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Character Actor
Frank Machin Richard Harris
Mrs. Margaret Hammond Rachel Roberts
Gerald Weaver Alan Badel
Dad Johnson William Hartnell
Maurice Braithwaite Colin Blakely
Mrs. Anne Weaver Vanda Godsell
Judith Anne Cunningham
Len Miller Jack Watson
Charles Slomer Arthur Lowe
Wade Harry Markham
Jeff George Sewell
Phillips, Sports writer Leonard Rossiter
Mrs. Farrer Katherine Parr
Lynda Hammond Bernadette Benson
Ian Hammond Andrew Nolan
Doctor Peter Duguid
Waiter Wallas Eaton
Tom, Headwaiter Anthony Woodruff
Riley Michael Logan
Hooker Murray Evans
Gower Tom Clegg
Trainer Ken Traill
Dentist Frank Windsor
Cameron John Gill 

Directed by Lindsay Anderson
Written by David Storey, based on his novel


The unfortunate loss of those involved.

4/23/75 - William Hartnell
11/26/80 - Rachel Roberts
3/19/82 - Alan Badel
4/15/82 - Arthur Lowe
5/7/87 - Colin Blakely
8/30/94 - Lindsay Anderson
10/25/02 - Richard Harris


Together Again

1966 - Lindsay and Arthur Lowe worked on The White Bus.
1968 - Lindsay and Arthur Lowe worked on if....
1973 - Lindsay, Arthur Lowe and Rachel Roberts worked on O Lucky Man!
1979 - Lindsay and Rachel Roberts worked on The Old Crowd
1982 - Lindsay, Arthur Lowe and Leonard Rossiter worked on Britannia Hospital.
1993 - Lindsay and David Storey were in Is That All There is?

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