays.
Next month you'll be able to read an interview that had remained unpublished for over 5 years!
Malcolm will be interviewed next month in issue 38 of Psychotronic Video www.psychotronicvideo.com. The author met him on the set of The Fairy King of Ar in South Africa. He didn't talk much about ACO, but he did comment on some of the films he doesn't usually talk about, like Light in the Jungle and Cyborg 3. The magazine should be sold at any major magazine seller.
Island of the Dead was released and then went out of print really fast.
Good news though, Fox Home Entertainment has picked it up and will re-release it on DVD for a low retail of $9.99 on 12/17/02
Great news for the US!
The US release date for The Barber DVD and VHS is 12/31. No word on extras - just widescreen and Dolby Stereo.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead wrapped shooting 11/4. Malcolm was unable to attend to wrap party because he is in Chicago.
Great news - Malcolm has many projects he is working on.
Malcolm is done filming I'll Sleep When I'm Dead in Wales, and is in Chicago now filming The Company.
There are a bunch of specials coming up about I Spy. There is always a possibility of Malcolm being in there, but no guarantees.
Entertainment Tonight will have a special called Hot Homes and Cool Spies
30 min. With previews of Eddie Murphy's upcoming film “I Spy.”
Monday, 21 7:00 PM WCBS
Monday, 21 7:00 PM KYW
Monday, 21 7:30 PM WYOU
Tuesday, 22 2:35 AM WCBS
Tuesday, 22 3:05 AM KYWMtv Making the Movie I Spy - 30 min.
Wednesday, 30 8:30 PM MTV
Thursday, 31 6:30 PM MTV
Friday, 1 2:00 PM MTV
E! Channel Behind the Scenes of I Spy - 30 min.
Thursday, 24 2:00 PM E!TV
Saturday, 26 7:00 AM E!TV
Sunday, 27 4:00 AM E!TV
Sunday, 27 7:30 AM E!TV
Monday, 28 3:30 AM E!TV
Wednesday, 30 8:30 AM E!TV

HBO will be airing the Making of `I Spy' - a 15 min. special.
Tuesday, 29 9:30 PM
Thursday, 31 11:15 AM
Thursday, 31 10:45 PM
Sunday, 3 6:00 PM
Craig Kilborn will have Owen Wilson the day I Spy premieres.
Friday, 1 12:35 AM CBS

Ebert & Roeper Review movies including I Spy - 30 min.
Saturday, 2 1:30 PM KYW
Sunday, 3 2:00 AM KYW
Monday, 4 12:30 AM WNEP
The Barber now has a DVD/VHS release date - November 19 ! But only in Canada so far, still it is good news because it will work in US machines.
Click here to see the flyer.
Alex almost breaks the top 10 - impressive!
www.ofcs.org the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS), published its new list celebrating the Top 100 Villains of All Time and listed Alex at #11 !
More news as I get it, probably tomorrow. I believe it is to set up the foundation. 
Today is the first meeting to set up the Lindsay Anderson Foundation is taking place in London. There will be twelve people attending including Malcolm.
Good news for ACO fans in the UK. ACO has finally come full circle. It is an unknown if this is a new documentary.
A Clockwork Orange is to be shown on British mainstream TV for the first time. The film will be screened on Channel 4 on 13 October, with a documentary about the film's legacy showing the night before.
An obscure yet cool Malcolm film where he has a large role has been released on R2 (UK + Europe) DVD. This was out of print for a long time until now. I like how he is prominently featured on the cover.
Click here for a small scan.
The official I Spy website has been updated with some cool features. Go to:
Click on 'Enter the site' - There are two games - The I spy email challenge + 3D rescue mission, also trivia to mobile phone/pictures, wallpapers, screensaver, trailer and more.
The email challenge is kind of silly. You 'build' one of four agents with certain fighting moves. Then you email a buddy and he builds a character and then they fight. They only thing is that you don't control the fighting - it is done by the computer.
The 3D game is like Doom/Quake except you just have to solve puzzles inside Gundars mansion to help Kelly Alex and escape. There are no weapons to fire or enemies. You'll need to download the latest version of shockwave to play. It is an OK game, nothing really new or exciting.
Click here for a screenshot when you win the game.
Good news if you live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On October 11th they will premiere some version of the ACO play. The article is with actress Laureate Carding and I did what I could to translate it.
Actually, there is a list of ex-actors from the Rio de Janeiro Center of Arts Orange tree who is acting in a remake of the play Orange Mechanica (ACO), based on the book written in 1962 by Anthony Burgess, whose story was immortalized in 1971 into the film by Stanley Kubrick. The premiere, scheduled for October 11 to run until January, she is making good use of the time until the play. “It is always a trade. In theater you learn what is old and what is current because I learn a good deal with the younger actors.”If you can read Brazilian Portuguese you can read the article here:
An obscure Malcolm TV episode was just released on DVD with:
The New Outer Limits - Sex & Science Fiction Collection
Click here for my Outer Limits page with a picture of the cover and more.
MGM is releasing Gangster No. 1 on DVD in the US on 10/8/02.
NO extras are listed yet - but it has to have something with a $30 list price!? They could certainly include new interviews and footage from the NY and LA premiers.
Click here for the new front cover image.
Another upcoming film is called Inhabited - I can't confirm much about it.
The man who green-lighted ACO at Warner Brothers has passed away. If not for him and his trust of Kubrick, we may never have had the masterpiece that is ACO.
Ex-Warner Bros. CEO Ted Ashley Dies
By KATE BERRY, Associated Press Writer
LOS ANGELES (AP) - When Ted Ashley took over Warner Bros. in 1969, it was a drab studio that had been losing money year after year. When he left 11 years later, it was a Hollywood powerhouse that had churned out such hits as "The Exorcist," "Superman," and "Dirty Harry." Ashley's legacy at Warner Bros. was remembered after he died Saturday in New York from acute leukemia. He was 80. Under Ashley, Warner Bros. became the much-emulated model of a successful studio. In the early 1970s, Ashley teamed with Frank Wells, who later became chief of Walt Disney Co., and John Calley, current chairman of Sony Pictures.
The studio released a laundry list of hits under their guidance, including "All the President's Men," "Blazing Saddles," Chariots Of Fire," "Dog Day Afternoon," "Deliverance," "Klute," "Oh, God!" "The Outlaw Josey Wales," "Superman," "Summer of '42," "Towering Inferno," and "What's Up Doc?" Under Ashley's direction, Warner Bros. also was responsible for the box office successes of Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand and the directorial ascendancy of Stanley Kubrick and "A Clockwork Orange." "The studio had been losing money year after year, and the first year we got there, I think the studio made $35 million, which was a lot of money," Calley said Sunday from Beverly Hills. Hardworking and low-key, Ashley thrived on nurturing talent.
Last Sunday was the Concours d'Elegance car show at Pebble Beach.
The guest list included Malcolm McDowell, Jay Leno, Clint Eastwood, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Diane Ladd, Randy Quaid and Mark Rydell. The night before Sunday's event, the stars stopped off at a Carmel Valley Ranch dinner thrown by Cadillac and GM honchos Bob Lutz and John Devine, Automobile magazine and Nicola Bulgari -- who designed dashboards for a new Cadillac -- along with Mia Maestro, one of the leads in the forthcoming movie "Frida."
Here is the list of extras for the long awaited Cat People DVD re-release!
DVD Release Date: August 27, 2002
Aspect Ratio(s): Widescreen anamorphic - 1.85:1
Region 1
Audio English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
• Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen
• Production notes
• Theatrical trailer
• An Intimate Portrait by Paul Schrader
• Feature Commentary with director Paul Schrader
• On the Set with the Director
• Special Make-Up Effects by Tom Burman
• Matte Paintings
• Filmmaker Robert Wise on the producer of the original Cat People, Val Lewton8/22/02
Here is a little bit about The Company from the Chicago paper The Daily Southtown.
Robert Altman has been scouting Chicago as a possible site. The film is about a ballet company, and it will center on the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, its dancers and choreographer Gerald Arpino, co-founder and artistic director. In making the film, Altman will go behind the scenes to film the Joffrey troupe in rehearsal and performance. Malcolm McDowell will play the part of Arpino.
Robert Altman is also making the rounds at Chicago's eateries. Recently, he was seen dining on fish at Hugo's Frog Bar with actress Neve Campbell and actor Malcolm McDowell. Just last week, the trio was seen eating lunch at Miller's Pub.
Malcolm will have a small role in the film Hidalgo. Click on it to read more about the film. It is unknown what his role will be.
Thanks to the Computer Genius for the info.
The good news doesn't stop - when it rains, it pours!
Warner Brothers no longer has the rights to O Lucky Man! This means the film should turn back over to the estate of Lindsay Anderson, which means a DVD and theatrical re-release can be put into motion as soon as the lawyers have sorted it out.
The news every Malcolm fan has been waiting to hear! No more need for petitions. Big thanks to Paul for the update.
if.... is finally going to be released on DVD by a new British company (not Paramount)
which means it is a new print!! Malcolm recorded his full film commentary yesterday and it is
terrific, according to David Sherwin, who is recording his on Thursday.
Click on the link below for info on the ballet company.
Malcolm has been cast as one of the leads in the new Bob Altman film The Company. Neve Campbell is also starring and the story is about the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. The roll came directly from the night at Lincoln center when we all saw "Gangster No. 1". Malcolm is filming on the set right now! When he isn't filming he is playing a mean game of golf.
A new book 'Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures' is coming out in October. The book, put out by his wife, is a companion to the awesome documentary of the same name released last year. It is guaranteed to contain tons of new pictures including ACO related shots behind the scenes.
Click here for a picture of the cover.
One of the great film directors of our time, Stanley Kubrick had a profound influence on motion pictures. He was a notoriously private man, rarely granting interviews. For the first time, his life will be portrayed in over 200 images from film, photographs, and the words and full-color paintings of Christiane Kubrick, his wife for over 42 years. Never before seen photographs offer a unique perspective on a man, his times, and his films-from his very first, Day of Flight (1950), through to his last and unrealized project, finished by Steven Spielberg, A.I. (2001). Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures explores the many and varied aspects of its subject-the director, the producer, the photographer, the writer and, not least of all, the man himself.
This is a weird bit of ACO related news I have been meaning to post.
Actor Steven Berkoff, who played a constable in 'A Clockwork Orange' (the one who pushes down on Alex's nose after he is arrested and gets a nasty surprise), was set to perform his one-man show 'Shakespeare's Villains' in Ann Arbor on June 25, was deported from the US due to a "deficiency in his documentation". Berkoff violated visa regulations in 1997 by staying one day longer than he was supposed to.
Would someone tell the INS that a prestigious British film actor never committed any terrorist acts in the US? They should see the long September 11th poem he wrote on his site here.
Issue #2 of Camera Journal has gone to print, so you will be able to order your copy any time now from www.camerajournal.com. Drop Paul an email if interested.
Not only does it feature a 14 page interview with Malcolm McDowell with some new full color pictures - never seen before, there is a 2 page article on the NYC Tribute from May written by Your Humble Narrator himself. So you can get my article as a bonus if you just wanted the interview.
Malcolm McDowell's involvement in Helen of Troy has been confirmed. 
Individual tickets for this production will go on sale on September 3rd. If you wish to make arrangements for a ticket purchase, email them your telephone number, and they will have a patron representative call you. 

Total Movie & Entertainment #7 May/June 2002 issue has a list of the top 20 hottest sex scenes in the movies. Here is what they said:
#5 - Caligula. "The original premise behind Caligula--the brainchild of Penthouse founder-publisher Bob Guccione--was to combine graphic sex and violence was artful, intelligence filmmaking. But somewhere along the line, despite Gore Vidal's screenplay and the star power of Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, John Gielgud and Peter O'Toole, groundbreaking cinema got lost amidst gratuitous smut. When presented with a cut of a film, Guccione sensed this and decided to appease the raincoat crowd. So off he went with a camera and a couple Penthouse Pets. The result is some of the most bizarre and realistic sex ever captured on film--mainstream or otherwise. Women fellate midgets, the obese serve as orgy centerpieces and the aforementioned Pets romp from sex scene to sex scene. Art it ain't, but it's awfully mesmerizing."
Edoardo Ponti's Canada-Italy co-production Between Strangers will make its world premiere at the 27th Toronto International Film Festival, Sept. 5-14.
The film, which will be screened as a Special Presentation, features an ensemble cast including Sophia Loren, Gerard Depardieu, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Mira Sorvino, Pete Postlethwaite, Malcolm McDowell and Debra Kara Unger.
 The story features three women facing emotional challenges in Toronto, a place where everyone is emotionally challenged.
There is now a date for the premiere of Helen of Troy in Sarasota Florida!
 Thursday March 20, 8 pm
Fri. 21 2-8 pm
Sat. 22 2-8 pm
Sun. 23 2-8 pm
For ticket info check:
A chance to see a clip of Malcolm's biggest budget film since Star Trek.
Today is a good day to catch a movie. They are debuting the trailer for I Spy on films like MIB2. It doesn't feature much Malcolm, but does show him and his plane. The release date is a few months away, November 1.
Prophecy loses money, hopefully not delaying release of The Barber.
Prophecy Entertainment announces financial results for the third quarter
VANCOUVER - Prophecy Entertainment Inc. (CDNX: PEI - News) today announced the financial results for the three months ending March 31, 2002. The Company had delayed the announcement of these results to allow for a thorough review and re-evaluation of the Company's financial position and accounting policies.

As a result, the Company is posting a net loss $2.3 million for the three months ending March 31, 2002. The bulk of this loss is attributed to the analysis of the Company's Film Production Costs for Completed Projects, Film Properties under Development, Accounts Receivables and Deferred Distribution Costs that, in management's opinion, are not recoverable or recoupable.
Revenue for the period was $454,937. The Company continues to sell and collect revenue from royalty agreements on its completed projects, including its most recent film entitled The Barber starring Malcolm McDowell.
"The Company can now concentrate on implementing an appropriate restructuring and strategic action plan to move forward with producing and selling films", said John Curtis, Interim President.
Prophecy Entertainment Inc. is a producer and distributor of independent motion picture entertainment with a focus on commercially driven properties.
Gangster No.1 grossed $5,514 on one screen in its 1 screen opening weekend in New York.
During the NYC tribute Malcolm mentioned he was going to be doing a film with Mike Nichols (Working Girl, Catch-22) in London in November of this year. He also mentioned an upcoming role where he would play a transvestite!? I don't know if it is the same project or two different ones.
The Rollerball remake has been released on DVD and it has Rob Zombie's "Never Gonna Stop" ACO video.
Click here for the cover scan.
Click here for more info and pics about the video.
One of Malcolm's most popular roles is coming back in print - Cat People. So far no extras are listed. If this doesn't change it will be a complete waste since since the sound and picture is so good on the original.
On August 27th Universal will release the 1982 version of 'Cat People' staring Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell and Annette O'Toole on DVD. It will be in Dolby Stereo and Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 video, Region 1 + Closed-captioned.
I updated the Cat People page with hot links, dates, notes and together again.
Confirmation of a Malcolm project that has seen little info about it.
Moonstone recently announced an alliance with horror director Tobe Hooper to collaborate on the dark comedy "Planning Lawrence Fankhauser's Death." The first picture under the deal is Robert Louis Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," to be written and directed by Allan A. Goldstein. Goldstein most recently directed the thriller "Dorian," an adaptation of "The Portrait of Dorian Gray," starring Malcolm McDowell.
Because of this I started a page for Dorian - not much yet - cast, news + notes.
Great news for west coast Lindsay Anderson fans!
Wednesday, July 3, "The White Bus" will be shown at the historic Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles California, as part of their "Mods & Rockers" retrospective!? It will be screened after the feature film "Darling" in a double-bill starting at 7:30.
June 28th will be Bill Maher's last day as host of Politically Incorrect and Malcolm will be one of the last guests on the June 20th show!
The lineup is: Malcolm McDowell; Incubus' Dirk Lance; C.O.R.E. Spokesman Niger Innis; Actor French Stewart
An interesting note is that Malcolm was supposed to be on with Niger Innis back on 2/8/02. Also another point worth noting is Malcolm was on exactly 1 year earlier on 6/20/01.
Jamie Kennedy is an ACO fan!
On the most recent episode of Mtv's Cribs his house is shown. Most of the decorating is movie related and a quick shot in his bathroom shows the UK hat poster. I guess he isn't making the big, big money - should be able to afford a vintage original poster. ;-)
Scan of the bathroom with the poster on the far wall.
For more ACO Media mentions click here.
 Night Visions starts June 14 8pm on Sci-Fi Channel. 
Malcolm's episode is unfortunately NOT scheduled for the next six weeks. See Sci-Fi's Night Visions Page
 They have started to run TV ads for it and there is a small clip of Malcolm's episode if you are lucky enough to be watching when it airs. I have updated the Night Visions page with a banner and notes about the episode.
After the 2nd showing of ACO at the NYC Tribute they added more dates since it had sold out.
So next month if you want to see ACO at The Walter Reade Theater in New York you can.
The dates are June 26, 29, 30 - check here for details www.filmlinc.com/wrt/wrt.htm
You should be able to buy tickets in a week or two.
The US release for Gangster No. 1 has been moved back to June 14.
An obscure Malcolm TV work is on in a couple weeks - Adventures from the Book of Virtues. I started a page for and and you can check the TV listings for it.
A new major work on Kubrick is coming out this month and is guaranteed to contain ACO pictures and info and hopefully quotes from Malcolm.
Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick by Rodney Hill and Gene D. Phillips (author of "Stanley Kubrick: A Film Odyssey" and editor of "Stanley Kubrick: Interviews")

At 432 pages, this is the most in-depth overview of Stanley Kubrick's life, films, family, and collaborators, written by two staunch devotees of the great director's work, with a foreword and afterword by Kubrick's assistants and personal friends, Anthony Frewin and Leon Vitali.

"The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick" is the first book published since his death in 1999 that offers complete and unprecedented coverage of:

* Stanley Kubrick's life
* The thirteen feature films he directed, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining
* His early work, including the documentary shorts and his still photos for LOOK
* The actors who starred in his films
* Key members of his crew
* Inspiration for his movies
* Music and composers for his films
* Recurring themes and genres
* Behind-the-scenes insights into his films and his creative process
* Observations from colleagues
and much more.

An index and bibliography provide sources for further reading and research. More than sixty photographs and drawings include some never-before-published pictures.
You can preorder it if you like (I don't get anything if you do). 
Here's some strange ACO related news.
Click here for live tour photo.
LONDON (Reuters) - Disheartened Kylie Minogue fans who missed out on tickets for her latest tour will be able to see one of her shows live via the web.
The webcast performance will be this Saturday from Manchester's Arena.
"We wanted to do it as a treat to those who can't see her because the tour completely sold out six months ago," said a spokeswoman for her management company.
The "Fever" European tour kicked-off last Friday in Cardiff and features remixes of old Kylie hits and new material from her "Fever" album.
Visuals for the show have been inspired by the worlds of "A Clockwork Orange", "Dr Who," "Star Trek," Bowie's "Diamond Dogs," and the New York underground dance scene of the 1980s.
Saturday's performance will be shown from 3:30 p.m. EDT at: www.msn.co.uk/kylie.
Now we have a date! On August 6, 2002 Time After Time will finally be released on DVD.
It will be presented in anamorphic widescreen and English 2.0 surround, with a new audio commentary by director Nicholas Meyer and actors Malcolm McDowell and David Warner, and the trailer.
So much for a big batch of extras like making of and deleted scenes. Too bad Mary Steenburgen wouldn't sit don't and do the commentary, that would've been interesting.
SARASOTA -- You wouldn't think that Brian Johnson, the raucous, charismatic lead singer of the rock group AC/DC, would connect with Robert de Warren, the reserved artistic director of the Sarasota Ballet. After all, Johnson belts out the sometimes-suggestive lyrics to songs like "Back in Black" and "Highway to Hell" in front of thousands of screaming fans. De Warren speaks softly in a "Masterpiece Theatre" British accent, listens to chamber music and only recently learned who Billy Joel was. Johnson is a T-shirt-and-jeans guy with black hair that tumbles out of his baseball cap. He loves his Porsche Boxster and his silver Harley-Davidson. De Warren favors country-club attire and drives a sturdy Cadillac de Ville with 150,000 miles on it.
But these polar opposites are friends and collaborators. Thursday, they announced plans for a lavish theatrical production that they hope will electrify Sarasota and then tour the nation.
The show is "Helen of Troy," a blend of song, dance and spectacle based on Greek mythology. The $1.2 million production will premiere in March at Sarasota's Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.
Johnson wrote the music and lyrics with partner Brendan Healy, a British composer and actor. De Warren will choreograph and direct the production, which will feature Sarasota Ballet dancers as well as a stage full of actors, singers, acrobats and fire-eaters. Johnson said his friend, Malcolm McDowell, the star of such films as "A Clockwork Orange," will play the role of Zeus, the show's narrator.
"Helen of Troy" has been in the works for six years, said Johnson, who described it as a poignant and funny love story set against the Trojan War. "I'm interested in mythology and history, especially military history," he said. "I must admit that the only part of the 'Iliad' that I read was about the siege of Troy." A 54-year-old native of northern England, Johnson has the charm, wit and working-class accent of a Dickensian rogue. His interests have always extended far beyond rock. "I love musical theater, especially the classic stuff," he said. To prove it, during lunch at Mediterraneo restaurant, Johnson started singing "I'd do anything, for you, dear, anything," from "Oliver!," and then launched into "Shall We Dance?" from "The King and I." Johnson isn't crazy about more recent musicals, though. He and his wife, Brenda, saw "Cats" several years ago. "I couldn't wait to leave," he said. "It was puerile drivel. That's when I started thinking I may as well try to write a show. Then I went to see 'Grease' in New York, and it was friggin' drivel, too. That spurred me on more." "Helen of Troy" is a "Les Miserables"-style musical, with rousing anthems,
tender ballads and minimal dialogue. "It's meant to be pure entertainment on a grand scale," Johnson said. "It's full of songs you can go out singing. It's Gilbert & Sullivan meets . I dunno, George M. Cohan, maybe."
And how in the world did Johnson and de Warren meet? They are both residents of Sarasota's Bird Key, where they were introduced by mutual friends a couple of years ago. "I'd seen Robert's work with the Sarasota Ballet even before I met him, and I was impressed," said Johnson, who has lived in Sarasota for 10 years. "I told him about this project, and I thought he'd be the right guy to help pull it together. We've really developed a simpatico relationship, a level of trust and respect."
De Warren said he was overwhelmed by the power and beauty of Johnson's music for "Helen of Troy," and by the sophistication and humor in his lyrics. "Brian is a bright, fascinating fellow, and it's so exciting to be part of a venture like this," he said. De Warren, who says he's over 60 but won't be more precise, led ballet companies in England, Iran and Italy before coming to Sarasota in 1994. He says he has become an AC/DC fan since meeting Johnson. "I went to their concert in Madison Square Garden last year, and it was amazing and so theatrical," he said.
AC/DC was founded in Australia in the early 1970s. Johnson joined the group in 1980. The band, among the top-selling rock groups in history, still tours regularly. "I still love performing, and I'll keep doing it until I become a parody of myself," Johnson said, laughing.
Nearly $800,000 of the $1.2 million budget for "Helen of Troy" has been raised from local and out-of-state contributors and investors, according to de Warren and Johnson. After seven performances at the Van Wezel, the show will tour Florida and then around the country, they said.
Another of their Bird Key neighbors, talk-show host Jerry Springer, may be interested in playing Zeus in "Helen of Troy" at some point. "Jerry and I have talked about it," Johnson said. "He just did a role in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' in New York, and did great."
Johnson hopes his head-banging AC/DC fans will take a chance on "Helen of Troy." "It's just me trying something new. I hate doing the same thing. That's why I have four cars, so I can drive a different one every day." And he'd be thrilled if "Helen of Troy" lands on Broadway, and critics hail
him as the rock-era's answer to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. "If that happened," he said, "I'd be so happy, there would have to be two of me to contain all my joy."

Another science-fiction series cast off by the broadcast networks has made its way to the Sci Fi Channel. The cable network has picked up all 13 episodes of "Night Visions," which ran briefly on FOX last summer, and will air them as part of its Friday lineup beginning June 14. The series, created by Dan Angel and Billy Brown ("The X-Files," "Goosebumps") and hosted by musician/actor/spoken-word artist Henry Rollins, is a "Twilight Zone" -like anthology of stories that deals in horror and the supernatural. Each hourlong episode features two stories. In addition to the shows that ran on FOX in 2001, three episodes that never made it to the airwaves will debut on Sci Fi. Two of those, featuring Thora Birch ("Ghost World" ) and Malcolm McDowell ("A Clockwork Orange" ), will be shown back-to-back and billed as a Sci Fi original movie. "Night Visions" also boasts appearances by Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Samantha Mathis, Philip Baker Hall, Natasha Lyonne, Joshua Jackson and Sherilyn Fenn, along with many others. Joe Dante ("Gremlins" ) and Tobe Hooper ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" ) are among the directors of each installment.
Malcolm's next film is I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, which reunites director Mike Hodges and star Clive Owen for the first time since Croupier. Charlotte Rampling and Malcolm McDowell are also involved.
The first contest is to pick the top 3 favorite episodes of all-time. If you guess correct you win a costume from the show.
Enter the Lexx contest #1
The second contest is to send in a photo of yourself in your best Lexx style costume and you may win one of three original scripts from the show or one of three one-of-a-kind Lexx costumes. Your photo will be judged by a real expert -- Lexx's 790, played by Jeffrey Hirschfield.
Send your photo to web@spacecast.com
I was approached about a charity auction that ends today for an autographed copy of ACO signed by Malcolm which comes with a letter from his agent. Note: I am not the one selling it, but if you want a guaranteed auto and want to give to charity here is your chance.
Click here to bid on eBay
Click here to see a scan of it.
April Fool!
"We will be having a tribute to Malcolm McDowell from May 22 to May 30 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater in New York City. He is expected to attend some screenings. We should have a complete schedule posted online early next week. Please check this page: www.filmlinc.com/wrt/wrt.htm at that time for a link."
Big thanks to Rosemary for the info. I set up a page for the Tribute here. There isn't much to see except for a cool little banner I made.
Here is some hopeful news about a Time After Time DVD release from dvdjournal.com.
Dave went digging around Warner's online press database and found actual DVD boxcover art for Nicholas Meyer's 1979 Time After Time starring Malcolm McDowell, Mary Steenburgen, and David Warner — a disc we suggested yesterday that the folks at Warner are likely to release this year. There are no specs or date announced, but the fact that there is a box cover shows that the studio has not forgotten about this fan-favorite. Additionally, we received this letter yesterday from our pal Dan Duvall in L.A.:I enjoyed a screening of Time After Time at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre in June of 2001. Mr. McDowell was there for a Q&A session with the audience, but the biggest surprise was a "video greeting" recording just for the event by Mary Steenburgen! McDowell had actually invited her to be there in person, but she couldn't make it. Please make Warner Home Video aware that the Steenburgen greeting exists: if she's willing to release the rights, it'd make for a cool DVD supplement.
At the end of Part 2 of Firestarter they announced that the mini series will be released on DVD and VHS May 28. Interestingly is the pictures of the box read "Firestarter 2 - Rekindled".
This months Starlog features a lengthy article on Firestarter. It has some quotes from Malcolm and a bunch of pictures, the only problem is that it is insanely priced at $7.99 !?
In Camera Journal #1 David Sherwin mentions he is adapting his book 'Going Mad in Hollywood and life with Lindsay Anderson' into a film. Malcolm will play Lindsay and Paul Bettany (from Gangster No. 1) will play Sherwin. I wanted to find out more and here it is. It is true. The film is still in development and it hasn't yet been given the green light to start shooting. So right now anything could happen. If it does this could be an Oscar caliber role for Malcolm.
I set up a page for Going Mad in Hollywood with all the information so far.
Sci-Fi Firestarter promo/singles meet up
NEW YORK @ Pressure March 1, 2002 7pm - 11pm
110 University Pl New York, NY Tickets for the New York event at Pressure can be purchased at the door on the night of the event. Your $20 cover includes: 1 free drink ticket, DJ and dancing, cash bar and appetizers, Apple iPod giveaways, and sizzling performances.

SAN FRANCISCO @ Club NV March 1, 2002 6pm - 10pm
520 Howard Street San Francisco, CA Tickets for the San Francisco event at Club NV can be bought online HERE. Your $15 cover includes: DJ and dancing, cash bar and appetizers, Apple iPod giveaways, and three sizzling fire performances.
CHICAGO @ Smart Bar March 7, 2002 6pm - 10pm
3730 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL Tickets for the Chicago event at SMART BAR can be purchased at the door on the night of the event. Your $10 cover will include one free drink ticket, DJ and dancing, cash bar and appetizers, Apple iPod giveaways, and sizzling performances.

Washington, DC @ Blue Room March 7, 2002 7pm - 10pm
2321 18th Street Washington D.C. There is no cover charge for the event at the BLUE ROOM All you have to do is show up and your night will include: 1 free drink ticket, DJ and dancing, cash bar and appetizers, Apple iPod giveaways, and sizzling performances.
if.... opens today in London at:
Metro - Rupert Street W1 - 020 7437 0757
Picturehouse Clapham - 020 7498 3323
And select cinemas starting on 3/8/02
Since A.I. was the last film Kubrick worked on and featured some ACO imagery AND is coming out on DVD next week, here are some things for you to check out.

Trailer links:
BFI has put up a page for the if.... re-release
At the request of David Sherwin, The Cambridge University Film Quarterly, which is modeled on Anderson's 'Sequence', is doubling as the official program at the gala premiere of the re-release of if...., in London on Thursday. Customer copies will be mailed on Friday 22nd February. There were also be a brand new design for the if... poster at the premiere.
A Canadian distributor has informed me to expect a direct to VHS/DVD of The Barber soon.
Press Release
For immediate release
If…. [UK 1968]Dir Lindsay Anderson, Starring Malcolm McDowell, David Wood and Richard Warwick
111 mins, colour and b/w, Cert 15
Opens 1 March 2002 at Metro Cinema, & Clapham Picture House, London and at selected cinemas nationwide from 8 March 2002  
As critic, ‘Free Cinema’ co-founder and acclaimed feature film director, Lindsay Anderson was one of Britain’s greatest cineastes and one of the most radical and outspoken voices in contemporary filmmaking. If…. (1968) is undoubtedly his finest achievement, expertly mixing everyday realism with the surrealism of Vigo and Bunuel and a very British sense of social satire. Set in an oppressive public school, the film tells the story of three seniors who refuse to conform to the outdated rules and regulations of the college that governs their lives, and fight back against their repressive right-wing teachers. Anderson’s poetic vision and anti-authoritarian message with the school as a metaphor for contemporary society fed into the social and political climate of 1968, touching a nerve with the aspiring revolutionary youth and inspiring a generation of young British rebels. The film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1969 and launched the careers of scriptwriter David Sherwin and cameraman turned cinematographer/director Chris Menges; and made a star of Malcolm McDowell, here in his first role as the rebel against the system. Sherwin and McDowell were reunited with Anderson on O Lucky Man! (1973) and Britannia Hospital (1982) to form the informal ‘state of the nation’ Mick Travis trilogy.   Bold, on-the-edge and unrepentantly provocative If…. is a truly original vision which cemented Anderson’s place in British cinema history, and inspired a young generation of filmmakers and artists to develop a style and attitude which challenged the aesthetics and politics of the establishment. Almost thirty-five years on, with David Sherwin’s autobiographical account of his collaboration with Anderson, Going Mad in Hollywood, (currently in development); the time is ripe for a reinterpretation of Anderson’s explosive tale. In association with Accenture, If…. is being brought back to the big screen in March 2002, to inspire a new generation of young British rebels, seeking an alternative to the ‘School Disco’ and ‘Friends reunited’ phenomena.  For further information on the release and interviews please contact: Sarah Bemand at the bfi on 020 7957 4740 or email sarah.bemand@bfi.org.uk
TVA International in Canada has released the Gangster No. 1 Region 1 DVD, and it is the only way to see the unrated director's cut which is four minutes longer than the R2 version. To order go to the link below and type Gangster No 1 and select 'title' to bring it up.
The distributor told me, "We bought the DVD master from Film Four so the film is the same, as is the commentary track. We did new menus, split screen neo-Richard Lester style."
The package is also different. Check the Gangster No.1 page for front and back scans.
The new Cambridge University Film Journal is out to buy on www.camerajournal.com
 There are fifty pages on Lindsay Anderson, with more than twenty full page photos from if....
Check out the if...news section page for two pics and info.
Stranger things have have happened, but The Void has been released way ahead of schedule in the Far East.
This Friday night/Saturday morning Malcolm will make his third Politically Incorrect appearance in the last 8 months! Thanks to Bill Maher for putting Malcolm on TV so much. Check the Politically Incorrect page for guest information.
Cross Creek is coming out on DVD 2/19 from Anchor Bay. This is one of Malcolm's smallest rolls, just a cameo really, but it has been out of print for a long time. This is certainly not one of my favorite of his movies. I wonder if Mary will talk about Malcolm in the featurette.
DVD Cover with new art
New features:
• Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs 
• Cross Creek: A Look Back With Mary Steenburgen - an all new 17 minute featurette 
• Theatrical Trailer2/2/02
Here are some notes about Firestarter.
The film picks up the story of Charlie McGee (Moreau) 10 years after the events in the book and the 1984 movie it spawned. McGee, who has the ability to start fires with her mind, has spent the past 10 years on the run from the unscrupulous government agents who created her. But now she's through running.
The miniseries will be presented in widescreen format. 
There is now an ad on the Sci-Fi Channel for the Firestarter: Rekindled mini-series, they showed a few scenes, but no shots of Malcolm. It is airing March 10th + 11th.You can watch a short teaser trailer on http://www.scifi.com/firestarter
Rob Zombie's new video "Never Gonna Stop" premiered on Mtv last night and was based on A Clockwork Orange and included the opening shot in the Korova and the Durango 95 with Rob dressed up as Alex.
It seems Malcolm has left the Paradigm agency and is now with Cunningham, Escott & Dipene - maybe that is why the big role in I Spy came about.
If you live near London or Memphis you can have a chance to see and buy prints of vintage black and white Malcolm photos from 1971.
Malcolm sitting 1971
Helen Drew
The Hulton Getty Picture Gallery
3 Jubilee Place
Chelsea, London SW3 3TD
44 (0)207376 4525
Dan Oppenheimer
The Robinson Archive
387 So. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38103
1 901 619 4478
Malcolm will be in a major big budget film as, you guessed it, the villain. It is a remake of the 1960s TV show I Spy. If the film is done well it could be the biggest grossing film he has ever been in as well as opening him up to a whole new audience. Or it could be another Magoo...
Gangster No. 1 is coming out on Region 1 DVD!! and contains:
Audio Commentary, Cast and Crew Interviews, Deleted Scenes, Behind the Scenes, Featurette and Theatrical trailer.
Release date is January 22, 2002
A chance to see ACO and A Life in Pictures on the West Coast!!
In January, the American Cinematheque in Hollywood will present "Grand Master: The Films of Stanley Kubrick," which comes on the heels of the Cinematheque's special engagement of "2001," screening with a brand-new 70mm print. "2001" screens from Dec. 20-31, and the retrospective will take place Jan. 11-19. Kubrick's longtime friend, producer and brother-in-law, Jan Harlan, will introduce and discuss his documentary portrait "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures," and will also join director-actor Sydney Pollack for an introduction to "Eyes Wide Shut," Kubrick's final movie. The schedule of the retrospective is listed below.
Saturday, Jan. 12 - 5:00 pm
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, 1971, Warner Bros. Edited by Bill Butler (Oscar nominee, 1972). This benchmark cinematic prophecy proved to be more foresighted than anyone dreamed, as the punk explosion and skinhead-fomented race riots demonstrated in the later '70s.
Saturday, Jan. 19 - 5:00 pm
STANLEY KUBRICK: A LIFE IN PICTURES, 2001, Warner Bros. Home Video Kubrick's longtime friend, producer (and brother-in-law) Jan Harlan created this riveting portrait of the maestro, from his childhood in the Bronx through his early days as a photo-journalist, his first features, the furor over LOLITA and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (featuring Malcolm McDowell), right up to his final days working on EYES WIDE SHUT.
Friday, Jan. 11 - 7:30 pm - The Shining
Saturday, Jan. 12 - 8:30 pm - Spartacus
Sunday, Jan. 13 - 5:00 pm - Dr. Strangelove
Sunday, Jan. 13 - 7:00 pm - Barry Lyndon
Wednesday, Jan. 16 - 7:30 pm - Day of the Fight + Killer's Kiss + The Killing
Thursday, Jan. 17 - 7:30 pm - Lolita
Friday, Jan. 18 - 7:30 pm - Paths of Glory
Saturday, Jan. 19 - 8:30 pm - Eyes Wide Shut
American Cinematheque Website
The New York Film Academy kicks off its 2002 film series with Saturday Night Screenings of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange"
Starting January 11th we will be showing back to back screenings of "A Clockwork Orange" throughout the month of January. The NYFA will be hosting this event in it's theater at Union Square in Downtown Manhattan and will be screening a 16mm print.
Admission will be $5.00 and will include a free drink at the famous Korova Milk Bar (Modeled after the bar of the same name in "A Clockwork Orange") after the show.
You can't miss this rare opportunity to see Stanley Kubrick's classic story of "ultra violence" on the big screen.
Show dates: January 11th, 18th & 25th
screenings will be at 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM
$5.00 admission

NYFA Screening Room
100 East 17th Street (Union Square)
New York, NY 10003

Korova Milk Bar
200 Avenue A
East Village 
New York City 10009
Between East 12th and 13th Street
ph/fax (212) 254-8838

Geoff Ryan
Yesterday's Target has been released on R2 DVD - go to that page to see the scan.
Y2K will be released 12/18/01 on Region 1 DVD under a new name:
"Terminal Countdown" since the name Y2K is a joke now.
DVD Cover
Princess of Thieves DVD will be released 12/18/01 and has 2 good extras on it:
DVD Cover
Audio Commentary by Peter Hewitt - Director
Featurette - "Princess of Thieves: The Adventure Behind the Adventure"
Fantasy Island for real - no Malcolm
"Fantasy Island" Gets Real
Yes, da plane might be making another stop on Fantasy Island. But this time things might be a little more real.
NBC is planning to bring back the Aaron Spelling-ABC schlock classic as a reality series. Peacock executives have given the green light to a nonfiction pilot featuring real-life guests pursuing their dreams in vignettes that range from romance to adventure.
Executive producer Danica Krislovich says the show will not have a prize element à la Survivor but will instead be an amalgam of the CBS hit along with Fox's Temptation Island and the WB's Popstars, with a twist straight from the old show.
"There's no elimination process and there's no game to it. This is not formulaic," Krislovich tells E! Online.
Instead, staying true to the original series, visitors will be flown out on "da plane" for a stay at a yet to be determined tropical resort. Krislovich says she imagines several unscripted stories over the course of one or possibly even several episodes. And like its predecessor, the reality version won't necessarily guarantee a happy ending.
"Per episode, there'll be one to three fantasies," says Krislovich. "Storylines may intersect or not. Whether it's someone trying to overcome a fear...looking for a soulmate [or] bridge a rift between a father or a sibling, what will determine the format will be going behind the scenes and researching their lives."
One such story she's considering is helping someone who dreams of being a private eye solve a case. Another story may feature a love triangle between a husband, wife and mistress or maybe a soldier trying out to be a Navy SEAL who, unfortunately, didn't make it through Hell Week.
"There will also be several twists and turns and a beginning, middle and an end," added Krislovich who is busy coming up with several workable scenarios.
Producers acknowledged they are searching for a Mr. Roarke-style host, as well as a suitable sidekick to take the place of Tattoo, originally played by the late Hervé Villechaize, who committed suicide in 1993.
There's also no word on whether Ricardo Montalban will be returning as either the white-suited wishmaster or in some other capacity. Krislovich says she and NBC are considering a wide range of talent, but she's open to the idea of bringing back the 80-year-old actor.
Although Montalban was unavailable for comment Tuesday, he once said that he'd love to reprise the role despite debilitating back surgery.
"I would have to work with a walker or a wheelchair, which would be kind of more mysterious," Montalban told TV Guide in 1998. "With this character, Roarke, I think it wouldn't be too bad. He's guiding the whole thing with his mind, anyway, not with his body. So I could do it."
This will be the third go-round for Fantasy Island. After buying the rights to the show from Spelling, Columbia TriStar television launched a remake of Fantasy in 1998, featuring British thespian Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Roarke.
On 10/8 on the Mark and Brian Radio Show in LA this trivia question was asked that everyone here should know.
Q: Critics have marveled at the irony of the song choice in this classic movie scene when, in fact, it was never planned. Because it was the only song this actor could think of singing, the director stopped filming in order to get the rights. What's the film? Who's the actor? What is the song?
A: Highlight the text -> A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell, "Singin' In The Rain"
Malcolm will be on Politically Correct once again on 10/25 on ABC. Looks like his last appearance went over well.
At the Laemmle Theatre in Santa Monica, CA you can see:
Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures (2:22) 
Sat Oct 20 12:45 PM 
Sun Oct 21 9:00 PM 
Mon Oct 22 11:00 AM 
Tues Oct 23 8:45 PM
There is some great news - a bunch of Malcolm movies are coming out on R1 DVD!
2103 Deadly Wake is available now on Amazon for $12.99
Stargate Special Edition/Moon 44 2 pack and also Moon 44 released by itself is coming 10/23/01
Britannia Hospital is coming 12/4/01
Princess of Thieves is coming 12/18/01 (also VHS)
The Second Greatest Story Ever Told is also available on VHS now. 
Official blurb about 2103 finally being released this week on video in the US. DVD is not out yet.
2103 The Deadly Wake: Sci-fi thriller set on the high seas that involves a sexually spirited entity that dominates and pleases the crew. As the crew navigates with a secret cargo, they realize they are pawns delivering biological weapons, and they must choose to fight -- or die -- together. Director: Philip Jackson. Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Michael Pare. 2001, CC, MPAA rating: NR, 100 min., Science Fiction, York/Maverick, No VHS SRP, Priced for rental.
I have gotten a proof copy of Kubrick The Definitive Edition by Michel Ciment. It is an update of his famous 1980 book on Kubrick. Besides having lots of info on ACO as well as an ACO interview with Kubrick it also has a brand NEW interview with Malcolm conducted in London on July 13, 1999. Cover price is $45 though. Originally published in France, this is the first English edition.
Dr. Orloff writes that if... is coming to DVD, but not until 2003.
The 8 disc Kubrick Collection 2 is coming this month out on R4 DVD. It contains ACO and A Life in Pictures. It does not included Dr. Strangelove though.
Britannia Hospital is coming to TV in Poland 10/3/01, though under a different name:
"Szpital Britannia", 22:15, TV REGIONALNE Malcolm McDowell w filmie Lindsaya Andersona
Cyborg 3: The Recycler has been released on Region 2 (UK) DVD - this is one of Malcolm's smallest roles.
On Nov. 5 at the McGinn/Cazalle Theatre (Broadway and 76th St.), The Play Company 2001 will host a benefit reading of the new book "The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan" performed by Malcolm! For information, call (212) 206-1515 between 12:00 noon and 8:00pm Eastern time. For tickets go to www.smarttix.com. Right now with the attack on NY, everything is not yet set in stone and tickets aren't available online yet. 
Malcolm will play Dr. Daniel Critchley in "Patterns" which should air 9/20
Coming this month to home video on September 11th is Just Visiting! It will be released on VHS + Widescreen DVD with a Featurette - "The Magic Behind the Magic", 2.35:1 ratio, Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Check out the Video Release Ad!
It seems the official site www.just-visiting.com has been taken down.
Here is the address to politely demand them to release if.... on DVD
Paramount Home Video
5555 Melrose Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 900038-3197 
Attn: Mr. Martin Blythe
Stanley Kubrick - A Life in Pictures UK premiere:
BBC2 September 3rd
The bizarre Night Train to Venice has been released on Region 2 DVD. It is still not on DVD in R1.
Class of 1999 will be released on Region 2 DVD on Oct. 8 !
The name of Malcolm's character in Between Strangers is Alan.
I don't know what happened, but Gangster No. 1 was finally released on NTSC (US region) video in the Philippines. I ordered a copy yesterday and it is on the way. I will let you know how reliable they are when I get it if you wish to order. Thanks to Trinidad Payatas for scavenging it up.
There will be a mini Fantasy Island Marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel August 2nd. From 10 AM to 2 PM there will be 4 back-to-back episodes.
Gangster No. 1 is coming to the US !
IFC nabs ``Gangster'' rights 
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Indie distributor IFC Films has picked up U.S. distribution rights to British crime saga ``Gangster No. 1,'' which stars Malcolm McDowell and David Thewlis.
Set in 1968, the dark, violent comedy chronicles the rise and fall of a particularly ruthless English gangster, portrayed in his youth by Paul Bettany (``A Knight's Tale'') and later by McDowell. Thewlis plays the criminal who acts as the gangster's mentor. A first quarter 2002 release is planned.
Paul McGuigan directed from a script by Johnny Ferguson.
``Gangster'' recently screened in Los Angeles as part of a McDowell retrospective.
Stanley Kubrick Collection 2 gets UK release on 10th September 
Video box set (Pal VHS) can be pre-ordered at http://www.blackstar.co.uk/scp/id/rich/video/item/7000000064494 
DVD Box Set (Region 2) at http://www.blackstar.co.uk/scp/id/rich/video/item/7000000064479 
Contains : Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut and Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures. No details as yet of any DVD extras.
Coming in September 2001, Kubrick: The Definitive Edition
If Stanley Kubrick had made only 2001: A Space Odyssey or Dr. Strangelove, his cinematic legacy would have been assured. But from his first feature film, Fear and Desire, to the posthumously released Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick created an accomplished body of work unique in its scope, diversity, and artistry, and by turns both lauded and controversial.
In this newly revised and definitive edition of his now classic study, film critic Michel Ciment provides an insightful examination of Kubrick's thirteen films -- including such favorites as Lolita, A Clockwork Orange, and Full Metal Jacket -- alongside an assemblage of more than four hundred photographs that form a complementary photo essay. Rounding out this unique work are a short biography of Kubrick; interviews with the director, as well as cast and crew members, including Malcolm McDowell, Shelley Duvall, and Jack Nicholson; and a detailed filmography and bibliography.
Meshed with masterful integrity, the book's text and illustrations pay homage to one of the most visionary, original, and demanding filmmakers of our time.
For Kubrick fans in the UK who haven't yet seen the acclaimed documentary, the film will receive its UK premiere at the Cambridge Film Festival this Sunday (15th July). 
It's showing at the Cambridge Arts Picture house at 9:30 pm. Box office number is 01223 50 44 44. They are also screening the new 70mm print of 2001 on Saturday 14th at 10:45 am. http://www.cambridgefilmfestival.org.uk
In the UK the latest issue of Satellite TV Europe (like a TV Guide) has ACO/Gangster No. 1 on the cover because of it premiering on pay-per-view. The first time ever on English TV.
The Sci Fi Channel has wrapped principal photography on the original series "Firestarter: Rekindled." "Rekindled" revisits the character of Charlene "Charlie" McGee 20 years after the events in the 1984 film "Firestarter," which starred Drew Barrymore in the lead role and was based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King. The modern day Charlie, played by Marguerite Moreau ("Queen of the Damned" ), is tired of running from the government that created her. As she searches for answers to explain her psychic fire-starting powers, Charlie runs into Rainbird (Malcolm McDowell), a sociopathic government agent who wants to control her. Danny Nucci ("Some of My Best Friends") and Dennis Hopper also star. The four-hour miniseries, written by Philip Eisner ("Event Horizon" ), is slated to air in December. Robert Iscove directed the project.
I asked the Egyptian Theater people if they would be selling copies of the video or pictures taken at the tribute and they said no.
Another Malcolm appearance. I would think it is because he lives in the town.
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures - a documentary about the life of the late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick - will be given a benefit screening on July 8 in Ojai, Calif., at a fundraiser for the Ojai Film Festival. The documentary, produced and directed by Kubrick's brother-in-law, Jan Harlan, was made in cooperation with Kubrick's widow, Christiane Kubrick, and includes rare personal film footage and family photographs. It is narrated by Tom Cruise, who starred with Nicole Kidman in Kubrick's last film, "Eyes Wide Shut." Harlan will take part in a panel discussion and question-and-answer session after the screening with actor Malcolm McDowell, who starred in Kubrick's 1971 movie, "A Clockwork Orange." The Ojai festival will kick off Nov. 8 with a screening of Kubrick's 1968 Sci-Fi classic, "2001: A Space Odyssey."
Yes! Another new talk show appearance for Malcolm on the show that used to be hosted by his old pal Tom Snyder
Craig Kilborn
60 min.
Malcolm McDowell; Anna Faris; comic Graham Elwood. 11:35 PM CBS
UK TV Finally Gets 'Clockwork Orange' Sun, Jun 17, 2001 02:50 PM PDT
LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - After almost 30 years, UK TV viewers will have a chance to see Stanley Kubrick's classic "A Clockwork Orange." The film, which was pulled from UK distribution by Kubrick after the director received threats and hate mail, returned to UK theaters uncut in March following the 1999 death of Kubrick.
The film, which contains some graphic instances of violence including a gang rape and mugging, will premiere July 4 on the pay-per-view movie service Sky Box Office, according to the BBC. The film will not be edited, having received an "18 certificate" rating from British Board of Film Classification.
Malcolm McDowell starred in the film, which was based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. It has been widely available in the United States and across the world since its release, but was not seen in the UK legally for over 25 years at Kubrick's request. It was rereleased last week on DVD and video as part of a new comprehensive box set of Kubrick's work.
AP had an article about Stanley Kubrick which mentioned Malcolm and ACO. 
You can read it here.
Last night on AFI's 100 years...100 thrills they had some ACO footage and an interview clip of Malcolm - I think from the Life in Pictures.
Coming Next Wed June 20 at 11:05 PM central Malcolm will be on Politically Incorrect on ABC. I believe this is a new episode. Let's hope so!
Here is the best deal going on the net for the 9 DVD Stanley Kubrick set released today.
www.directvideo.com - for $110 + 10 shipping - Compared to Suncoast is $200 + tax or Amazon @ $150. This set is the ONLY way to get the DVD of Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures featuring Malcolm and it includes all his films from Eyes Wide Shut down to Lolita, of course this includes A Clockwork Orange.
Just a quick reminder: Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures airs on the cable movie channel Cinemax tomorrow at 7:30 pm est. Additionally, Cinemax is airing 'Full Metal Jacket' prior to 'A Life in Pictures' and 'Eyes Wide Shut' and A Clockwork Orange after it.
 On Cinemax Tuesday June 12 from 7:30PM-10:00PM there will be the World Premiere of Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, the same day it is available in the DVD box set.
American Cinematheque has updated their Malcolm page to include O Lucky Man!/Britannia Hospital as a double bill - that will be one long day! Thanks to them for linking to my site. 
Michael from anchorbayentertainment.com writes to my question of them releasing "if.. and O Lucky Man!" on DVD
"Currently we are only able to release BRITANNIA HOSPITAL, and we hope that we can contact Malcolm McDowell for an interview though we have had difficulty getting in touch with him."
If I get more news I'll post it here.
I read on a Polish website (which means I didn't understand much) that they are making a movie of Neuromancer based on William Gibson's 1984 cyberpunk classic. The novel is famous for coining the term "cyberspace". Summary: Case was the sharpest data thief in the Matrix, until an ex-employer crippled his nervous system. Now a new employer has recruited him for a last-chance run against an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence. With a mirror-eyed girl street-samurai riding shotgun, he's ready for the silicon-quick.
The cast was announced includes: Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Walken, John Voight Michael Caine and Donald Sutherland. All big names!
Check out my Neuromancer page to read an early screenplay.
FOX is finally airing "Night Visions," an anthology suspense series which was held over from midseason. "Visions," hosted by Henry Rollins, features a series of different stories in the tradition of "The Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery." Among the stars guesting on the series are Malcolm McDowell, Aidan Quinn, Bridget Fonda, Cary Elwes, Brian Dennehy, Bill Pullman, Jerry O'Connell, Jay Mohr and Luke Perry. The show is directed by Dan Angel and Billy Brown, who also created "The Fearing Mind" and the children's program "Goosebumps." They are also currently developing a new TV version of the classic science fiction series "Battlestar Galatica," along with Tom DeSanto and "X-Men" director Bryan Singer. "Night Visions" will debut on FOX Thursday, July 12.
Press Release
The Movie Network and Super Ecran acquire Canadian Television first broadcast rights for "Between Strangers", A Canadian-Italian Co-Production

Starring Sophia Loren; written and directed by Edoardo Ponti
TORONTO, May 30 /CNW/ - Astral Media's pay television networks, The Movie Network and Super Ecran, announced today they have pre-licenced the Canadian Television first broadcast rights for "Between Strangers," a Canadian/Italian co-produced film starring Sophia Loren; written and directed by Edoardo Ponti and produced by Gabriella Martinelli (Naked Lunch).
Starting principal photography in Toronto on June 5th, "Between Strangers" interweaves the stories of three women of different generations living in Toronto whose lives radically change when they confront their past, and in the process, embrace life's possibilities. Along with Sophia Loren, the international cast is comprised of Mira Sorvino (USA), Deborah Kara Unger (CAN), Gerard Depardieu (France), Malcolm McDowell (UK), Klaus Maria Brandauer (Austria), Pete Postlewaithe (UK), and Wendy Crewson (CAN).
"We are pleased to be participants at the very beginning of this Canadian- Italian co-production by pre-licensing this film. The strong script, exceptional mix of international and Canadian talent is sure to garner audiences here and outside of Canada," said Lisa de Wilde, President & C.E.O. of Astral Television Networks. "Astral Media's The Harold Greenberg Fund and Astral Media's pay television networks are committed to supporting movies at this stage, allowing us to partner with these productions and provide promotional and financial support through their journey from script to screen to our signal."
For exclusive coverage of "Between Strangers" watch upcoming broadcasts of (at) the Movies, every Saturday at 8:40pm/ET on The Movie Network.
Astral Media, is a leading Canadian media company, that owns and operates Eastern Canada's English and French pay and pay-per-view television networks, providing a premier entertainment experience for over 2 million Canadians. With access to the best movies available, brands like The Movie Network, MOVIEPIX, Super Ecran, Canal Indigo, and Viewer's Choice Canada provide audiences with diverse programming that ranges from yesterday's classics to today's blockbusters, independent hits, Canadian and International movies, exclusive series, and special presentations. Astral Media's pay television networks support Canadian feature film production from script development, through Astral Media's The Harold Greenberg Fund, to financing, exhibition and preservation.
Bruce Dickinson, the on again off again singer for Iron Maiden is the writer for The Chemical Wedding, a movie mentioned on the IMDB. I heard from Glenn who runs an Iron Maiden/Dickinson website this, "It was part rumor, Bruce confirmed some truth to it, but the big names supposedly involved were for the most part bullshit, as I recall." 
Malcolm McDowell will appear in person at a retrospective of his films, June 21-24, 2001, which will include screenings of "A Clockwork Orange," "O Lucky Man!,"  "Gangster  No. 1" and others. (For shame spelling his name wrong on their site!)
Tickets: Tickets are available at the theatre box office or through Moviephone at (800) 777-FILM. The box office opens 30 minutes before the first show of the day. Advance tickets can be purchased at the theatre box office up to 9 days in advance.
Parking: there are attended lots on Macdden Place and on Las Palmas (South of Hollywood Blvd.) Parking is $5-$6 flat rate. Also, just north of Hollywood Blvd., on the east side of Cherokee, is a Municipal parking lot (east of Musso & Frank,) where the first two hours are $1.
Getting there: the Egyptian Theatre is located on the south side of Hollywood Blvd. east of Highland (between Las Palmas and McCadden), tucked away between buildings just a block and a half east of Mann's Chinese Theatre, across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum. (It's recessed back from the street, so it's easy to miss if you're not careful.) From the Chinese Theatre, go east past Highland and the Egyptian will be on your right (south) side, (just past the Ripley's Museum and the Guinness Museum.)
Thanks to Catlady2001 for mentioning it.
The Surgeon DVD is the same as before - just in a crappy new package. What a scam.
Good news The Surgeon has gone out of print!! Bad news it is back in a new format...There is a new release of the DVD entitled Gold Series, Collector's Edition. I have no idea what, if anything extra is on it.
If you want the documentary on DVD you'll have to buy the 8 disc box set. It will also be shown on TV.
Debuting exclusively in a special Stanley Kubrick eight-title gift set -- having had its premiere showing at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival February 17 -- is Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, a powerful new 2 hour and 20 minute documentary, narrated by Tom Cruise. The documentary was produced and directed by Jan Harlan, longtime Kubrick associate who embarked on this exceptional project with other Kubrick filmmakers -- editor Melanie Viner Cuneo, associate producer Anthony Frewin and camera/soundman Manuel Harlan.
The first full-length documentary made with the Kubrick family's co-operation presents a never-before-seen, revealing portrait of Kubrick, sometimes in his own words, at work and with his family. Christiane Kubrick, the director's wife of more than 42 years, only recently made the film footage and family photographs available. Among the long list of actors, friends and colleagues paying tribute are Woody Allen, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Shelley Duvall, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Christiane Kubrick, Paul Mazursky, Malcolm McDowell, Matthew Modine, Jack Nicholson, Alan Parker, Sydney Pollack, Richard Schickel, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Douglas Trumbull and Sir Peter Ustinov
The documentary couldn't be shown at the Bronx salute, because The Screening Room's retrospective doesn't count as a "Festival". It will be shown at the Venice Film Festival this year and also will be on TV in June.
Coming Soon ! I bet the poster concepts were from Phil Castle as seen at his exhibition.
ACO is scheduled for a Special Edition DVD release on Sept 12. It is from the Classic Collection. This very special box set contains the DVD (Remastered), CD-Soundtrack, Senitype (image from movie and 35 or 70mm film frame) and Booklet about the production. Additionally a series of never before seen key art templates (previously rejected art concepts for the poster design) as a bonus. There will be a poster offer inside the set. Retail $59.95
Press Release. I have been told that the print of ACO is an old grainy one.
Stanley Kubrick restrospective held as part of Bronx walk of fame celebration. 
Salute to Legendary Bronx-Born Director Begins May 11 at The Screening Room
The Screening Room is pleased to join Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer and major sponsor Verizon in honoring New York native Stanley Kubrick as he is inducted posthumously into the Bronx Walk of Fame with a two-week retrospective of his films beginning May 11. An exacting visionary whose canon of work has made him one of the most influential directors of the past century, Stanley Kubrick the man remains one of the most enigmatic and provocative figures in cinematic history.
The retrospective seeks to shed light on what has kept his name in the spotlight by showcasing eleven of Kubrick's masterworks, from his earliest features (KILLER'S KISS, 1956; THE KILLING, 1957), to his final film (EYES WIDE SHUT, 1999). As an exciting addition, Kubrick's very first film, the very rare short DAY OF THE FIGHT (1951), will be screened, courtesy of the Kubrick estate, and the director's daughter, Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs, will be present at select screenings on Thursday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 23 to participate in Q&A's about her famous father.
Stanley Kubrick will be inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame as part of the Bronx Week 2001 celebration, entitled "Yes, the Bronx!", on Sunday, May 20 at 11:30 a.m. at 161st Street and the Grand Concourse. Also inducted will be actors Burt Young and Diahann Carroll; Mets great Ed Kranepool; award-winning author E.L. Doctorow; Good Day NY co-hosts Lyn Brown & Jim Ryan; KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley; hip hop artist KRS-ONE; Latin salsero Johnny Pacheco and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. The induction ceremony is the climax of Bronx Week 2001 which includes the Borough Cup Challenge with the U.S. Sailing Association at SUNY Maritime College on May 13, Youth and Education Day on May 15, Arts and Culture Day on May 16, Bike to Work and Health Day on May 17, Tourism Day on May 18 and Bronx Green-Up Day on May 19. For more information on any of the above events, please contact Arlene Mukoko at the Office of the Bronx Borough President by calling (718) 590-3541.
Stanley Kubrick Retrospective May 11 - 24, 2001 The Screening Room 54 Varick Street, just below Canal in TriBeCa (212) 334-2100 Tickets: $9 adults, $6 seniors and children under 12
Schedule Friday, May 11 A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971. 137 min.) 3:15, 6:10*, 9:00*, Midnight
Saturday, May 12 DR. STRANGELOVE (1964. 93 min.) 1:30, 3:20, 5:30*, 7:45*, 10:00, Midnight
Sunday, May 13 LOLITA (1962. 152 min.) 3:45, 6:30*, 9:30
Monday, May 14 PATHS OF GLORY (1957. 86 min.) 3:30, 5:15*, 7:30*, 9:45
Tuesday, May 15 EYES WIDE SHUT (1999. 159 min.) 3:30, 6:30*, 9:40*
Wednesday, May 16 KILLER'S KISS (1955. 67 min.) 3:15, 4:40, 6:15*, 8:00*, 10:00*
Thursday, May 17 DR. STRANGELOVE (1964. 93 min.) 4:30, 6:45*, 9:20* Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs will be present for an introduction and question and answer session for the 6:45 and 9:20 p.m. screenings of DR. STRANGELOVE.
Friday, May 18 FULL METAL JACKET (1987. 116 min.) 4:00, 6:20*, 9:15*, Midnight
Saturday, May 19 THE SHINING (1980. 146 min.) 3:00, 6:15*, 9:15*, 12:15
Sunday, May 20 SPARTACUS (1960. 198 min.) 4:00*, 8:00*
Monday, May 21 SPARTACUS (1960. 198 min.) 4:15*, 8:00*
Tuesday, May 22 THE KILLING (1956. 85 min.) 5:00*
Wednesday, May 23 BARRY LYNDON (1975. 184 min.) 4:00, 7:30* Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs will be present for an introduction and question and answer session for the 7:30 p.m. screening of BARRY LYNDON.
Thursday, May 24 THE KILLING (1956. 85 min.) 4:00, 5:45, 7:45*, 9:45*
*DAY OF THE FIGHT (1951. 16 min.) will screen prior to selected films at indicated showtimes.
All features will be screened in 35mm except Day of the Fight.
Archerd: Sophia Loren works with son on movie
By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Sophia Loren celebrates the start of her 100th film, ``Between Strangers,'' June 4 in Toronto -- working for her son, Edoardo Ponti, who's making his feature directorial debut (It's also his screenplay.)
I spoke to young (28) Ponti in Toronto where he is readying the start and asked how he would feel directing the Oscar (2) winner -- his mother!
``I feel so grateful to work with such a magnificent actress -- and person. We had been rehearsing a couple of weeks in L.A., and it seemed so natural to be working with her. I look forward to continuing on the set.''
Sophia's scenes will be with Gerard Depardieu and Pete Postlethwaite. And no, there are no torrid love scenes with either, he laughingly assured me. The pic involves the stories of three generations of women who confront their past. The cast also includes Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, Deborah Kara Unger, Malcolm McDowell, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Wendy Crewson.
I also asked if his father, Carlo Ponti, is involved in the production. The answer, he said laughingly, ``He is being my father -- and my friend.''
The producers are Gabriella Martinelli, Elda Ferri and Mario Cotone. The pic is Italian-Canadian financed and will be sold globally in Cannes by Martinelli starting next week. Edoardo says he feels ``blessed'' to have Martinelli as producer: ``She has taught me so much.''
Edoardo's brother Carlo Ponti, Jr., 32, the resident conductor of the San Bernardino Symph., is not doing the music. That credit will go to Bigniew Preisner, who collaborated with young Ponti on ``Requiem For My Friend,'' a live musical/visual tribute to Kieslowski and on ``Live,'' a short premiered at the Venice fest.
``Between Strangers'' is being filmed entirely in Toronto, ''and unlike 95% of the American movies shot here, we are shooting Toronto -- for Toronto. And this will be an effects-free movie!''
I was told that www.anchorbayenterment.com announced Britannia Hospital will be released on DVD in 2002 - hopefully if.... and O Lucky Man! will follow.
The Cinefest theater at Georgia University claims that they're screening a restored/remastered print of if.... in May.
Added production information on Mangler II.
From S - "You probably know that Malcolm McDowell is filming his latest movie in our city of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. This has brought quite a lot of excitement to our peaceful little tourist town of approximately 8,000 people. He is starring as "Dexter the barber" in a mystery thriller. According to our local newspaper, the filming will end on May 6th. I hope to get a glimpse of this fine actor. I'm sure he will enjoy his stay here."
The Star Trek: Generations Video Game w/Malcolm as the voice of Soran has been re-released. It is a 4 game boxed set entitled The Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection which includes:
Birth of the Federation
Klingon Honor Guard
A Final Unity
Reminder that the Tank Girl DVD came out - there are no extras, but it still is the best way to watch this terrible film.
The Shadowline Salerno Film Festival in Italy wants to have Malcolm appear there, more info as it becomes available to me.
Just Visiting Bombs!
Coming in at #12 on its opening weekend, it didn't even beat Crouching Tiger which has been out for 18 weeks.
Just Visiting Disney, $2.3 million, 1,590 locations, $1,429 average, $2.3 million, one week.
HBO has released some home videos of the Tales from the Crypt series and you guessed in Malcolm in the Reluctant Vampire is one of them. Each tape contains three episodes. The other episodes are: 'Death of Some Salesman' starring Ed Begley, Jr. and Tim Curry and 'Loved to Death' starring Andrew McCarthy and Mariel Hemingway. I have won a copy and will scan it when I receive it.
Malcolm in Just Visiting April 6th.
Moon 44 released on DVD in Japan.
Received confirmation nothing extra is on the Tank Girl DVD - total waste when it was said the company butchered the film and that was the reason it sucked so bad.
Tank Girl to be released on DVD 4/10/01 - no extras, a bad film gets no better. What about interviews, extras...something!?
Copyright: 1995, MGM
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Access
Video Format: Widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio
Audio Tracks: English: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround French: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Spanish: Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles: French, Spanish
# Discs: 1
Layers: Single
# Sides: One
Other: Written by Alan Martin; running time of 103 minutes . Coding: Regionally Coded for Region 1.
Malcolm will be playing the Sheriff of Nottingham, another famous role for him, in the Princess of Thieves airing at 7pm 3/11/01 ABC as a TV Movie.
New Kubrick documentary featuring interviews with Malcolm debuted in Germany this week.

Monday February 19 7:50 PM ET
Documentary brings Kubrick into focus
Stanley Kubrick -- A Life in Pictures (Documentary, color, no rating, 2:21)
By David Stratton
BERLIN (Variety) - Jan Harlan, brother-in-law of the late Stanley Kubrick, has come up with what is, for the time being at least, the definitive documentary on the mercurial, immensely gifted, challenging and usually controversial filmmaker.
With full cooperation from Kubrick's family, friends and collaborators, Harlan portrays him as a devoted family man who, though a lifelong New Yorker, lived for 40 years in Britain and whose complete perfectionism gave him the reputation for being difficult, unreachable or, in the words of one British tabloid, ``barking mad.''

There was a dark side to Kubrick. Malcolm McDowell rather touchingly describes his friendship with the director when he starred for him in ``A Clockwork Orange'' but recounts that after the film was completed, Kubrick rejected McDowell's attempts to continue the friendship on a permanent basis. Shelley Duvall, who bore the brunt of the director's anger at times during production of ``The Shining'' admits that ``he could do some pretty cruel things.'' And even his great supporter, Jack Nicholson, admits that ``he could be brutal.''
A Warner Bros. release of a Warner Home Video production. Produced by Jan Harlan.
Directed by Jan Harlan. Camera (color), Manuel Harlan; editor, Melanie Viner Cuneo; sound, Manuel Harlan; associate producer, Anthony Frewin. Reviewed at Berlin Film Festival (official section, non-competing), Feb. 17, 2001.
Reuters/Variety REUTERS
1999 News was lost. No News from 2000.
June 25
Oh, Magoo you've done it again. You can rent "Mr. Magoo" this week, do so at your own risk.
Also the AFI listed ACO as #46 in the Top 100 films of all time last week, should be higher, much higher.

April 18
Italy softening on 'Clockwork'
ROME -- An Italian court has changed the age rating for "A Clockwork Orange" from "no one under 18 admitted" to "no one under 14 admitted." The loosened rating amounts to a victory for Warner Bros., the distributor of Stanley Kubrick's violent classic, by allowing a wider youth audience to view the film. Paolo Ferrari, managing director of Warner Bros.' Italian division, said Thursday it has won the legal battle it started almost one year ago in an effort to show a reissue of Kubrick's 1971 film to today's Italian teenagers. "More than 25 years have gone by. Today's kids are much better equipped with the tools necessary to understand the film and not be influenced by it," said Ferrari. In May, Warner Bros. will release a restored version of "A
Clockwork Orange" on some 100 Italian screens. The lowered age rating also makes the film, which stars Malcolm McDowell, suitable for TV viewing in Italy.

April 2
Malcolm was on Tom Synder last night and he confirmed that he would be flying to Hawaii today to begin filming "Fantasy Island". Looks like it will be ready for the fall lineup! I'll transcribe the whole interview in the next week or so.

March 11

BIG NEWS!! Maybe your only chance to see a BRAND NEW print of ACO back on the big screen! It's WBs 75th Anniversary and to celebrate they put together the "Festival of Classics", their greatest films from the 30s to the 90s and ACO is one of them. Restored color, improved sound. I am extremely excited at a chance to see the original version of ACO. I won't miss it and neither should you if you live in the US or Canadat. Also for Kubrick fans, "The Shining" and "Full Metal Jacket" are included. Here are the dates and locations:
7/3/98 Miami AMC Coco Walk 3015 Grand Ave. #322, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
7/10/98 Milwaukee Landmark Oriental 2230 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202
7/10/98 Orlando GCC Colonial Promenade 4672 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32803
March 6

Educational Malcolm? Not quite. Malcolm did another guest voice on the educational show "The Magic School Bus". In the episode - "MSB Gets Programmed". One student programs the schools' new computer to do the morning tasks. Ring the bell, make announcements, raise the flag and water the lawns. The only problem is the kid set them to go off every minute instead of every day. Malcolm plays Mr. McClean the school custodian with a Scottish accent. Out of 26 minutes he is only in it for about a minute to provide comic relief. He gets chased by the sprinklers and raised up the flag pole.

February 13

I finally solved the "Batman" mystery. It was falsely reported by imdb.com (who else?) that Malcolm was in the original Batman 1966 TV series as Arcady Duvall in the 'Showdown' episode. Now any fan that did his or her research quickly learned there was no Arcady Duvall or 'Showdown' episode. It was also impossible for Malcolm to be in the show because he hadn't even been in the US at that time as he was performing in the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1966. So, it was all a lie, yes? Mostly. You see, I found the 'Showdown' episode. I was researching another claim from imdb, namely "Batman: The Animated Series (1992) Voice of
Ra's Al Ghul's Son" when I discovered it. 'Showdown', Episode 578, is in the Animated Series. Here's the deal, Ra's is a 600+ year old demon who HAS NO SON, only a daughter. He is desperate to have a male heir to his powers and finds a suitable candidate in Batman. Of course, Batman will not go for this and the daughter falls in love with him in the meantime. Ra's decides that if Batman will not join him then he will have to die, the only way his plan is thwarted is the daughter helps Batman escape. HERE'S THE KICKER! Ra's Al Ghul was voiced by none other than David Warner!!! So, it was probably the same idiot who thought that David was Malcolm in Scream 2. There you have it my little droogies, two mysteries in one solved by YHN.

February 12

Here's the word from Malcolm about my interviewing him for the "Tribute".

"We had a couple of different offers to request for interviews for the Internet and he doesn't have time to see everybody and he thinks if he only sees one person it's not fair to the others. Unfortunately he not going to be doing it. I just found this out recently."

He also confirmed 'Southern Cross', but said the shooting schedule might have been pushed back.

February 9

The 'Southern Cross' is set to begin filming on February 17 in Chile. It stars Malcolm as Felipe Solarno, a rich mine owner and Michael Ironside as the villain for a change. Nothing else is known at this time.

February 5

Here's your last chance at a rare Malcolm collectible. Last night I went into a KB Toy Store and found Captain Simian figures on the shelf. There it was on the back of the card 'Evil Rhesus 2'. None there, but the next KB I went to had a case of them, it seems all KBs got a case yesterday. There are 18 figures in a case, but only 2 'Evil Rhesus 2's. The best part about these 1996 figures is that they were clearing them out at 3/$10. Besides Dr. Soran, this is the only other Malcolm character representation in an action figure. As far as I know KB is only in the U.S. Will scan it in tomorrow. 

February 3

Malcolm will star in "Beings" with Brittany Atkins and Corben Bernsen.

January 6

I don't know how much credit to take on this one. I e-mailed imdb.com a few times telling them Malcolm was NOT in Scream 2 and that it was David Warner. They finally got rid of it. It seems like they thought, "Hey that's that guy from 'Time After Time'....Malcolm McDowell!!"
December 28

I have arrived! I finally got the site listed on Yahoo! Now Malcolm has his own section on Yahoo! at last, no going over to Alta Vista.

Also just received listing on www.fansites.com/malcolm_mcdowell.html

"The Gardener" starring Richard Greico, Malcolm McDowell and Angie Everhart, has had successful, acclaimed screenings in London, England and at the MedFed Film Festival in Milan, Italy. In mid-January, this film will be screened in L.A. for potential North American distributors.

December 25

"Mr. Magoo"was released today. There is a "Magoo" article in the January 1998 issue of Cinefantastique, don't buy it, one line about Malcolm.

December 23 Part 2

Malcolm's agent Mr. Lazo is on vacation, but I spoke to his assistant Mr. Ginsberg. I asked him about "Scream 2" and he said that was the first he heard of it and he looked on Malcolm's resume and it is not listed, though he might wish it was. I first read this on imdb.com, I want to go on record that I don't believe anything they say unless I really check it out. It seems they will publish any rumor without checking. I also told him about Batman and he just laughed.

December 23

I have read that Malcolm plays the film professor in..."Scream 2"!?! Why haven't I heard this before? I spent all night hitting all the "Scream 2" sites and chatrooms looking for answers and got conflicting reports. Some say that yes he did play that role, others say it was Wes Craven himself, others didn't know or remember. If this is true it's unbelievable that it was never mentioned anywhere and is just another sign that Malcolm gets no respect. Since I hated the first "Scream" I have no desire to see "Scream 2" and if Malcolm is in it, it looks like his smallest role ever. Let me know if you hear anything about this.

December 19

There is no Conan in these parts, what a shame, but I did catch the Letterman show. 95% of the interview was about Leslie's growing up and the last minute he talked about "Magoo" and they ran a clip. Yet another bad piece of this movie that confirms my belief that this will be another stinker to sleep through waiting for Malcolm.

December 18

Leslie Nielson is going to be on Letterman tonight and Kelly Lynch in going to be on Conan O' Brien right after. Both are promoting "Mr. Magoo" so it might be worth checking out.

December 17

My site was chosen by www.starseeker.com as their Malcolm fan site.

December 12

Alyssa Milano was on The Tonight Show last night to promote "Hugo Pool", nothing was said about Malcolm.

December 7

The site was added to www.celbrityweb.com/actors/m_actor.htm as fan site for Malcolm McDowell.

December 6

Talked again to Malcolm's agent, Malcolm is in Africa until the end of the year.

December 3

There is a small problem with running a site like this. It's information. Now I have my own archives, plus other things I read or find or are sent to me by fans like yourselves. While most things on this site I know to be 100% true, there are things which I don't know to be true at all. So, what should I do? Well, since I'm the only one doing this Tribute, I'll just put it up and
see what happens. If people dispute the info or come up with new info, then I will either put all of it up or delete some of it. The other problem is that stories change through the years and are different depending on who you talk to. Right now I have three different stories on the origin of
"Singin' in the Rain" in "ACO". Which is the true story? Probably the first one, but I guess we'll really never know the real truth. In conclusion, feel free to send any additions or corrections my way. I'll never put up anything that I know to be false, but I will stand behind things I know to be "true."

In the upcoming issue of SHORT cinema journal which is an electronic magazine done in DVD format that showcases short films and the like, there will be an except from George Hickenloopers upcoming film "The Big Brass Ring". The scene shown in the video is one of Malcolm McDowell as a political figure verbally sparing with someone. There is also an interview with George Hickenlooper on the disc discussing the trouble and challenges of adapting the work of such an icon as Orson Welles. In case you don't know much of Hickenlooper, he did the "Hearts of Darkness: A filmmaker's Apocalypse" documentary on Copolla's "Apocalypse Now" and also wrote and directed the original short film "Some Folks Call it a Sling Blade."

Look for a new biography on Lindsay Anderson in 1998.

The Star Trek: Generations CD-ROM has dropped in price from $55 to $30 for those of you who want it, but don't want to spend big bucks.

November 30 

Added five films to the "Filmography", some are known to exist or are coming out. The others, like "Somewhere in the City" with Sandra Bernhard are not know to exist. I listed them anyway so everybody can do research where they live and find out if they are available or not. Also the
fate of the movie "Monster Butler" which was supposed to be directed by the late Lindsay Anderson is unknown. "The Big Brass Ring", Orson Wells last work, should be out next year.

November 27

The Tom Snyder interview last night was a new one. He talked about "ACO" "Star Trek" and Stanley Kubrick. They only took two calls, but they weren't live and the callers asked the obvious questions. He was there to promote "Hugo Pool" which opens in theaters December 3 in limited release. I don't understand this really since I saw the film on cable months ago. I know Tom is the only one who has Malcolm on right now, but I really can't stand the man. Every time Malcolm started getting into a story, Tom had to interrupt with his stupid stories and it would totally ruin it for Malcolm. Who cares about Tom's stories? People want to hear what the guest has to say, after all, they are the ones being interviewed.

November 26

The "Wing Commander Movie" is under way! Shooting starts in Luxembourg in February 1998. Chris Roberts, creator of WCIII + IV will be directing the feature film. The budget is reported at $30 million or triple thatof WCIV. The film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox in the US. The script is finished, but details are being kept in secret. What is known is Mark Hamill will not be involved because the events will be early on in the series, somewhere after WC Academy. In fact the ONLY actor from the original series will be (drum roll please) Malcolm McDowell as Admiral Tolwyn! Also, the special effects will be, for better or worse, 100% CG. They hope for an Xmas 98 release, but most likely the film will be out early 1999. They had better hurry if the want to beat "Star Wars Episode I" blitzkrieg which begins on May 25, 1999.

Late news...Malcolm will be on the Late Late Show with Tom Synder TONIGHT Thursday/Early Friday 11/26/97 at 12:37AM ET - USA. I don't know if this is a rerun of Malcolm's appearance from this Summer, will let you know tomorrow.

Have received e-mail from David Richard Lewis, a Canadian actor who has worked with Malcolm in the past and recently was the man who stood in for Malcolm in "Mr. Magoo", I will ask his permission for an interview to appear on this site.

November 25

Disney.com lists a "Mr. Magoo" site coming soon. There is the trailer to download at 8.5MB. It took an hour to download and all I can tell you is DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!!! Not only was there no shots or mentions of Malcolm the movie itself looked absolutely terrible. And you know that means trouble when the trailer fails to interest.

I also talked to Malcolm's agent in the US, Michael Lazo, for a chance to interview MM. Mr. Lazo told me that Malcolm was leaving the country this week to spend Thanksgiving with his family and wouldn't back until the beginning of the year. He then said that's when an interview could happen and to fax him with information and we could go from there. So I faxed him and will let you know what happens.

Upcoming SFX-CD Issue 3 UK Featuring "The Lexx"

SFX CD is privileged to be one of the first publications to get the full behind-the-scenes story of this new series. We feature clips of the first two episodes as well as comprehensive episode guides and character profiles. Rutger Hauer, Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell literally speak their minds in our audio interviews. 

At the Cannes Film Festival 96 a film called "Amanda's Game" premiered. It was directed by Barry Samson and starred Elliott Gould and of course Malcolm. At first I listed it, then I thought it was "Where Truth Lies" but now I realize it's not. I can't find any other info on this obscure film.

November 18

Mr. Magoo to open in theaters on Xmas Day - December 25. Star Trek: Generations premiers on TV - November 18 on Fox. What really pisses me off is that the endless barrage of commercials say "With William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg". Whoopi? Give me a break! How small was her role? Excuse me, who's the man who kills Captain Kirk, not once, but twice? Just another example of our man getting not getting the respect he deserves.

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