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Role Person
Actor Malcolm McDowell
Director - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Mike Hodges
Director - Between Strangers Edoardo Ponti
Ex-wife Mary Steenburgen 
Son Charlie McDowell
Actor - Red Roses and Petrol Max Beesley
Friend Peter Bellwood
Director - The Company Robert Altman
Friend/Director Mike Kaplan
Actress - Between Strangers Deborah Kara Unger
Daughter Lilly McDowell
Wife Kelley McDowell
Wife of Stanley Kubrick Christiane Kubrick
Actress - The Company Neve Campbell
Director - Red Roses and Petrol Tamar Simon Hoffs
Director - Evilenko David Grieco

Directed by Jan Harlan



Warner Brothers will release this film twice, on the special editions of A Clockwork Orange and O Lucky Man! on 10/23/07


Traverse City will host the world premiere of Jan Harlan's intimate portrait of the acclaimed actor Malcolm McDowell. Getting his start with the famed British director Lindsay Anderson, McDowell went on to claim the role of a lifetime as the sociopath Alex in A Clockwork Orange. With films like If... and O Lucky Man, McDowell established himself as the leader of the pack in a new wave of British cinema. It will be released on DVD possibly in the next round of Kubrick Collection releases. Malcolm and Jan will be in attendance.



Malcolm talking on his back deck in California

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